DTM/Gr A 1983-94

Alfa Romeo 155 V6 Ti DTM 1994

What You Need To Know – You must remove the magnet.  There are 5 core car types and 30+ liveries to choose from.

  • Motor: OEM MX15 21K motor (black endbell) “S” can in in-line configuration only
  • Motor Mounts: As originally equipped only, motor pod P/N CH110
  • Front & Rear Tires: OEM PT1228C1 are mandatory.
    • Note: some cars came with OEM front tires PT1159C1.  You can use those on the fronts of any car in this class only, as it saves time in truing down the fronts.  All cars came with same front wheels
    • Glueing and truing tires allowed
    • No other compound other than the C1 compound is permitted. Note: the part number 1228 and are imprinted on inside of tire wall
    • No zero traction or treated tires permitted.
  • Wheels: OEM  All wheels should always have appropriate wheel inserts and are not permitted to run without them
    • Front wheels are plastic (Slot.It part number PA17-pl 15.8×8.2mm)
    • Rear wheels are aluminium (Slot.It part number PA24-als 15.8 x 8.2 mm)
  • Guide: OEM guide CH66
    • Original OEM guides in shallow configuration are Slot.It part number CH06 (long shaft) and CH17 (short shaft).  They are both legal (these were for use on older Scalextric Classic track which we no longer have in the club)
    • All other and other brand guides are illegal including all screw-in guides (specifically part numbers CH88, CH10, CH07, CH84, CH85).  These are, generally, 28mm long and 8mm deep 
  • Gears/Axles: OEM
    • Gears: Pinion gear brass 9 tooth Slot.It part number PI09; Crown (spur) gear aluminium or bronze + yellow plastic 28 tooth Slot.It part number GI28-bz & GI28-al.  No other parts are allowed
    • Rear Axle: OEM steel Pro axles part number PA01-48.  See also the motor mount section above. No other parts are allowed
      • Note: maximum rear tracking width is 60m (measured from outside of the tire walls).   When viewed from above the tires must not be able to be seen outside the bodywork which means some cars cannot use the full width allowed by the regulations.  Most cars cannot get to the full 60mm track
    • Front Axle: more recent cars come fitted with a screw-based adjustable ride height system for the front axle
      • You are free to adjust these as you see fit
      • Your car must still adhere to the club standard rule of the front tires rolling when the car is on a flat setup block and gently pushed by your finger from the rear of the car (i.e. when no extra weight is applied to the front of the car)
      • All Group C cars use steel Pro axles part number PA01-48.  No other parts are allowed from any manufacturer
  • Wires/Braids: OEM You are free to replace it with any brand. OEM are braid part number SP14 and Slot,it wires part number SP22.
  • Bushings: OEM spherical bushings (part number CH56). No other bushing is allowed in this class. This is one of only two classes to allow those spherical bushings, the other is Gr.C 
  • Ballast Weight: Not allowed
  • Magnet: must be removed and placed on nearest fridge
  • Lights: you are free to add lights (and you might get an extra half lap per heat if you add them!)
  • Chassis: chassis as originally supplied only.      
  • White Kits, Body Kits, Crashproof and Transparent Parts: provides complete car and body kits in white plastic as well as crashproof and replacement parts for nearly all their cars.  You are free to use them as you see fit although we would like any white bodies to be painted before you race them
  • Lexan Cockpits: produces lightweight lexan cockpits for most of its cars.  They are all illegal Spare Parts for Alfa Romeo 155.  Most are identical across all cars Spare Parts for Alfa Romeo 155

Eligible Cars – 5 core car types and 30+ liveries to choose from. The list below is in body style release order.

  • Alfa Romeo 155 V6 Ti DTM 1993
  • Alfa Romeo 155 V6 Ti DTM 1994
  • Alfa Romeo 155 V6 Ti ITC 1995
  • Alfa Romeo 155 V6 Ti ITC 1996
  • Mercedes 190E DTM 1991
  • Mercedes C-Class DTM 1994
  • Mercedes C-Class ITC 1996
  • ​Opel Calibra DTM / ITC
  • Nissan Skyline GT-R Group A
  • Also eligible are hybrids: defined as any plastic or resin bodied period DTM / Group A cars running on one of the class eligible chassis/ drive-train/ wheel /tire combinations.
    • The cars must specifically be approved in advance by Stephen (no exceptions and no other person can allow or disallow a hybrid car once it is approved);
    • The chassis must sit flush with the body of the car, as it is with all other class eligible cars;
    • The body must at minimum weigh the same as the average of the OEM class eligible cars.  For this class that weight is 20 grams and any makeup weight must be added to the bottom of the driver pan, not the chassis.

Pictures of one example from each car eligible in the class are below this table. Pictures of currently for sale car liveries can be seen by clicking on the part number link below or at  They also show ALL cars ever released regularly in their archive at although the archive does not have all cars they made as small batches for various slot car championships around the world. 

The table below the pictures shows all cars released to date. All weights shown are without magnet and with class legal tires. This table to be created 

Alfa Romeo 155 V6 Ti DTM 1993
Alfa Romeo 155 V6 Ti DTM 1993
Alfa Romeo 155 V6 Ti DTM 1994
Alfa Romeo 155 V6 Ti DTM 1994
Alfa Romeo 155 V6 Ti DTM / ITC 1995
Alfa Romeo 155 V6 Ti DTM / ITC 1995
ALFA ROMEO 155 V6Ti ITC 1996
ALFA ROMEO 155 V6Ti ITC 1996
Opel Calibra
Opel Calibra
Mercedes 190E
Mercedes 190E
Nissan Skyline GT-R
Nissan Skyline GT-R
Mercedes C Class DTM 1994
Mercedes C Class DTM 1994
Mercedes C Class ITC 1996
Mercedes C Class ITC 1996 DTM/Gr A 1983-94

Yr IntroCodeCar/LiveryColorMotorMagnet
Alfa Romeo 155 V6 Ti DTM 1993 – 69 Grams – 58mm Track – 79mm Wheelbase – 93mm Guide/axle
20XXCA35aAlfa-Romeo No.7 DTM 1993 Alessandro Nannini Nurburgring NordschleifeRed – WhiteMX15 V12/4Yes
20XXCA35bJagermeister DTM 1994 – Norisring / #27 – Michael BartelsOrangeMX15 V12/4Yes
20XXCA35cAlfa-Romeo No.14. DTM Donington Park 1994, Christian DannerRed – WhiteMX15 V12/4Yes
20XXCA35dCastrol No.26 Carsten Struwe Nurburgring 1994 DTM Engstler MotorsportWhiteMX15 V12/4Yes
20XXCW22Alfa Romeo DTM Winner 1993 / #8 – Nicola LariniRed – WhiteMX15 V12/4Yes
2016UnknownAlfa-Romeo limited edition, plain red no printing, for Gaydon 2016 UK Slot Car FetstivalRedMX15 V12/4Yes
2018CA35abAlfa-Romeo No.8 UKSCF 2018. This is a special edition car of only 100 for the UK Slot Car Festival 2018, the 8th annual slot car event.Red – WhiteMX15 V12/4Yes
20XXRS0154MX15 V12/4Yes
20XXCA35zWhite Kit for self AssemblyWhiteMX15 V12/4Yes
Alfa Romeo 155 V6 Ti DTM 1995 – 69 Grams – 60mm Track – 79mm Wheelbase – 94mm Guide/axle
20XXCA40aMartini DTM/ITC 1995 – Avusring / #8 – Nicola LariniWhite – Red – BlueMX15 V12/4Yes
20XXCA40bMcDonald’s ITC 1995 – Helsinki #27 – Markku AlénRed – YellowMX15 V12/4Yes
20XXCA40cAntera #13 DTM/ITC 1995 Gianni GiudiciBlueMX15 V12/4Yes
20XXCA40zWhite Kit for self AssemblyWhiteMX15 V12/4Yes
Alfa Romeo 155 V6 Ti DTM 1996 – 69 Grams – 60mm Track – 79mm Wheelbase – 97mm Guide/axle
20XXCA45aBosch ITC 1996 – Silverstone / #19 – Jason WattWhiteMX15 V12/4Yes
20XXCA45bMatini ITC 1996 – Mugello / #18 – Gabriele TarquiniRed – BlueMX15 V12/4Yes
20XXCA45zWhite Kit for self AssemblyWhiteMX15 V12/4Yes
Alfa Romeo 155 V6 Ti DTM 1994 – 69 Grams – 59mm Track – 79mm Wheelbase – 95mm Guide/axle
20XXCA50aRTL No.18 Zolder DTM 1994 – Kris Nissen. Team Schübel EngineeringWhite – Red – BlueMX15 V12/4Yes
Opel Calibra DTM / ITC – 66 Grams – 59mm Track – 81mm Wheelbase – 94mm Guide/axle
20XXCA36aOpel DTM/ITC 1995 – Hockenheimring / #9 – Manuel ReuterWhite – YellowMX15 V12/4Yes
20XXCA36bProMarkt #17 Klaus Ludwig winner Norisring 1996. Team ZakspeedYellowMX15 V12/4Yes
20XXCA36cHasseroder DTM/ITC 1995 – Avus Ring / #2 – Keke Rosberg. Team RosbergYellow – Blue – WhiteMX15 V12/4Yes
20XXCA36dITC 1996 – Diepholz / #25 – Alexander WurzBlue – White – RedMX15 V12/4Yes
20XXCA36eOpel Line ITC Mugello 1996 / #8 – Oliver GavinBlue – WhiteMX15 V12/4Yes
20XXCW23Cliff DTM/ITC winner 1996 / #7 – Manuel ReuterBlackMX15 V12/4Yes
20XXCA36zWhite Kit for self AssemblyWhiteMX15 V12/4Yes
Mercedes 190E DTM 1991 – 68 Grams – 60mm Track – 82mm Wheelbase – 95mm Guide/axle
20XXCA44aDiebels Alt DTM 1992 – Zolder / #18 – Kurt ThiimGreen – GoldMX15 V12/4Yes
20XXCA44bKarcher Castrol DTM 1992 – Zolder / #12 – Jörg van OmmenWhite – YellowMX15 V12/4Yes
20XXCA44cBerlin Olympic Bid DTM 1992 – 1st Hockenheim / #5 – Ellen LohrSilverMX15 V12/4Yes
20XXCA44dCamel DTM 1991 – Kyalami / #3 – Roland AschYellowMX15 V12/4Yes
20XXCA44zWhite Kit for self AssemblyWhiteMX15 V12/4Yes
Nissan Skyline GT-R Group A – 70 Grams – 58mm Track – 81mm Wheelbase – 96mm Guide/axle
20XXCA47aCastrol 1990 – 1st Macau #23 – Masahiro HasemiWhitre – Red – GreenMX15 V12/4Yes
20XXCA47bCalsonic 1993 – 1st JTC #12 – K. Hoshiro, M. KageyamaBlueMX15 V12/4Yes
20XXCA47cZexel #25 – ’91 Spa Winner. Announced Not yet releasedWhiteMX15 V12/4Yes
20XXCA47dWinfield 1992 – 1st Balthurst 1000 #1 – M. Skaife, J. Richards. Gibson MotorsportRed – WhiteMX15 V12/4Yes
2023 Q2CA47eNissan #1 – ’91 Bathurst 1000 Winner. M. Skaife, J. Richards Gibson Motorsport Announced Not Yet releasedRed – White – BlueMX15 V12/4Yes
20XXCA47zWhite Kit for self AssemblyWhiteMX15 V12/4Yes
​Mercedes C-Class DTM 1994 – 71 Grams – 58mm Track – 86mm Wheelbase – 99mm Guide/axle
20XXCA53aProMarkt DTM 1994 – 1st Hockenheim #15 – Jorg Van OmmenYellowMX15 V12/4Yes
2023 Q2CA53zWhite Kit for self AssemblyWhiteMX15 V12/4Yes
Mercedes C-Class ITC 1996 – 71 Grams – 58mm Track – 86mm Wheelbase – 99mm Guide/axle
20XXCA54aWarsteiner ITC 1996 – 3rd Interlagos GP #3 – Jan MagnussenWhiteMX15 V12/4Yes

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