2007 Surveys

FarrOut Slot Car Club

2007 Surveys

More than 20 people responded to the survey in 2007.

Below is the entire combined response, with no attempt at drawing conclusions, yet. In particular there is no clear direction in regards to classes so I will have to think more about that and probably have a vote-off.


2007 Survey Responses

• The Club is a superbly run machine. Great Work! It’s tough for me too attend races, albeit 2 young kids and living in Southern Orange County. However, I always feel that I’m welcome and Thank You for that. Also, I greatly enjoy reading all the emails sent between club members.
• I would like to thank everyone in the club for their participation. I’ve raced in lots of different settings with slot cars and this is absolutely one of the best. Very special thanks to Stephen, once again for letting me beat you in the overall points 🙂 More special thanks to Craig for his work on the site and input; Michael and Daniel for their openness in sharing speed secrets and even putting them into the loaners; Thomas for his work in scribing the races; and ALL race hosts for being there.
• I agree with several others that have said it better: we have a wonderful group of fine people that make the club really special with their hard work with loaners, the website, and fine tracks in great settings with wonderful hospitality. Thanks to all of you!
• Thank you all for contributing to what is a great club.
• Let me say yet again that I think this club is nearly a miracle due to Stephen’s ways and all the great guys
• In sum, the club is great. Wish family and business commitments didn’t limit my participation as much as it does
• The thing I like about long drives to a race is carpooling which we discovered this year driving down to Stan’s with Michael, Nigel, Jimmy Wolfe and I. We really had a good time it gave us time to talk about the race the club and all kinds of stuff on our minds. The time on the road went by fast and we had fun before and after the race.
• First I must say that I truly look forward to racing with the club. I am having a blast. I think we have something really special here. Thank you for keeping us on track. Thanks SFJ for giving us an opportunity to be part of this great club

A. Attendance:
• I think we’ve done very well on attendance this year; averaging about 16 per race, which is perfect.
• Attendance is good. Stats seem to suggest a dedicated group is growing.
• I think this is an excellent club and the attendance proves it! I don’t know how much more attendance can be handled in it’s current format as the program seems to run perfectly at a max of 20 entries
• I feel the meets should be limited to a maximum of 20 racers just to keep things moving along at a nice flow. Also, there should be a cut off time to confirm your presence at the races to allow Stephen/Host adequate time to format the heats and other race day preparations.
• All very encouraging… Until it becomes too crowded – not sure what to do then? Still, as long as I can always get in…..
• Excellent in 2007. 16 to 20 seems just right. Always a pleasure to see fresh blood and we have some wonderful newbie’s this year. Congrats to Terry for winning in the true spirit of the club. Wish to see more of René, Jim Wiseman, and Chris R. to name a few
• Didn’t get to race as often as I would have liked this year. 16 seems like an optimal number of people. Not surprisingly, the numbers are increasing. It’s a great club with lots of really great people.
• It was good. Always a great group of guy’s showing up to battle and compete as gladiators for fun and glory. What a blast I have had for the last 5 years. I am 50 now and I feel like I am just starting out on life. When I am racing, age seams to disappear and I am forever young. It is this fountain of youth that brings me back race after race. To all of you who have moved on to other hobbies, I hope you have found your fountain of youth there. Just so you know; we miss you and always will welcome you for a good battle. P.S. we’ll have a couple of cold ones on ice for you. #61514;
• I am still amazed at how the club continues to grow each year and yet we still only have 15-20 people show up to race. I am not saying it’s a bad thing, it’s just funny.
• I’ve been somewhat “side-tracked” since mid-summer. No special reasons but sometimes I’ll look at the classes for an up-coming race and think: “not those again !”
• Stephen, do you think the club is getting too “large”? How do you turn someone away? Impossible I guess.
• As we get more people racing we need to address the time issues. However, I do like it the way it is…. My wife on the other hand………..
• Good to see that more and more good drivers joined years after years
• I think that is just about right. I would like to eliminate one of the classes and have more endurance races.
• A good turnout; even with many racers, our driving hasn’t suffered when we cancel between-heat practice.

B. When and How often We Race:
• Perfect as-is.
• I like the race quantity. I like racing on Saturdays with track open at 11 and racing at noon.
• Once again, your program is awesome. I would like the program to start earlier but that probably wouldn’t work for most.
• Saturday mornings or afternoons for the races. amount of race days is perfect
• Like it as is
• I like the amount we race and the dates, it allowed me to race the club and also at BPR now and then.
• Pretty much standard now isn’t it? – Might be nice to do a night time race or a Sunday here or there? These days… Kids sports affect myself (and SFJ etc) and usually means a later Saturday start is better, even though really as an individual, I would prefer earlier starts.
• Just right in ’07. Personally, I can’t race more than we do now even though I’d like to enjoy some unofficial classes and visits to BP. Conversely, I’d miss it if we raced less
• A little later in the afternoons wouldn’t conflict with my kids softball games on Saturday.
• Every second Saturday works fine for me. I like the start time at noon.
• Our racing calendar has been great so far, so let’s not mess with it. My only concern is the 2 three week breaks we always seem to have. [SFJ Editorial: the 3 weeks breaks allow me to be there for my wife’s birthday and our wedding anniversary #61514;]
• All still fine with me
• It works for me when I’m in town. It gives me more of a chance to race with the club and stay out of my wife’s sight.
• 24 races on the Saturday afternoons is ok. An idea could be to race less races but to increase the heat duration.
• I think we should mix it up because sometimes we need to get some things done on Saturdays and on the two Sundays we have had races – attendance has been 16-18’s – the turnout has not suffered.
• Fine by me
• Every other SAT works fine for me. I may miss a few, just like anyone one else, but that is a good amount of racing in my opinion

C. Where We Race:
• I like all the tracks. I haven’t raced on Gary’s yet, but hope to in ’08
• I like each of the different tracks for it’s own character. I think many different tracks is good. Driving far to get to them is not so good.
• All the tracks are very challenging and offer their own special charm. I would like to thank all the host for opening-up their homes and business’ for the club’s enjoyment. I can’t imagine all that goes into hosting a race, but I’m sure it takes a lot of time and effort.
• I think most people by now know the tracks, and how varied, and how first class they all are……and that Nigelstone is the best!
• I genuinely like all our venues. Hosting less than three races seems unworthy of the effort required to have a track, but except for that, two races each would be okay. Schedule should consider the cooler venues for the heat of summer.
• I like all the tracks. 8 seems like a good variety of tracks. I wouldn’t mind trying others
• I like to race on all of are tracks. They all offer a good racing platform. To choose where, is to suggest a change to the list. If the change is to add more tracks to the list, then that means fewer races for those already on the list. On the other hand if it means less hosting for use on the list, then that means volunteers or a raffle or something else. If it is volunteers you’re looking for. Then I volunteer to host less if we can race more at Stephen’s and Rene’s tracks or if we could have a race or 2 at Jim Wiseman’s and give Bill Schniedewind & Craig’s track a spin. Then I’m all for that. I like hosting and am sorry the club only got to race once this year on my track [Gary], but that is okay too.
• All good!
• I like most of the tracks we run on, but would not be upset with less then 8.
• 8 tracks is good (no more). 3 visit per track is good. The d-day when I come for a race I am just expecting a ready to race track
• As a host, I think three times is enough.
• I think our club is very fortunate to have eight different tracks to race on during our racing season. However, I am very opinionated about the condition of the tracks because I feel that anyone who hosts has a responsibility to the club to provide a stress free environment for the club members. That means that the track must be problem free on race day. This is not directed at any specific track or host. I think all of the hosts can improve their venues. As an example, most of the hosts do not cover their tracks which leads to the tracks being dirty and slippery with dust and dirt. This also leads to conductivity problems for track rails. All tracks must be cleaned before a club race.
• I think that all hosts must submit their tracks to a testing day for certification to be in the season rotation. At the start of each new season, you as club President should put together a certification team made up from the top 3 racers in the Overall Championship standings. This team would go to each potential hosting site and run a test for conductivity and dead spots, track surface, marshaling accessibility, power supply, accurate lap counter, etc..
• To make it fair, each member of the committee has a vote. Majority carries the day. If a track is deficient in any area, the committee issues a warning and the host has to fix the problem before they can host an event. Our standards need to be high. Something like certification will help insure that.
• Having said the above, I feel that it would be inappropriate to comment on individual tracks. The only other thing that I would suggest is that the host should have a backup power supply on hand the day of the race. If the hosts feel that is an unnecessary financial burden, then the club should buy one. This backup power unit would rotate to each venue during the racing season and would stay with the club President on off days.
• Fine locations all; we should work in the new places (Craig’s and J.R.’s) somewhere. As for my two-lane thing, maybe for informal events (like that between-race race…)

Stephen’s Farrout Raceway – Classic Scalextric
• Great location, very nice layout, wouldn’t change a thing!
• I love going to your Slot car museum and racing on your track!
• Appreciate this museum more each time we visit and I like the layout too
• Stephen your track rocks, Thank you for allowing me to do the complete power rewiring that also incorporated the PC Lap Counter software and hardware. The only draw back I find is marshal the area that is hard to reach known as the “Dive” but it works okay with someone tall like Nigel.
• Great fun, either direction, never gets boring
• Number one
• I have never raced there, and since you don’t like me, may never!

Rene’s SSI Raceway – Sanded Ninco
• Sorry for this but ditto above! Great location, very nice layout, wouldn’t change a thing!
• I Love Rene’s also. I also like the H.O. option
• Appreciate René’s perfectionist efforts toward realistic radii and racing elements
• Rene your track was my first club track I built. I think we made a good team in its creation. I enjoy racing on it. I also like your HO track but I find the cars to small and to fast for me to be competitive.
• Nice layout, can never get into a “groove” there, chicanes a pain, maybe the sanding contributes?
• Second best
• Only ran it once for an F1 Team Race. Tough to marshal in the tight section there, but I thought I drove it well. I like it

Gary’s Woodside Raceway – Scalextric Sport
• Have not raced this one but appears a bit small
• And of course I like Gary’s track, it the only one that I’ve ever beaten Michael and Daniel
• Especially like the corkscrew providing multi-level parking lot chase scene effect
• Compact and fun to drive, it’s a slippery track with the Santa Anna winds blowing. It should be more users friendly now that I have added the incline on the hair pin. Perhaps Simple Green will work better for cleaning the track. It worked real well at Michael’s last race. Of course there was no wind or dust blowing.
• Bit too small for my tastes, not inspired to attend but Gary’s a great guy
• Short, blind spots it’s ok, but not high on my list of tracks to race at.
• I only ran this one once too. Beat Michael head to head on a lane there….as such it should be my favorite ….right? A fun track, even though it is short

Chris C’s Mr. Model Car Raceway – Scalextric Sport
• Great location and atmosphere unfortunately track pales in comparison to Smalley’s yet, best eats now that Michael is cook-less 🙂
• I love the long straightaway. Chris’s track is always good
• Great host, air conditioned, and appreciate the recent improvements to guardrails
• Chris and Nigel I love your tracks and I am grateful you let me help with the construction and electrical. The only down side to your tracks are, there not enough room for the drivers to squeeze by. I know we all are friends but I only want my wife that closes to me, thank you very much! Sometimes I fill like Ned Batty in Deliverance when he was forced to mimic small farm animals.
• I love this track, but it might just be that it is near me
• Okee Dokee on par with Michael’s at #3
• Tough track for me as it is flat and I ran it early before much experience in the club. Easy to marshal and a nice place to visit overall

Nigel’s Nigelstone – Scalextric Sport
• Another great location, nice layout – no changes needed other than softer springs on the controllers
• I love Nigel’s as well, but watch out for the crossovers
• First class track and host, especially fun to watch, but be careful where you deslot at this venue
• Great fun, either direction, never gets boring also nice yard ambiance
• Tied with Renee’s for #2
• A great guy and a cool track. Pretty fair to drive for all

Michael’s Riverside Raceway – Carrera
• My favorite plastic layout! Rock on!
• Michael’s track really gives you a feeling of riverside. I love it !!
• I’m pleased with the feed back from members as well as its elements that make each lane unique while allowing parity when all is done just right. I wish it wasn’t so delicate due to its construction
• Your drive for perfection to recreate the Riverside Raceway is unmatched except for Bill Schniedewind. The fruit of your labor has given all of the ability to go back in time and relive a bit of history. It’s not the same as being there but it lets us imagine what it was like to really race there. I like all the pictures you have up and your landscape it’s awesome! There’s not a lot of it but hay that was the way it was.
• AWESOME but I wish it weren’t in Oregon!
• Fun track #3
• My favorite. A spectacular track. Fair all around. I have run the most on his of any track. #1

Bruce’s TalaMonaco – routed wood
• My favorite wood track 🙂
• I love it also it not like any of the other tracks, awesome job
• I enjoy this track tremendously because its construction provides smoothness and because its layout requires all racers to set-up for passes and being passed as with 1/1 racing. Bruce also listens carefully to suggestions and rewards us with continued improvements
• Your track is awesome with the addition you made. However the driver stations need to be moved to the back side of the garage by the start finish line. I can not see the most difficult area from the far side of your garage
• It’s a challenge #4
• IMHO, the hardest track to drive, but we NEED one like it. Very difficult to just concentrate on YOUR car as you need to watch the others. Wish more could watch the others…..

Stan’s Autodromo Baia Del Sud – Artin
• Although track had some issues last time I ran on it (before changes were made), I enjoyed racing it and Stan is one of the nicest fellas around! Parking is hurting but c’est la vie!
• I love the layout, it’s awesome. I hope the power issues get fixed!! Stan deserves it to be right. I have raced three times on his track, and all three times had power issues. I feel bad for Stan and would gladly help if there is anything I can do to help out.
• I like the layout and the venue is awesome, but I do wish we could replace the copper tape completely with the conductive adhesive type, check the power taps, and finish the job we started with more aprons
• Thank you for letting me be a part of your creation. Building your table was a real challenge with your need to break it apart into 4 sections for storage. I know you’re taking the corrective measures needed to fix the on going power problem with your track. I only hope you have decided to bite the bullet and remove all of the wrong tape from your track and replace it with the conductive tape. I know what a pain this is. But I think it is the only way you are going to get your track up to club standard
• Like it when it works
• I like the set up, and if it did not have power issues, would be my #2. I’ve been screwed by marshals there in the middle section so it is difficult to marshal. We need to fix the power. I’ll help….let me know when.

To be honest the ranking below is how I really feel, but I enjoy racing at all of them.

1. Michael’s Riverside Raceway
2. Stephen’s Farrout Raceway
3. Rene’s SSI Raceway
4. Nigel’s Nigelstone
5. Stan’s Autodromo Baia Del Sud
6. Bruce’s Talamonaco
7. Chris’s Mr. Model Car Raceway
8. Gary’s Woodside Raceway

Are there any other tracks that could or should be considered for 2008?
• I would like to race at Craig’s Silverlake Speedway twice and Jim Wiseman’s track once. I say once for Jim’s since it is so far away. If there are other new tracks I would like to race there too.
• We gotta get this guy Nesta Szabo into the club. See http://slotblog.net/index.php?s=47db3e30e08a0ed9186e7b060a202d8d&showtopic=5202 .
• The club might find Jim Wisemans track pleasantly surprising even with 3 lanes. Would take a bit longer with a big turnout but with the distance, probably just the core crew + some wildcards would make the trip. And Craig’s track is small but the central location and parking is great. I’d give 1 race each a go if I were able.
• I would love to put up a wood track and be part of the schedule but have not been able to “settle” down as yet.
• Jim Wiseman: I hope people will want to have my new routed track put into the race schedule. Don’t be afraid of it being too far away. My track is 38 miles from Stephen’s and close to the freeway, so you will still be velocitizied when you arrive for some racing action, rather that having cooled down while you drive through neighborhoods. Per Mapquest, my track from Stephen’s house is 43 minutes away. Per Mapquest, from Stephen’s to Bruce’s 28 minutes, Stephen’s to Michael’s 34 minutes, and Stephen’s to Stan’s 47 minutes.
• I love all the Tracks we currently race on!!!!! I would like to race on Jim Wiseman’s track, and possible Craig’s
• LOl… What is Victory Station like these days? Is there any chance? Jim now has a track which I am sure would be nice to visit. Craig it seems is also is offering a track.
• As far as trying out new club tracks… As long as we can race at least four people at a time (for logistical reasons), I don’t mind where, or on whose, or what track we race, as long as the track itself, and the ‘amenities’ are up to a decent club standard!
• I will say once again, I think we should do a ‘digital’ race at Bill’s track. This would be an excellent way to try out something new track wise – Being digital, I do feel it might be the only way at this stage, that anyone else might actually win a race apart from Daniel and Mr. Smalley. Although thinking about it… It’s unlikely to happen, but at least the thought of a chance is there going in…….And lets face it…. Some form of a Digital four lane track in the club is surely the future!
• Jim Wiseman’s for sure and we need to have a special event at Craig’s to test his track
• I especially appreciated all the guys who came out to my place to help me test out my track as I’m continuing to develop. I hope I (Bill S) can host the club over a couple times in the coming year, just for fun. I don’t think that my digital track will fit into the club plans in the near future.
• I like Jim Wiseman’s track even though it is a 3 lane track and the drive is quite far for me. I have raced on it 2 times now during the re-wiring to incorporate the DS-300 Timing system and install the directional control switches.
• I really do not know if we need more tracks, all of the above owner’s have spent so much time, money & sweat to make their track the best it could be for us to race on. Is it really fair to say hey we are not going to race on your track any longer. We did with Bob at Victory Station, but he didn’t keep his track in competitive shape. But I can’t say the same to those owners above.
• I’d like to put in a request that the club consider having one race at our track here in Pasadena We’re already running 1:32 cars on it, we don’t use any sort of glue and it looks like we’re gonna take down the 4 lane track and put up the 8 lane track. We have Computer controlled racing program too. We’re in an unusual building on Arroyo Parkway in Pasadena, it was used as a storage area for another business. They walled it off for us and we set up the track. We’ve got out own door for outside access, bathroom, electricity, etc. Still working on pit tables and such. We typically get together and play on Wednesday nights and Sunday afternoons. (John Emmons)

D. How We Race:
• Love the way things have been so far. I wouldn’t change anything. I DO like the idea of racing longer heats; your suggestion of 1 class with 10-minute heats is interesting
• I like the race mix as is. I like the six team races. Others should drink more so I can pass them
• Couldn’t be any better – PERFECT! However …. being the hardcore commercial track racer that I have been, I have some difficulty with the scattered rotation of drivers in heats BUT now that I’ve learned to read the computer screen and can see the heats I’m racing it’s not so bad. I’m just used to running one heat after another till done and marshalling the rest. Also being a race organizer/promoter however, I do recognize the benefits of your driver rotations and it works well.
• If you would like to try out a new format I would recommend the Pelican Park format with 1 heat races (50 laps). Winners/losers are then placed into more 1 heat races. See http://www.pelicanparkspeedway.com/regulati.html
• Same please
• I think the three minute heats work well. I would like to try the ‘crash and burn’ format at various times in each racing class……… maybe the second and fourth races for each class. I don’t care for the team races and would like to see them replaced with Smalley’s idea of everyone racing the loaner cars but in an individual format.
• I definitely like the enduros; I like being able to get in a groove with longer heats. I am in favor of making all the races longer, rather than shorter. If that means cutting the number of people that can attend, I guess I am OK with that. As I very much like the team races, short races racing with all of us using the same cars might also be a fun alternative
• I like how we race. The Team races are nice but I feel it puts pressure on the weakest driver and they feel bad about that, and they don’t want to let down there fellow racers. I would like to do an individual race and everyone races the same cars instead.
• I think the team races help build a certain camaraderie between club members. They should be kept.
• Racing ten minutes a lane – as a general rule, I feel this will do nothing except accentuate the difference in skill. The results will basically be the same, but the percentages of difference will be greater, and it will just take more time to prove the point!
• The present format of groups and races seems to work well – but if the club approve the “all drivers race the same loaner car” class (which I wholeheartedly endorse), then I would add that class, and cut back on a race each in the others classes, (does that work schedule wise)?
• Yes, I’d like to try some single class 10 minute heat dates for each class while keeping most the same 3 minute double class
• I’m happy with the status quo
• Could we race one less race per class and add another class? Or vice versa drop a class and add a 10 minute heat race per class
• I think there should only be one kind of tire used for each class. If the club is going to use cars right out of the box and the motors and tires are the only thing changed. Then they should all be the same all year long. If a tire is found to work better and it is going to be used then it should be mandatory that all cars use that tire for that race.
• All cars equal all the time for everyone. If your car is faster then everybody else by half a lap after 2 laps, then the motor is disqualified and must be replaced. If you have the skill you don’t need the advantage.
• Here is an idea; at the beginning of each race we find the fastest 5 cars on the track that day. These cars are then assigned to a lane and they are the only cars used for the race. If there is a problem with the car during the race, the race is paused, the car is fixed and the race is resumed. If the car in question can’t be fixed then the 5th car should be used.
• Here is another idea; if there is a crash at any time during a race and it involves all 3 or more cars at the same place and time, the race should be paused instantly, all cars re-slotted and then the race resumed. This way the first person put back on the track does not have a half a lap to ¾ lap lead over the last person put back on the track.
• How we race is fine as is. I do not feel we need 10 minute heats, it’s bad enough losing by 5 laps, I don’t think I would like losing by 15 laps each heat.
• As we get bigger we need to address the time issues: Limit practice to only before the race begins, not between heats or classes; Maybe 2 minute heats? Or maybe one class per day
• I like the fun and racing and would like more Close Racing but I don’t like the arguments because of rules.
• Start on one lane and rotate to the next lane and out like on the team races. Those that need to leave early can do so.
• How about 1 class and 5 minute heats?
• 3 min heats is good. The ranking way with x min rank, y keep best and z drop worst is very good. I like it. I’d like to race more race with longer heats (something like 2007 Ninco World Cup Qual. for which we had 7-10 min per lanes). I want to keep the team race 1 per class per year, that is great.
• I would like to see more endurance races (3 or 6 hours) for the Slot-it Type C Le Mans cars, the Ninco 90s Le Mans cars and the Fly 60-70s class Le Mans cars. We make it an event held around the time of the actual races at Le Mans and Sebring.
• Number of classes is good; we should consider, if we drop a class, replacing it with a “variable” (i.e. different each time) class, run with loaner cars only. As for format, we should try a race against the clock (i.e. lap goal), where the score is overall time. A rally race (using the 4WD, natch) could also be implemented, especially with my two-lane setup; just add Ninco extensions and loops with one power supply only and do time attack on 10 different setups, with the track changed once everyone completes a stage. Finally, for team races, limit the teams to two members (three for an odd entry list) and have them rotate after every 20 laps or so; stop the car within a pit box, hand off, and continue. Each team has 15 minutes per lane.
• Seems OK to me. I know Craig has some thoughts on the way points are done on the Min to Rank, so I defer to someone who has thought about it more. I wouldn’t mind sessions longer than 3 Mins….10 is pretty long tho. If we had 20 guys, it would get boring waiting to run a lane.

• My only complaint about the club is not being able to use one’s own controller. I get frustrated easily with controllers that don’t match the cars, and of controllers that are adjusted differently from station to station. To me, the use of Professor Motor controllers has been a step backward. Stephen thinks I am a baby about this, but if we are allowed to buy multiple cars, various motors from different sources, and use all kind of speed secrets to get the fastest “stock, out-of-the box” car, what is the harm in allowing a $50 25 ohm Parma controller? I do not think allowing one to use their own controller will result in people buying $400 controllers for a speed advantage, not by me, anyway.
• I tend to agree with Jim Wiseman on this one. Maybe it is time to let everyone use whatever they want (apart from the “all drivers racing the same loaner” class – should we decide to vote that class in).

• As I have pointed out many times… It doesn’t matter what has been decided and ruled on before, each new race gives an opportunity to have a new interpretation, and ruling on the very same subject – and maybe this is the way it should be..? We seem to have got by quite well. But there may be some things that gripe certain members? Are there? Is there anything that continually happens that racers now feel needs to be codified?

E. Points and Championships
• Well, keep wondering, because we like it the way it is! This is racing, not fun! :^)
• In the current points system for the championship, a driver with 3 wins will beat a driver with 5 wins and a second. This is not fair. [SFJ EDIT: actually this is not correct, a person drops lowest races scores beyond 5 races hence in this scenario both drivers get a 20pt average– to make it fair we can add a tie-breaker of “most-races-wins, if average points are equal] To remedy this, I propose we add 2 points per race attended up to the max of 5 races. These attendance points would be added after the averaging adjustment. Two points may not be the optimal number, but if we like this idea, we can do some scenarios in a spreadsheet and come up with a good amount for attendance points. I like the idea of not having to attend all races to be competitive, but 5 wins should not lose to 3 wins. (Current championships are based on best 5 of 7 races, or 5 of 6 for the team races, with a minimum of three races.)
• I like Craig’s suggestion that everyone that races gets a point or two.
• Sure you’d want to change it after I beat you good 🙂 Just kidding of course! Love this format although I know it is hard work (lots of input) for those doing the tabulations.
• Same please
• I like the points format and would like to see it continued
• I am not adverse to a change in the scoring system if people think it would work better, but have no specific recommendations.
• If we do not keep track of the points and have a championship, then we are not racing, we are just driving – and I can go driving on my own! Craig has made an interesting point about the scoring – but I am sure others could make good counterpoints! I am open to discussion….
• I’m all done racing for points and championships regardless, but I like keeping track of how others are progressing especially when we have so many continuously improving
• I’m happy with the status quo
• Our current point system seems to work well. What methods are other clubs using? Do they use the tenth method? Is there a way to not need the use of the tenths?
• We could let PC Lap Counter do all the work for us. It has the ability to track the entire year of racing. Of course all tracks in the circuit would be required to use PCLapCounter. 5 of us already have the hardware and software installed.
• Yes, please keep the point system going. I know it is a lot of work but it is the only way to measure my improvement or failure as a racer against the other members.
• I think competition is essential to racing. That said, I’m more about the get-togethers than the Championships. Carry on as you wish.
• I’m limited in the thought process, but I’d like to see points or just tracking for heat wins too. I like the tracking by heat as some of us win heats, but never win the overall races.
• I just use the results to see if I am improving races after races. Thus the overall ranking is useless to me. Nevertheless, I’d like to have an access to a record of all the ranking per track/heat/class.
• Keep the points system. It is interesting to see how close together in skill most of us are. I think this important as a learning device and an inspirational tool that helps each individual. I think it would be a nice addition to have trophies at the end of the year. It was small but felt really like I accomplished something when I placed third at the NINCO trials at Victory Station. That little trophy meant a lot. I was grinning all the way to my house and proudly showed it to the wife and kid.
• We should give bonus points to individual performances on each lane (Top 5 get a bonus point each, or 5-4-3-2-1). As for championships, still count the best 5 of 7, but require 4 races to qualify instead of three. For the overall championship, that would require 24 races, counting the best 30 of 42.
• POINTS are important and I think we should still track them and have championships. I will probably never some close to winning one, but it is still fun

F. What We Race
• Didn’t like this class before, but now I seem to be able to drive it, so let’s keep it.
• Yes, keep it
• Ok as is, but maybe it’s time to give it a rest.
• I have one for next year. Not a fan of them, but will be ready to run in 2008
SCX F1 1970/80’s
• I like this class a lot. Let’s keep it.
• Yes, keep it
• Move to newer easily available w/magnet or drop class.
• I have two for next year. I like these a lot. They are a lot of fun. Keep!
’64-’74 Le Mans
• I like this class as well. Let’s keep it.
• Yes, but with magnets
• Ok. Add stock magnet
• My favourite of all the classes. A keeper!
Ninco GT1 Le Mans
• One of my favorites. It’s a keeper.
• Yes, keep it
• Like the class, but prefer a class where cars are easily found new at a variety of retailers or internet.
• My 2nd Fave of the classes. Please keep this one too!
Ninco 1950/60’s Le Mans
• I’ve finally got my Lister-Jaguar running, so if you drop this class, I will HARM you.
• NO!
• Fine the way it is
• I do not like the 50s Le Mans Ninco class
• I have 2 Cobras. Difficult to drive. I’d still like to keep it as it is a real test of driving skill to run these things. Keep
Slot.it Group C Le Mans
• Can’t drive ‘em worth beans, but love the cars. I’m for keeping it.
• Add the factory magnet back. Cars are not fun and difficult to drive
• Also a great class. Easy to get and to prep and run. Keep this one too

New Classes and Initial Class Voting
• As I said last year, I’d love to see a Fly no-magnet class with allowed weight. I would love to race my Fly’s instead of looking at them in their boxes. The Ninco 50’s-60’s class shows that members CAN actually work with weight, so this shouldn’t be a barrier to running another class with added weight
• I like the existing classes. I propose no changes for 2008. If I were to vote against a class it would be 4wd, and others would say “No way!” I think the one class with weight is perfect. Tuning weight for the other, better handling cars, is too time consuming, and not needed. Ninco GT class could handle NC-5 motors, but NC-1’s are fun if we apply a bit more voltage than the 50’s/60’s as we did at Michael’s. We probably all have some NC-5’s, if we own cars. My ranking is, all no magnets
1. SCX Formula One (existing class)
2. Slot-It Group C (existing class)
3. Ninco GT-1 (existing class)
4. Fly Le-Mans (existing class)
5. Ninco 50-60’s Le Mans (existing class)
6. Ninco Challenge style Cars
7. Scalextric Le Mans Prototypes, Modern LMP (Lister, Lola, Porsche RS Spyder), Maybe allow coupes too, Like Marcos, TVR, Porsches with 25 grams (or 3 square inches) of lead for coupes.
8. SCX 4WD (existing class)
• Once again, sorry to be so generic but it is fine as is and my mind is in another track build so I can’t think too broadly…
• The program is VERY GOOD as is, although I do see some serious work done to the cars that many are unable to do by themselves – mainly truing front/rear tires, sometimes quite small. I know many have made the effort to have the tire truer out and ready at their race but most don’t know how to operate the thing and you can damage your tires.

• My class rankings are
1. F1. How about the new Scalextric 70′ & 80’S F1’s or the Fly March F1?
2. 50/60’s Scalex (M & NM)
3. How about a “Porsche Cup Ninco class
4. How about a Scalextric all Ferrari P4 or Ford GT-40’s or both
5. I’d sure like to see a modern Carrera DTM class to mirror the real series??
6. Modern F1 Scalextric et al (M),
• Well, I would like to have six new racing classes. With that being said, I know it’s not practical for everyone to purchase more cars not knowing how long we will race them. So maybe we can have at least 2 new classes and rotate the other classes out with classes we have raced in previous years. I guess proper tires would have to be tested once classes are determined. My class rankings would be……………………..
1. Scalextric single seater (new class). With or without magnet. No weight. examples- Ferrari 375, Ferrari 156, and Cooper Climax T53.
2. Ninco Hummer H2 or Schlesser (new class). Wow !!!!…. talk about a change of pace. 🙂 With or without magnet (not sure if it comes with a magnet).
3. 2wd SCX (repeat class). No weight.
4. Scalextric trans-am (repeat class). with or without magnet
5. Ninco and/or Scalextric modern F1(repeat class). no magnet.
6. Ninco mini cooper (new class). with or without magnet. no weight.
7. Ninco DTM (repeat class). no weight. not sure if they come with magnets. (with or without if they do)
8. Ninco GT (new class). with or without magnet. examples- NSX and supra.
• I like it as is.
• My class rankings are
1. individual endurance race, everyone races loaners
2. Slot-it Group C Lemans.
3. SCX F1 1970/80
4. Ninco GT1 Le Mans
5. Ninco 1950/60’s Le Mans
6. 64-74 Le Mans Fly/Slot-it
7. Championship class for 2007 Ninco World Championship cars run with the same rules as they raced in the Ninco 2007 World Championship races
8. Run-what-you-brung class with anything goes just limit the motors to NC5’s, since we all have them
• What we race and how we race it? — The “biggest question of all”!!
• I admit I can’t make sense of most of the info SFJ has provided — I thought we raced Ninco Karts at one time and I can’t figure out where they are”? I remember Scalextric F40’s and the Trans Am class, and whatever the F40’s were in…
• The “what” — As long as we race the F1’s, I don’t really care so much about the others. I like some better than others obviously, and have my faves etc….
• I like the classes we race, but I do miss the SCX F40’s. If we were to do the “all drivers will race a loaner” class. I would suggest we use SCX F40’s. They are continuously cited by many, not only in our club, but on many websites as the best car of all time to drive and race – they are still easy to get, and pretty well priced in comparison to almost every other class we race, and so everyone can easily get one to practice with, if they don’t have one already… Victory Station normally has a few in stock, and so I am sure Chris Chan can lay his hand on a few. Yeah..? [SFJ Editorial: FYI Fly is doing their version of the F40 now]
• The “how” — The more that we can keep to the original out of the box, no upgrades, the better… I don’t really like the weight thing and think we should drop it.
• ***Some other situations need clearing up — This business with “engines in different states of V tuning” or whatever it is… Also the situation where a few members are using ” Ninco pro tires” whilst the rest of the club know nothing about it, and are using standard Ninco tires – this sort of thing shouldn’t be going in and this is where the website could really assist everyone. Let’s get back to keeping everything as simple and as uniformed as possible!
• SFJ… What new classes are being considered for next year. I know Michael Smalley has been testing the new F1’s, what else is being considered? It would be helpful to know whilst thinking about what the voting choices might be.
• I really like the classes we have and nothing else appeals to me enough to suggest replacing a class. I would like to consider adding some modern F1 to our existing F1 via alternate dates for each in the same championship. My class rankings are:
1. ’64-’74 Le Mans (Mostly Fly cars)
2. GT1 Le Mans (Ninco)
3. WRC 4WD (SCX)
4. 1950/60’s Le Mans (Ninco)
5. Group C Le Mans (Slot.it)
6. F1 1970/80’s (SCX)
7. 2007 Ninco World Championship cars (Ninco rules with expanded eligibility other cars appropriate for the class such as from previous year’s championship, etc.)
8. Trans Am and/or Australian V8 Supercars (weight, non-magnet or front magnet only for V8’s) OEM tires
• I’d very much like to have at least one class wherein everyone uses the same cars for individual competition (non-team) racing
• My favorite classes (and the only ones that I race on my own track) are essentially the ’64-’74 LeMans and the 50s-60s Ninco Classics (LeMans). I also like more vintage (i.e., pre-WWII cars), which I think would be fun to try. Other than these, I have no special interest in any of the classes.
• I like most of the classes we have, they are all fun to race for me. But I like change too and I think it is time for a change. I like the Super GT with the NC-5 & 6 motors with no magnets.
• I like the open wheel Grand Prix Legends Cartrix class that comes in the metal container from Spain. I found this car runs better with a NC-1 to replace the stock motor.
1. Group C Le Mans (Slot.it)
2. GT1 Le Mans (Ninco)
3. 1950’s F1 (Cartrix)
4. 1950/60’s Le Mans (Ninco)
5. Super GT (Ninco 2008 World Championship)
6. F1 1970/80’s (SCX)
7. WRC 4WD (SCX)

• My class voting in order is:
1. Ninco 50/60’s Le Mans – as is
2. Ninco GT1 Le Mans – as is
3. SCX F1 70/80’s – as is
4. Slot-it Group C Le Mans – as is
5. Ninco 90’s DTM – with weight
6. Ninco Championship cars from the last 2 years – as raced (non-magnet)
7. Scalextric 1960’s Trans-Am – with magnet
• I seem to be tired of everything but the Slot It Group C and Fly Le Mans. I like to see realistic good looking cars going around the track. Since I’m tired of it all, how about Can-Am, Trans-Am, P4s only (like we did the GT40s years ago)?
• My class voting in order is:
1. Ninco I would like to see a Revell-Monogram class. Box stock with magnets. Early Trans Am cars such as the Vettes & Cobra.
2. Carrera NASCAR. Low cost and easy to find. Stock with factory magnet.
3. Small sedan class such as Spirit BMW 2002, Monogram (Scalextric coming in 2008) Ford Lotus Cortina, Scally Cortina, NSU, FIAT, etc. Open to all brands and resin body changes on approved chassis. I think this could compliment the 50’s 60’s class.
4. Open 50’s 60’s class to Carrera chassis and cars.
5. COT or current NASCAR
6. Scalextric IRL
7. Replace older F1 for new style with magnets

• My class voting in order is:
1. SCX 4WD, no magnet, no weight
2. ’64-’74 Le Mans, no magnet, no weight
3. Slot.it, no magnet, no weight
4. Ninco sidewinder (similar to Ninco World Cup 2007) , no magnet, no weight
5. SCX F1 1970/80′, no magnet, no weight
6. Trans Am Scalex, no magnet, no weight
7. Nascar, no magnet, no weight
8. Ninco 1950-1960 Le Mans, no magnet, with weight
9. Open class – preparation do be defined but should be as open as possible

• Keep every class except the Ninco 1950-60 Le Mans. That would leave the club with 5 classes. Replace that Ninco 50’s class with endurance races in the FLY 64-74 Le Mans Class, Slot-it Group C and Ninco GT1 Le Mans Class.
• Number and type are fine. We should adopt a 50s Formula 1 group (as part of a random class).
• I think it is a little difficult to get the proper cars and motors and tires for the classes. I see why we do it and I now have at least one for every class. It’s MUCH more fun to prep and run your own car. People who don’t are missing out.
• I’d like to see a Scalextric class somewhere. They are so easy to run, come out of the boxes running well. Maybe an endurance class: Modern Le Mans Porsche/Jag/Aston Martin etc. I don’t know how they run W/O the magnets though…maybe you do? Other than that, the only other idea I came up with would be an UNLIMITED class. Any car, any motor, any tires. The fastest of the fast.

G. Loaner Cars
Should we buy loaners cars that the club owns and prepares (= $50 * 6 classes * 5 cars (one per lane and a spare) = $1,500 or $63 each for the 24 people who have raced more than 10 times this year)?
• I think this is a great idea. Right now, two or three guys prepare cars, only to see bozos like me put them into the wall. This way, the club can foot the bill, and Michael, Daniel, and Stephen can enjoy their own cars without worrying about how they’ll replace an expensive “gift” to the club.
• I think the current loaner car situation is perfect. I do not think the club should buy cars, but possibly others could supply loaners if those who are now feel the burden is too high. I don’t think the loaner cars need to be as well prepared as those supplied in 2007. That would encourage regular loaner drivers to buy a few cars. Loaner cars should mostly be for newbie’s
• IMO this is one of the finest points of this club. I have run loaners 99% of the time and am truly delighted with the way they have worked for me. HUGE THANKS TO STEPHEN, MICHAEL AND DANIEL. It is worth thinking about. Club owned loaners would be good.
• I think loaner cars are a great asset for the club. They allow for everyone to join in on the fun. I’m happy to help provide/prepare the loaner cars for the club’s enjoyment. Again, with MS’ idea, maybe one of the classes could be one where everyone uses the loaner cars, but as an individual instead of a team race.
• I love the loaners, they are prepared by the best. But I would rather race my own cars. If my car is not up to snuff then a loaner is very welcome. I feel the club should either supply the loaners or at the very least replace any parts broken in a race for the car owner.
• Loaner cars…. With almost 45% of the racers are using loaner cars, I think that proves how valuable the service is! Enough said. “Say a big hello to the big N – O” (as my seven year old boy has said to me..), about the idea of the club buying and preparing loaner cars – at this time, to be honest, it does not appear there is a need to buy them on the clubs behalf! However the upkeep costs to the racers who provide them for the club is something that maybe needs to be addressed – I guess we need to ask primarily ask SFJ, Michael and Daniel?
• I like preparing and sharing loaners. I prefer that they be treated with extra care and never taken for granted, so to speak. Loaner car providers are responsible for car performance, to consider suggestions, and make final judgment regarding repairs or replacement. I do not wish to charge extra to loaner car users because it might belie the privilege, and I think they should run as well as possible to provide a good introduction for newbie’s
• I really, really appreciate the availability of Loaner Cars for the classes that I don’t own. Since my track is a digital track, essentially I can’t race my club racing cars on my own track. And, my wife already thinks I have too many cars. The care that is put into the loaner cars goes far beyond what should be reasonably expected, and the club really owes a lot to Michael, Daniel, and Gary for preparing the cars
• This is a very hard question to answer, there is not an easy answer. Personally I feel after a year you are either committed to racing slot cars or not. If you are, you should start using your own cars and use the loaners in an emergency. I know a lot of people would not have all the cars for each class right away but they should be able to by the end of year two.
• Yes, we should keep the loaner car’s so newbie’s can race and decide if the hobby is for them.
• I do not feel it is in the interest of the club as a whole to buy loaner cars. God forbid the club disbands who would get the cars?
• The loaners are a very hospitable courtesy but they don’t provide the necessary commensurate driving skills! Loaners have helped me to stay IN a race, but never to WIN one!
• It might be a thought to do away with them actually since I’ve abandoned my own cars in a specific class to race a loaner on more than one occasion and that doesn’t really seem right on a certain level. Especially since in many cases, the loaner didn’t have my illegal tires, motors, gears, axles, and weight installed which left me without my “edge” ! (I love the looks you guys shoot me. Really, you’re very patient)
• OK as is as long as the guys that are providing them can or want to continue.
• If they can pay the $63 then racers could own their own cars. Most of the newer guys are providing their own. This is a tough one as it does put a burden on those that provide loaner cars. I used them when I started, but I prefer to have my own and can afford it.
• I would consider providing a car or two as loaners at a specific race if that can help. Maybe that is an answer. Those of us that can provide a loaner, bring one to each race rather then the few that are providing 4 per race.
• I’d like to keep loaners as they are today. They are so good. Thank you folks for sharing that.
• Keep loaners but maybe some type of stipend for those who provide loaner cars. This would be for repair, prep, replacement. Possibly 30% of the kitty on race day.
• As is, is fine
• I think it is great that the Michaels of the group bring them. If we can still do that, that would be great. Maybe any damages, and repairs could be covered by the Club to be fair to the guys who bring the loaner cars. But since I have now gone out and bought cars of the class, and swapped 3 or 4 motors and just as many tires, then I’d prefer not to pay MORE money. Maybe have the people who run the loaner cars pay Extra at each race?

H. Car Preparation Knowledge, Skills and Time
Do you prepare your cars before race days? Do you have a sense of the time you spend?
• I have been spending more time this year, and with my own track, practicing more, but still not enough. Probably about an hour or so per class car the week before the race.
• Yes, 1-2 hours in total
• Yes, many hours
• Half the time I put an hour in, but on several occasions I have put in several hours – but it never seems to make much difference what I do to be honest – I am obviously not doing things right
• About an hour per car including loaners and extra cars plus testing/practice time
• I don’t have an analogue track to practice on. I spend a few minutes preparing the cars
• Not as much as I would like. Less than I would like
• I’m doing exactly as much as I want to do and I’m going to even stop abusing the rules because there’s really no point. It doesn’t get me further up the list so why bother?
• Minimal e.g. are there four tires on it ? Do the braids make the motor go? On time: I brush my teeth longer!
• Yes, oil, clean a little and track test. 15-30 minutes per car
• I like to prepare the car a little bit before the race. I read the Michael’s and Daniel’s articles on the web site and talk to them during race days.
• If I have time, I run a few laps to check that the car is working properly
• Still learning, but I spend an hour or so each time. Thanks to Bob Beck, Craig, Gary and Michael for the assistance!!
If you prep, what items on you car do you prep: motor; tires; axles/bearings; braids, chassis/body, other?
• All of the above.
• I prepare all the bits
• Everything is prepped. I don’t want anything to feel left out. #61514;
• I try to prep them sort of. Well, I don’t do anything to the motors but oil the oillites when they are reachable. Oil the axles, sand the tires, check it on a tech block and make sure it’s straight if not just flex it back until its straight. Also check the guide and braid for excessive wear. Hot glue all motors to chassis.
• I do them all – to no avail.
• All
• I prep the tires and the braids, adjust weight in Ninco Classics
• Everything is looked over and fixed if necessary.
• Motor; tires; axles/bearings; braids
• I check the tires, axles/bearings, braids, chassis/body.
• Tires, Braid, Motor
• Tires first then the rest

Do you feel you have enough knowledge about what and how to prep? Have you read all the articles on the club website?
• The website is an invaluable resource, and I’ve read all the articles. They are all anybody needs to know about car prep.
• Yes and yes
• I don’t feel you can ever know enough. sharing ideas throughout the club is what makes it fun and improves everyone’s prepping ability. it’s fascinating to find out how many different ways there are of doing the same thing. most of the time someone tells me something that is way easier than what. I was doing and gives better results. Usually this person is MS. thanks for all the knowledge, MS. 🙂 I have read all of the articles and learned many new things.
• I feel I have enough knowledge to prep my cars.
• I have studied them – but I am never going to run in an engine under water – it sounds dangerous!
• Yes
• Yes
• Never enough knowledge always learning new things. Yes, I have read all of the articles
• Absolutely ! Why ruin my style ?
• I’m average in my knowledge and have read all the articles
• I feel like I do know nothing about car preppin’. That is why I ask to others, try to document myself, mainly by reading online articles.
• Yes, And I try to read all of the articles to prepare my car.
• Great info. I need to spend more time and more efforts to read them, learn the tricks of the trade and then apply them…..for 2008!

Do you ever practice driving outside race days?
• Yes, and it makes a difference.
• Used to , would like it if the up-coming host track would be open the evening before?
• Yes
• Very little.
• Yes
• Yes, but with my digital track and cars
• Have not had the opportunity this year. I know what you are saying, but cannot find the time to practice either
• Sometimes at Chan’s but it’s just to “air out” the cars, many of which have magnets etc.. so it’s all for nothing relative to FarrOut
• Yep
• I never race outside race days
• Yes, My goal is to familiarize myself with the car
• Not enough. Still working on setting up a home track

Overall Answers
• I prepare cars for most classes. I probably spend more time making the car look good, than I do making it fast. I have read all of the tips and tricks on the website and employee a mix of those techniques. I am not obsessive to the point of polishing axles, but I do like to break-in my motors under water or naphtha. I don’t have a tire truer and usually use track time for that. My favorite tip is drive, drive, drive. I’d rather do that, than work on my cars. I do have a track to test/practice on, but rarely get out there to do it. Most of my track time is with the club, and once a month at Buena Park Raceway. I might spend 2-4 hours preparing a NEW car before a race, not counting appearance.

I. Weight:
The club deliberately cut the use of weight from 3 to 1 classes in 2007 to limit preparation time needed. Thoughts?
• I long for the return of weight. These cars can be made to handle MUCH better with a little judicious addition of lead
• None…..
• Let’s make it 3 for 3 and eliminate weight. Even as much as I like to prep, adding and removing weight to find the ideal car handling capabilities has always been a pain.
• I like it the way it is, but I feel the SCX 4WD would benefit weight added, even though they are already heavy.
• Cut it out completely. Lead weight is for fishermen!
• Weight is good and not much work at all. Just ask one of the top guys where and how much. Done
• I like being able to add weight
• Weight is fine by me, just need practice time to dial in the cars that need it
• Thoughts? I hit the gym three days a week, no problems. Oh, you meant the cars ! I dunno, I’m really leaning “out-of-the-box” cars these days.
• Not sure how it cuts prep. Once I add the weight it only changes a little during the year.
• It’s ok as is
• I think we should be allowed to add or subtract weight to get the best handling from the cars
• Keep weight in any class; aim to use brass instead of lead if possible (Prop 65 concerns.)
• The only one I could think of would be the Ninco GT1. Those are VERY light

J. How Much it Costs to Race:
• $5 is very reasonable, given the costs of hosting (I know now what it takes). I would be willing to pay more, but I would certainly understand it if the rest of the club wants to have the kitty remain the same. On the other hand, an increase to $10 wouldn’t be unreasonable to me.
• I like $5 to race, but would pay more. I think $10 is too much. $90 will buy a lot of drinks and snacks, but only a bit of beer. I don’t drink beer during the races and don’t feel I should subsidize other’s beer drinking. If you drink more than two beers at the race then bring a six pack occasionally. I think the escalation of food has been nice, but is really not good overall. It puts extra pressure on the host. If someone wants to supply more than chips, nuts and cheese that’s okay, but I feel it is un-necessary. I don’t think the racers should be paying for the track, but I could be wrong there. If the club needs money for the website, which can be done for less, but not free, then something should be taken from each kitty for that, or each racer who did more than 24 races should pitch in $10 at the end of the year. Possibly loaner rental should be $3-5 more for regulars. First year drivers get loaners for free.
• From a promoter’s point of view, I think it only fair that extra entry fees should be required of those using loaners. $3-5 per race. The food & drinks, well that’s up to the host.
• **i still feel that we should all contribute to the day/race in question….stop off along the way and pick up some goodies!! Also to stay and help with the clean up!! An effort should be made to look upon the season when races are scheduled….hot days ahead?…then plan for an evenings race….cold days????…inside!…with area heaters and assorted hot beverages.
• I feel $5.00 is cheap
• The costs to host a race — I have never really added it up, but I am sure Stephen is right. Lately I have honed my skills (discovered the $30 sandwich tray from Ralphs, where I can cut the sandwiches in half, and feed a small army). Beers, soda, water, nuts and crisps and trailmix etc from Costco, and you can do a reasonable ‘snack’ for what you get in the ‘tip’ tin. $5 is just such a great amount to pay – I feel if the hosts are on a budget, it would be better to ‘adjust’ what they provide, as opposed to raise the price to the racers. I do understand that starting a race at noon gives everyone a “what to do for lunch” problem!
• The loaner car costs I have, and had, no idea about! I suppose in a naive way, I imagined they were a bye product of your collecting, and tinkering and desire to find and create the fastest most perfect race car.
• Web hosting fees? Who is paying them? [SFJ Editorial: SFJ is] I will certainly contribute. I suppose the time has come to raise the subject of a membership fee? — the average 18 racers at 24 meets a year, at a $1 a racer each time gives the club $432.
• $5 is a token, nothing more, and it shouldn’t be more because to do so sends the wrong message. Providing more than chips, beer, soda, and water should be discouraged, never expected, and wonderfully appreciated for those who wish to do so
• $5 is a small amount. I’d be willing to pay $10. The host shouldn’t really have to worry about providing food
• I feel that if we are going to call ourselves a club we need to start being one. I hate dues as much as anyone, but we need to start covering our costs. We cannot rely on the generosity of the few to benefit us all, it really isn’t fair.
• My proposal requires more work and others would have to help. I see a $25 per month dues payment, this would cover $10 to each host for the month for each racer who attends their race and the rest for internet and year end trophies.
• Also maybe we should charge the loaner car users $2.50 a car for each class race to help cover the loaner cars owners expense of their time & money in prepping the cars. We would not charge newbie’s this fee for the first year. The fee would be split between loaner car providers by how many cars of theirs were used.
• This is a bargain. If guys are losing money, I’d say up it.
• Raise the ante to $10.with your own car and $15 w/o. Have a 50/50 raffle at the race. Half goes to cover costs
• You hosts and loaner preparers…let us know!
• I think we should raise the kitty to $10.00 per race day
• $5 is fine; if you’re hungry, bring lunch.
• I think the $ should/could be increased to $10 and that would be fair.

K. The Website:
• As above, VERY useful. I go there pretty much every day. I’d like to see a more rapid posting of race results, but I understand how time consuming that is, and since I’m a lazy f**t (and wouldn’t be any more rapid than anyone else), I can see why it doesn’t happen faster than it does.
• I think the website is an important club asset. It’s what helps tie us together outside of the races. I vote we keep it. If I get the stats in a timely fashion, I will keep the results up-to-date in a timely fashion.
• I check in often. Would like to see more do the same but many in the club don’t seem to think much about slots except on race day. No reason to expect them to.
• When I have time
• Very useful. I go there often. many thanks to the gentlemen who update and maintain the website. I’m sure it’s a lot of work, but we couldn’t do without it
• I like the website and try to look at it daily. I like the notification’s, it makes it so much faster!!!
• A fantastic addition. I think most members are missing a lot by not participating more. It is now the central hub for information on the club. It is also constantly improving. Well done Craig and all those who have helped with the supply of information etc. Thank you.
• I am very grateful for the website and I visit almost daily when time allows. Needs more participation from more members posting and reading
• The website is very nicely done
• The website is great, we need to keep it going and more of us need to use the site for all of our between race communications and also participate in supplying content as well. Also sharing the cost
• It’s fun, useful, and getting better. If it’s a negative in terms of losing money, don’t maintain it on my account as I only visit it when I remember it’s there.
• It’s getting better as we go
• The website rocks!
• This is the best new addition to the club. I think it has evolved into a World Class, no BS website. Great information. Great photographs, great Forum. I think we could have more “How TO” articles.
• Need to visit it more.
• Getting better all the time!

Thanks Craig!

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Despite being run by a benevolent dictator, every year the members of the club are surveyed about what they do and don’t like and are asked to vote for the race classes for the coming year.  We then have an annual meeting where any questions about the classes and any back-to-back testing can take place to make the final decisions.

We find that it usually brings forward new ideas and allows us to discuss any problems.  Below are the surveys and answers from past years.

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