Slot cars from several different manufacturers are eligible for this period Le Mans class. All cars are run without magnets. Weight can be added on all cars except Slot.It, Sloter, NSR, and Fly Carrera 6. See the lists below for eligible car and tire combinations.
Tires : Most cars use the Ninco F1/CART tires. The tires are sold in packs of 4 with 2 front (20.5x10mm) and 2 rear tires (20.5x13mm). The front and rear tires fit different cars in the class.

Ninco part #80502 are called F1 (2+2) and have grooves; # 80511 are called CART (2+2) and are slick; #80517 are called F1/CART (2+2) and are slick ProRace spec tires. In prior tests we have found no sustainable benefit to the ProRace tires over 3 minutes. In general we find grooved tires to have more grip in dirty conditions. You are free to use any of the specified types of tires on any class legal car but you will need to use the fronts or rears as indicated by car in the next bullet point.

Class eligible cars and the tires that fit their rear tires (all cars retain the original type of front tires to keep down costs).

o Use Ninco F1/CART Rear tires (20.5x13mm) for: Fly Ferrari 512S; 512S Berlinetta; 512S Coda Lunga; Lola T70 MK IIIB; Chevron B19; B21; Porsche 908; 908 Flunder LH; 908 Flunder; 908/3; Porsche 917K; 917 Spyder; 917 LH; Ford GT40; Ferrari 365 GTB; BMW 3.0CSL;

o Use Ninco F1/CART Front tires (20.5x10mm) for: Fly Porsche Carrera 6; Scalextric Ferrari P4, Ford GT40; Ford GT40 MkII; Sloter Ferrari 312PB (short & long-tail); Lola T280/T290; Ferrari 312PB (kit - must substitute 21.5K motor for Fly/Scalextric/Sloter 18K Mabuchi);

o Slot.It Ferrari 312PB, Slot.It Alfa 33/3 and NSR Ford GT Mk IV with properly fitting Ninco tires and Fly motor.

o Any resin bodies of the period using Fly, Slot.It, NSR or Scalextric chassis & running gear from the above list use the same F & R tires as above;

o Use Ninco Classic (20x7mm or 20x9mm) for MRRC Chaparral 2F – no need to replace motor

o Scalextric GT40, Scalextric Ferrari P4 and MRRC Chaparral 2F may use Ninco 20x9mm tires.

o All cars listed above are to continue to use their stub front axles, except Fly GT40, Fly Porsche 906, Sloter Ferrari 312 and Lola T280/290, Scalextric GT40 and Ferrari P4 and MRRC Chaparral which all continue to use their solid front axles.

Competitive Cars : At 12 volts on the appropriate Ninco tires most of the cars above do 8.5 to 8.7 second laps on my track. The exceptions/tricky handling cars are:

o Scalextric GT40’s, specially the MkII (wider rear) – guide must be smooth but limited sideways movement still makes it a real challenge to drive. Scalextric P4 does not have this problem due to different guide design

o Fly Ferrari 365 GTB and BMW 3.0 CSL are both about a second slower due to their front motor position. GTB easier to drive than CSL

o Chaparral is also about one second slower than the others seemingly due to narrower tires and way too strong motor. If anyone one wants to figure out how to put a Mabuchi 18k motor into it……

o Shorter cars tend to be a little faster but I strongly encourage you to race what you like, not what you think will get you a win: have fun, not ulcers!
SPECIAL NOTES: READ THIS, you won’t do well without it

o For any sidewinder motor car but SPECIALLY THE FLY’s careful shimming of the rear axle to eliminate lateral movement is CRUCIAL. Without it the tires will touch the chassis and the body and your car will never handle well. This is why I have referred to them as beautiful but crap.

o Separately the Ninco tires are larger than the Fly tires so just for the sidewinder cars they MUST BE TRUED DOWN or they will foul the motor spindle. Alternately you can cut off the motor spindle arm on both ends (pinion gear and other end) which you are welcome to do but I don’t recommend it. Also the cars will handle better if they are lower.

Not in the class: (weird front and rear motor positions prevented me from even completing laps without a magnet on these cars):

o Fly Porsche 934 and the Ninco version; (FYI all are Group 4/5/6 cars that raced from 1975 through 1981 and logically should not be in the class);

o Fly Alfa Romeo GTAm, GT;

o Fly Ferrari 250 GTO; Revell Jaguar E-type, Corvette Stingray, Cobra Coupe, Ford Mustang 350GT (body style wise they really fits better in the Ninco 1950/60’s Le Mans class);

The following are Group 4/5/6 cars that raced from 1975-1981. These cars are not eligible:0

Fly Porsche 917/10: Can Am car (never ran at Le Mans)
Fly Ford Capri
Fly Lancia Beta Monte Carlo
Carrera Ferrari 512BB
Carrera Porsche 935/78 Moby Dick
MRRC Toyota Celica Gr.5;
Revell Greenwood Corvette;
Revell BMW 320i.

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This list is not complete. There are additional 1964-1974 Le Mans cars that are class legal from Scalextric, Racer, Sloter,, Le Mans Minatures, NSR and others that you can run in this class.