Culver City Raceway

Culver City Raceway

Big Lou’s Culver City Raceway

Located inside Big Lou’s Toys and Collectibles, this is the only plastic layout in a commercial store in Southern California. They hold regular magnet and non-magnet competitive races every Wednesday night, in addition to hosting FarrOut club races.

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Culver City Raceway – Track Info

Track NameCulver City Raceway
City LocationCulver City
OwnerLou Calderon
Track BuilderLou Calderon
Brand or MaterialScalextric
Running Lap Length?
Lane Spacing3″?
# of Lanes4
Magna Braid Yes/No?
Lap CounterTrackmate
Deadstrip or Light Bridge?Light Bridge
Power Supply?
ControllersProfessor Motor
Special FeaturesVery long straights. Tight turns.

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