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Jim Wiseman’s Claremont Raceway

Claremont Raceway was designed for 1/32 club racing and running vintage 1/24 cars, enabled by the 4” lane spacing and wide turn borders. The large banked turn is reminiscent of one on a track the owner raced on in Southern California in 1965-67.

Special attention was given to ease of marshaling in the track design.  The track has been everything the owner hoped it could be, from enjoying running a variety of cars alone, to introducing friends and family to slot car racing, and as a gathering place for fellow club members to race.

Jim Wiseman’s Claremont Raceway – Photo Gallery

Jim Wiseman’s Claremont Raceway – Track Info

Track NameClaremont Raceway
City LocationClaremont, California
OwnerJim Wiseman
Track BuilderBob Scott, builder, J. Wiseman design
Brand or MaterialMDR Routed
Running Lap Length55.3″ center lane
Lane Spacing4″
# of Lanes3
Magna Braid Yes/No?No
Lap CounterDS Lap Counter with Remote Control
Deadstrip or Light Bridge?Deadstrip
Power SupplySeparate Pyramid for each lane, 0-20 volts, 25 amp
ControllersProfessor Motor
Special FeaturesHigh Steeply banked turn, LeMans start, and collectible vintage scenery buildings and grandstands

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