What You Need To Know - You must remove the magnet and replace the rear tires with Ortmann's.  There are 16 car types and 100+ liveries to choose from. 

    • Motor: OEM Slot.it V12/"S" can in in-line configuration only
      • The Group C cars have come with 2 different motors as OEM.  Both are legal in the class as they perform similarly despite their different specifications
        • Slot.it part number MS04 motor with the translucent white endbell was the original OEM motor 2003 through 2007 (25,000 rpm, 135g*cm torque at 12v) 
        • Slot.it part number MS06 motor with the orange (occassionally dark orange) endbell has been the original OEM motor since 2007 (21,500 rpm, 170g*cm torque at 12v)
      • Motor Mounts: these cars have been released with two different motor pods as OEM. This is because Slot.it developed an "offset" motor mount system that essentially raises the rear axle up into the body from 0.0 millimeters (no offset) to 0.5mm to 1.0mm versus the position of the motor. The first 2 are legal - because the cars have come with them as OEM - the last one (1.0mm offset white or grey plastic ) is not and is no longer made for Group C cars anyway 
        • Slot.it part number CH13b motor mount in black plastic was the original OEM motor mount 2003 through 2011 and is legal
        • Slot.it part number CH70 motor mount in dark blue plastic has been the OEM motor mount since 2012 and is legal
    • Rear Tires: Ortmann tires are mandatory.  You can choose from 3 types but we find the standard profile Ortmann #51a works fine 
      • #51a standard profile, #51 Wide low profile and #51b Wide standard profile are all legal
      • The OEM tire Slot.It part number PT1167C1 is not legal.  Nor is any other Slot.it compound type of the PT11167 tire
    • Front Tires: OEM Slot.it
      • Slot.It part number PT1159C1 - no other compound other than the C1 compound is permitted
      • Note: the part number 1159 and Slot.it are imprinted on inside of tire wall
    • Wheels: OEM Slot.it.  All wheels should always have appropriate wheel inserts and are not permitted to run without them
      • Front wheels are plastic (Slot.It part number PA17-pl 15.8x8.2mm)
      • Rear wheels are aluminium (Slot.It part number PA43-al 17.3x8.2mm)
    • Guide: OEM Slot.it guide. Again Slot.it have used different OEM guides, all are legal - see below for an overview. they are all 21/20mm long and 6mm deep at their deepest part. All other guides from Slot.it or other manufacturers are illegal
      • Original OEM guide 2003 to approximately 2011 was Slot.It part number CH26.  It is legal
      • Current OEM guide since approximately 2012 is Slot.It part number CH66.  It is legal
      • Original OEM guides in shallow configuration are Slot.It part number CH06 (long shaft) and CH17 (short shaft).  They are both legal (these were for use on older Scalextric Classic track which we no longer have in the club)
      • All other slot.it and other brand guides are illegal including all Slot.it screw-in guides (specifically part numbers CH88, CH10, CH07, CH84, CH85) which are generally 28mm long and 8mm deep 
    • Gears/Axles: OEM Slot.it
      • Gears: Pinion gear brass 9 tooth Slot.It part number PI09; Crown (spur) gear aluminium or bronze + plastic 28 tooth Slot.It part number GI28-bz & GI28-al.  No Other parts are allowed
      • Rear Axle: OEM Slot.it steel Pro axles part number PA01-50.  See also motor mount section above. No Other parts are allowed
        • Note: maximum rear tracking width is 64mm (measured from outside of the tire walls).   When viewed from above the tires must not be able to be seen outside the bodywork which means some cars cannot use the full width allowed by the regulations.
        • Some cars come with removable spats.  You can remove these for racing
      • Front Axle: more recent Slot.it cars come fitted with a screw-based adjustable ride height system for the front axle              
        • You are free to adjust these as you see fit
        • Your car must still adhere to the club standard rule of the front tires rolling when the car is on a flat setup block and gently pushed by your finger from the rear of the car (i.e. when no extra weight is applied to the front of the car)
        • All Slot.it Group C cars use Slot.it steel Pro axles part number PA01-50.  No other parts are allowed from any manufacturer
    • Wires/BraidsOEM Slot.it. You are free to replace with any brand. OEM Slot.it braid part number SP14 and Slot,it wires part number SP22
    • Bushings: OEM Slot.it You are free to replace with any bushing that works well. No ball-race bearings of any sort are allowed in any class.OEM are Slot.it spherical bushings (part number CH56)
    • Ballast Weight: Not allowed
    • Magnet: must be removed and placed on nearest fridge
    • Lights: you are free to add lights (and you might get an extra half lap per heat if you add them!)
    • Chassis: Slot.it are unique in upgrading the core chassis over time, thereby adding the ability to use different motor types and configurations as well as adjustable front axle systems. Early (2003-2007) cars did not have adjustable front axles, later versions did.  You are free to use any Slot.it Chassis for the Group C cars and to upgrade your chassis to the latest version, currently called "Evo 6".  As of 1/1/2015 the most recent chassis Slot.it parts numbers for Group C are:
      • Porsche 956C LH CS02T-60; Porsche 962C LH CS03T-60; Sauber C9 Mercedes CS05T-60; Jaguar XJR 6 & 9 CS07T-60; Lancia LC2-84 CS08T-60; Porsche 956C KH CS09T-60; Jaguar XJR12 CS13T-60; Mazda 787B CS15T-60;  Porsche 962C KH CS03T-60; Toyota 88C CS19T-60; Lancia LC2-85 CS08T-60; Porsche 962 IMSA CS25T-60; Nissan R89 C CS28T-60     
    • White Kits, Body Kits, Crashproof and Transparent Parts: Slot.it provides complete car and body kits in white plastic as well as crashproof and replacement parts for nearly all their cars.  You are free to use them as you see fit although we would like any white bodies to be painted before you race them
    • Lexan Cockpits: Slot.it produces lightweight lexan cockpits for most of its cars.  They are illegal
Slot.it Spare Parts for Totota 88C.  Most are identical across all cars 

Eligible Cars - There are 16 body styles and 100+ liveries from which to choose. The list below is in body style release order.

  • Porsche 956C LH
  • Porsche 962C LH
  • Sauber C9 Mercedes
  • Jaguar XJR-6
  • Jaguar XJR-9
  • Lancia LC2-83
  • Porsche 956C KH
  • Jaguar XJR-12
  • Mazda 787B
  • Porsche 962C KH
  • Toyota 88C
  • Lancia LC2-85
  • Porsche 962 IMSA
  • Nissan R89
  • Porsche 962C 85
  • Toyota 86C (long tail)


  • Also eligible are hybrids's defined as any plastic or resin bodied period Group C1 Le Mans cars running on one of the class eligible Slot.it chassis/ drive-train/ wheel /tire combinations.  The class is specifically not intended for C2 and lesser classes of the period
    • The cars must specifically be approved in advance by Stephen (no exceptions and no other person can allow or disallow a hybrid car once it is approved);
    • The chassis must sit flush with the body of the car, as it is with all other class eligible cars;
    • The body must at minimum weigh the same as the average of the OEM class eligible cars.  For this class that weight is 21 grams and any makeup weight must be added to the bottom of the driver pan, not the chassis.
Pictures of one example from each cars eligible in the class are below this table. Pictures of all the Slot.it car liveries can be seen by clicking on the part number link below or at www.slot.it.  The table below shows all cars released to date. All weights shown are without magnet and with class legal tires. This table to be updated for 2013 onwards cars and changes in part numbers.
Slot.it Group C/IMSA Class
Yr Intro Code Car/Livery Color Motor Magnet
    Porsche 956C - 71 Grams      
2004 SICA02a #21 Kenwood 3rd LeMans 1983 . Mario Andretti, Michael Andretti, Philippe Alliot Blue SIMN04 IL Yes
2004 SICA02B #14 Canon LeMans 1983 - J.Palmer - Jan Lammers - R. Lloyd White-Red SIMS04 IL Yes
2004 SICA02C #8 "Spirit of America" - Team Joest - 3rd 1986 LeMans - George Folmer, John Morton, Kenper Miller Red-White-blue SIMS04 IL Yes
2004 SICW01 #7 NewMan Winner Le Mans 1984 Klaus Ludwig - Henri Pescarolo - S. Johansson. Ltd Ed 6,000 pieces Yellow-Black-White SIMS04 IL Yes
2005 SICW02 3 Car Set Rothmans LeMans 1982. #1 Jacky Ickx & Derek Bell, #2 Jocken Mass & Vern Schuppan, #3 Hurley Haywood, Al Holbert & Jurgen Barth.  Ltd Ed LM Winners White-Blue-Red SIMS04 IL Yes
2006 SICA02d #18 Boss LeMans 1983. G. Follmer, J. Morton, K. Miller - Team Obermeier Black SIMS04 IL Yes
2007 SICA02e #9 Bburago/Bontempi Le Mans 1986 F.M. Balladio - J.Laessig - D.Wood White-Yellow-Blue SIMS06 IL Yes
2009 SICA02f #26 Swap Shop Hawaiian Tropic 2° Le Mans 1984 J.Rondeau - P.Henn - J.Paul Jr. Black-Orange SIMS06 IL Yes
2010 SICW07 #7 NewMan Winner 24H Le Mans 1985 Klaus Ludwig - Barilla - Winter. Ltd Ed of X,000 pieces. Q4 2010 release Yellow-Black-White SIMS04 IL Yes
2004 SICA02Z Unpainted White Body - Painted Interior & other components - some assembly required White SIMS04 IL Yes
    PORSCHE 956C KH - High Downforce - 74 Grams      
2006 SICA09A #9 Imola 1985 - Jagermeister No.9 Stefan Bellof - Hans-Joachim Stück Orange SIMS04 IL Yes
2008 SICA09b #19 'Schiesser' T.Boutsen #19 Blue White SIMS04 IL Yes
2009 SICA09c Warsteiner #1 - Joest Racing 1° Norisring 1983 Bob Wollek White - Gold SIMS06 IL Yes
2011 SICA09d Marlboro #8, 1° Mugello 1983 S. Johansson - Bob Wollek White - Red SIMS06 IL Yes
2012 SICA09e Gulf #3, Zwartkopfs Blue - Orange SIMS06 IL Yes
2008 SICA09Z Unpainted White Body - Painted Interior & other components - some assembly required White SIMS06 IL Yes
    PORSCHE 962C - 73 Grams      
2004 SICA03A Blaupunkt -Team Joest #8 - Finished 3rd LeMans 24 Hours 1988 - Drivers : J. "Winter", F. Jelinski & S. Dickens White SIMS04 IL Yes
2005 SICA03b Repsol #17 LeMans 1989. O. Larrauri, W. Brun, J. Pareja. Blue-White-Orange SIMS04 IL Yes
2005 SICA03c #9 Team Joest Racing Blaupunkt Japan 3° 24H Le Mans 1989 Hans Stuck - Bob Wollek - Johnny Winter Pink - White SIMS04 IL Yes
2005 SICA03d Shell #17 Joest Racing 2nd LeMans 1988 Derek Bell, Hans Stuck, Klaus Ludwig Red-Black-Yellow SIMS04 IL Yes
2006 SICA03e #16 Le Mans 1990 - Brun Motorsport - Hydro Aluminium H. Huysman - U. Schäfer - D. Lacaud Blue - Yellow SIMS04 IL Yes
2007 SICW04 #1, Rothmans Winner Le Mans 1986 D. Bell - H.J. Stück White-Blue-Red SIMS06 IL Yes
2009 SICA03f Fortuna #17 2° 24H Le Mans 1986 O. Larrauri - J. Pareja - J. Gouhier White - Red SIMS06 IL Yes
May-13 SICA 03g Shell #19 Le Mans 1988, Andretti Red-Black-Yellow SIMS06 IL Yes
2006 SICA03z Unpainted White Body - Painted Interior & other components - some assembly required White SIMS04 IL Yes
    Porsche 962 KH - High Downforce - 72 Grams      
2010 SICA17a Tic Tac # 17 Dauer Racing White-Green-Gold SIMS06 IL Yes
2011 SICA17b Jagermeister # 17  Brun Motorsport - Jägermeister - Winner Spa 1986  Thierry Boutsen / Frank Jelinski Orange SIMS06 IL Yes
2012 SICA16a Jagermeister # 17  Brun Motorsport - Jägermeister - Winner Spa 1986  Thierry Boutsen / Frank Jelinski - XVII Campenato de Espana de slot 2012, Euro 12 Blue SIMS06 IL Yes
2010 SICA17z Unpainted White Body - Painted Interior & other components - some assembly White SIMS06 IL Yes
    Porsche 962 KH IMSA - High Downforce - 72 Grams      
Apr-13 SICA25a Coca Cola, #5, Porsche 962 IMSA, Daytona 1986 Red - White SIMS06 IL Yes
Jul-13 SICA25b Lowenbrau #  , Porsche 962 IMSA White-Blue SIMS06 IL Yes
    Sauber C9 Mercedes - 74 Grams      
2006 SICA06a Kouros Racing No.61 Le Mans 1987 H. Pescarolo - M. Thackwell - H. Okada Blue SIMS04 IL Yes
2005 SICA06b Team Sauber Test Car Le Mans 1989 Silver SIMS04 IL Yes
2006 SICA06c Team Sauber No.62 2nd Suzuka 1989 Mario Baldi - Ken Acheson Sliver SIMS04 IL Yes
2007 SICA06d AEG Spa #62 LeMans 1988  K.Acheson - M.Baldi - K.Niedwitz Black SIMS06 IL Yes
2008 SICW06 Team Sauber Mercedes Le Mans 1989 1° # 63 Jochen Mass, Manuel Reuter, Stanley Dickens, 2° # 61 Mauro Baldi, Kenny Acheson, Gianfranco Brancatelli, 5° # 62 Jean-Louis Schlesser, Jean-Pierre Jabouille, Alain Cudini Ltd Ed 2750 Sliver SIMS06 IL Yes
2010 SICA06e Michelin #63, 3° Supercup Nürburgring 1987, Mike Thackwell Blue - White SIMS06 IL Yes
2012 SICA06f AEG #61 Sauber C9, AEG, 1988 Presentation car Black - Blue - Silver SIMS06 IL Yes
2008 SICA06Z Unpainted White Body - Painted Interior & other components - some assembly White SIMS06 IL Yes
    Jaguar XJ9 LM - 76 Grams      
2005 SICA07a Castrol #66 - 3rd Daytona 1988, Watson/Cheever/Dumfries #66 White-Green-Red SIMS04 IL Yes
2006 SICA07b Le Mans 1988 - Silk Cut #22  D.Daly - K.Cogan - L.Perkins White-Purple-Gold SIMS04 IL Yes
  SICA07d Jaguar XJR6 - n. 51 SilkCut
1st Silverstone 1986
2007 SICA07c Castrol' #60 1° 24H Daytona 1988 M.Brundle - R.Boesel - J.Nielsen - J.Lammers White-Green-Red SIMS06 IL Yes
2007 SICW03 Jaguar XJR9 #2, SilkCut Winner Le Mans 1988 J.Dumfries - J.Lammers - A.Wallace White-Purple-Gold SIMS06 IL Yes
2008 SICA07Z Unpainted White Body - Painted Interior & other components - some assembly required White SIMS06 IL Yes
    Jaguar XJ6 LM - 74 Grams      
TBD SICA07d Jaguar XJR6 - n. 51,Silk Cut Livery, D Warwick, E Cheever, 1st Silverstone 1986. Timing TBD White-Purple-Gold SIMS06 IL Yes
    Jaguar XJR12 - 76 Grams      
2009 SICA13a #2 Bud Light 2° 24H Daytona 1991 # 2 Davy Jones - Scott Pruett - David Brabham - Scott Goodyear White-Blue-Red SIMS06 IL Yes
2010 SICA13b #34 Silk Cut - 4° 24H Le Mans 1991 # 33. Tom Walkinshaw Racing Derek Warwick - John Nielsen - Andy Wallace Purple SIMS06 IL Yes
TBD SICA13c #35 Silk Cut - releasing TBD  2° 24H Le Mans 1991 Tom Walkinshaw Racing  Davy Jones - Raul Boesel - Michel Ferté Purple SIMS06 IL Yes
TBD SICA13d 4° 24H Le Mans 1991 # 33 Silk Cut Tom Walkinshaw Racing  Derek Warwick - John Nielsen - Andy Wallace  Purple SIMS06 IL Yes
2012 SICW11 Jaguar XJR12 #3, SilkCut LeMans winner 1990 White-Purple-Gold SIMS06 IL Yes
2010 SICA13z Unpainted White Body - Painted Interior & other components - some assembly required White SIMS06 IL Yes
2013 SICA 13d Le Mans 1991 #36 Suntec Green White SIMS06 IL Yes
    Lancia LC2 - 83 - 74 grams      
2006 SICA08a Le Mans 1984 - BP-Malardeau #6 G. Gabbiani - X. Lapeyre - P. Martini Yellow - Green SIMS04 IL Yes
2007 SICA08b Lancia LC2 'Martini #5 LeMans 1984 M.Baldi - P.Barilla - H-Heyer White-Red-Blue SIMS06 IL Yes
2008 SICA08c Lancia LC2 'Martini #4 LeMans 1984  A.Nannini - Bob Wollek White-Red-Blue SIMS06 IL Yes
2008 SICA08Z Unpainted White Body - Painted Interior & other components White SIMS06 IL Yes
2013 SICA08d #29 Totip Imola 1984 White-Green-Orange SIMS06 IL Yes
    Lancia LC2/85 - tbd grams      
2012 SICA21a n.24  24h Le Mans 1988, West, J.P. Frey - N. Marozzo - R. Randaccio Red - White SIMS06 IL Yes
2012 SICA21b n.5 Lancia LC 2/85  1st Place Spa 1985,  Martini, Baldi, Wolleck, Patrese Red - White SIMS06 IL Yes
2013 SICA 21c #29 Spa 1985 BE.Ri.CO Red-Blue SIMS06 IL Yes
    Mazda 787B - 72 grams      
2009 SICA15a #18 SWC Autopolis 1991 -Efini Y. Terada - M.S. Sala White-Green SIMS06 IL Yes
2009 SICW06 Le mans Winner 1991 Renown Team Mazda Speed / Oreco Volker Weidler - Johnny Herbert - Bertrand Gachot Orange-Green SIMS06 IL Yes
2010 SICA15b #18 Mazda Le Mans 1991 S. Johansson - D. Kennedy - M.S. Sala White-Blue SIMS06 IL Yes
2011 SICA15c #202 Renown Team Mazda Speed JSPC 1991. D. Kennedy - T. Yorino Green - Orange SIMS06 IL Yes
2010 SICA15z Unpainted White Body - Painted Interior & other components White SIMS06 IL Yes
2012 SICA15 (d?) Slot It SC15a Mazda 787B #202 Renown 'UK SlotCar Festival' 2012 MB This Slot it 1/32 scale slot car is a model of the #202 Mazda 787B that raced at Le Mans in 1990. This car is a 'Flip' colour made specially for the UK SlotCar Festival. One of only 500 cars each individually numbered Blue - Orange SIMS06 IL Yes
    Toyota 88C - 70 grams      
2011 SICA19a #98 24H Daytona 1989 D.Olson - C.Cord - S.Bren, toyota White SIMS06 IL Yes
2012 SICA19b #37 24H LeMans 1988, P.Barilla - T.Needell - H.Ogawa, taka-Q, Toyota Black-Yellow-White SIMS06 IL Yes
May-13 SICA19c Toyota 88C #38 Denso LM89 White-Red SIMS06 IL Yes
TBD   Toyota 88C Minolta White-Blue SIMS06 IL Yes
2011 SICA19z Unpainted White Body - Painted Interior & other components White SIMS06 IL Yes
    Nissan R89 - TBD grams      
2015 SICA28a #23 Calsonic Blue White Red SIMS06 IL Yes
Jaguar XJR 9 Castrol
Lancia LC-2 
Porsche 956 
Porsche 962 Shell
Mercedes Sauber C9

Jaguar XJR-6
Porsche 956C KH
Jaguar XJR-12
Mazda 787B
Porsche 962C KH
Toyota 88C
Lancia LC2-85
Porsche 962 IMSA
Nissan R89
Porsche 962C 85