2012 Survey

FarrOut Slot Car Club

2012 Survey Results

First: thanks for all the participation.

  • 29 people voted representing 91% of all racers, by attendance, in 2012 representing 516 races out of 570 possible.     
  • Of the 8 who did not vote, all attended 2 or less race days in 2012. 

You can see all the comments and votes below, as well as my comments and decisions.

Big picture:

  1. We will meet at my home on this coming Saturday, November 10 , we will discuss, we will test cars proposed, we will have another online vote for what we have tried to determine if the Ninco Gt1 Class will be replaced by another class or changed in 2013. 
  2. The other 5 classes continue as is in 2013 with a few minor tweaks to discuss on Saturday
  3. We plan to have 2- 4 car preparation / race craft days in 2013 (same as 2012 and 2011)
  4. We will race at 11 tracks in 2013 (in 2012 3 dropped out (Stan-Gary-Chris) but we also added 3 (Jim-Christian-Carlos)
  5. SFJ needs to focus on editing the Website for clarity on rules etc.

All the best,


2012 Initial Survey Summary


In general we have a great variety of tracks that are all appreciated and every track scored better this year than last year.  3 new tracks were added (Jim, Carlos, Christian) replacing the 3 we lost (Stan, Gary, Chris although Chris’ was reincarnated at Russell’s).  In 2013 we will race at the same 11 venues.  All 11 tracks will host 2 race days, except for Michael and Stephen who will host 3 race days. 

The voting is shown as Positive votes (a 1 or 2), Neutral (3), Negative (a 4 or 5).  See all your unedited comments below.

Where We Race 
(Scale 1 to 5 High to Low) 
Riverside (Michael)1.32400100%0%0%
Farrout (Stephen)1.6221096%4%0%
Claremont (Jim)1.9123080%20%0%
Nigelstone (Nigel)2.0193279%13%8%
Mini Boola (Ed)2.0165173%23%5%
Cirrhosis (Russell)2.1152279%11%11%
SSI (Rene)2.3121567%6%28%
Villeneuve (Bruce)2.41111148%48%4%
Lauffenring (Carlos)2.7610233%56%11%
Enzo’s (Christian)3.085642%26%32%
Sliverlake (Craig)3.089733%38%29%

Track Comments

The Enzo track is great to look at, but I had a very difficult time racing this track. I felt disconnected and watching the race not really doing it. I think it was from being so far away from most of the track and not being able to see the areas that required finesse to make it through safely. Cirrhosis by the sea is a like a series of short straights into u-turns, the difficulty in this track is not to take out everyone else out when the back end of your car slides out because of the tight turns. Lauffenring is a nice track but I hate the end of the back stretch an R1-R2 turn into another R1-R2 turn into a short straight.You carry all the speed in the world in the straight and hope you hit the brake point exactly at the end or you fly out of the lane (all lanes) that ruins the point of the long straight.

Digital race would be awesome. It’s a race that’s different and should be given a try.

I like the mix of tracks. 10-12 tracks is good. It seems the concerns about not being able to host enough races has generally faded away. Racing three or more of the races at Michael’s may not be a good plan for the club overall. But, on the other hand it’s Michael, so we love to support him. Jim’s track is far also, so two races max there seems best. Everyone’s track seems up to standard, except Christian’s, where he needs to resolve the scoring issues. That is a track worth racing at more though.

Anxiously awaiting revist to Michael’s

I have only been to two Tracks, so I don’t have much to compare, but had a good time at both. Great hosting jobs also.

Enzo’s was not finished and will take a bit of time for me to get used to the size.

Need to schedule classes that slide well at Jim Wiseman’s; could not race the 50s class at all

We are one lucky club to have such a wide range of tracks available to us! Christian’s track just isn’t ready for prime time. While he is an exceptional host, the track suits 24th scale more than the 32nd scale cars we run. I would like to see track hosts rewarded for attending races by allowing them to host more races compared to those who don’t regularly participate.

I think everyone does a great job hosting races,

Have never raced on Jim’s or Russell’s (Chris Chan’s old track), so I can’t comment.

More attention needs to be paid to the tracks before race day. I would propose a mandatory check be performed by the host one week before hosting and then a report to Stephen. That way any issues could be taken care of before racers arrive, thereby insuring that technical or physical delays will be kept to a minimum.

Lauffenring is actually a good track, I rank it low here because it just isn’t suited to the cars we race. Enzo Raceway – Christian has been a super nice and patient host, so I hate to rank his track so low, many things were done very well on this track, but the Devil is in the details, as they say. Wiggly slots are just a total deal killer for a slot car track. We should not hold races on this track. Sorry, but what is the point of collecting feedback if the feedback is not honest.

Racers not attending are not taking care enough of their track and should not be raced more then once per year.

Stephen, Last year this particular question caused alot of agro…. No matter how you look at it people felt slighted. All the race hosts do what they can to make the days race meet pleasurable as possible. Some do it better than others…. And everyone appreciates it no matter what or where the venue is…

Class Voting

In 2012 we are happier with our classes, overall, than we were in 2011 when we were pretty darn happy (and we didn’t put any classes up for change).  It might have something to do with the existing classes providing a variety of chassis types to provide uniquely different slot car experiences, i.e. Slot.it inline, wide axle inline Ninco, narrow axle inline Ninco, Open wheel, Sidewinder and 4WD.  Then again we may all be drinking while voting.

  • 71% of votes were positive (68% in 2011), 22% were Cool Either Way/Neutral (19%) and only 7% were negative (13%). Even the two lowest rated classes had only 6/7 negative votes (22-26%).
  • Compared to 2011 the only change in the order is the Fly class above the Ninco Roadsters class.  However a clearer split occurred with Slot.it /Fly Le Mans/ Ninco Roadster’s in the top group followed by the closely bunched Team Races /SCX F1 /Drivers Championship, all of these with practically no negative votes.
  • SCX 4WD and Ninco GT1 with, respectively, 17 (63%) and 14 (52%) positive votes and 10 and 14 neutral/negative votes (and each getting 3 of 29 votes “wanting them to go away”) are the bottom two classes with an average of 3.9 out of 9.
  • We will have a vote off between the Ninco GT1 class (lowest overall support) and the most popular of the potential new classes, after we have tested those classes next weekend at my house.

Current class votes presented showing the extremes (keep and replace) the other positive and negative votes and the neutral votes as well as the class rating. See all your unedited comments below. 

RatingCan’t Live WithoutPositiveNeutral  I Like This but I Am Cool Either WayNegativeWant It to go Away
Slot.it Group C2.216641
Fly Le Mans 70’s2.31574
Ninco “Roadsters”2.41197
Team Races2.71278
SCX F12.9811511
Driver’s Champ2.91178
SCX 4WD3.9413433
Ninco GT13.986743
RatingCan’t Live WithoutPositiveNeutral I Like This but I Am Cool Either WayNegativeWant It to go Away
Slot.it Group C2.259%22%15%4%
Fly Le Mans 70’s2.356%26%15%
Ninco “Roadsters”2.441%33%26%
Team Races2.744%26%30%
SCX F12.931%42%19%4%4%
Driver’s Champ2.941%26%30%
SCX 4WD3.915%48%15%11%11%
Ninco GT13.930%22%26%15%11%

Class Comments

A GT class is a must. LMP would be awesome too! GT class is something that car manufacturer’s are always improving year after year. New cars, technology, drivers, livieries, sponsors, I.e., ALMS. I love GT cars and racing the newer type cars I see race at Long Beach GP every year gives me a real connection. Muscle cars are super cool too. Older cars are great I love the learning the history and everything.

FLY front motor. I’ve warmed up to it. Have purchased a livery to campaign with. And the energy and effort that Christophe and Eddie to add them as a class….

Still a little confused as to what fits in what class. I like the cars to be as authentic to the real classes as possible.

I find the Ninco GT1 cars lacking in speed, handling, and available liveries. Except for the occasional hybrid, custom-altered cars (I’m thinking of Christophe’s and Michael’s), the podium cars are limited to the McLaren and the Mercedes. There are other potential classes that would bring many more affordable cars to the club.

No changes need be made, but would suggest that DC races involve something that we never race [SFJ Comment: this was the intent and will be the case going forward, featuring either old favorites or various classes that people want to pitch or have a passion for and can provide 5 loaner cars for] 

Most of these classes have been the backbone of the club for years. I like them all.

I like SCX F1 but cars are beginning to break. It’s all but impossible to come up with new ones. [SFJ COMMENT: not correct – ask and we can help – we found about 20 cars for this member in 15 minutes, from $30 to $85] 

Low score for Ninco GT1 because I want to have Fly Front Motor. Low score for SCX 4WD but they are still necessary because they are different

Potential New Classes

While in 2011 2 classes stood apart, this year 4 got double digit positive votes.  Ninco Championship and slot.it Gt1 were, again, 1st/2nd with Cartrix (the only one with 50% positive votes) and Fly Front Motor in 3rd/4th.  Note that these all got the same amount of neutral and negative votes while in prior years Cartrix and Fly Front Motor got more than the rest.  We will test these 4 and vote off against the Ninco GT1 class with these 4 (or some combination of these 4 – all to be revealed….).

The voting is shown as Positive votes (a 1 or 2), Neutral (3), Negative (a 4 or 5).  

See all your unedited comments below.

Ninco Championship2.6129644%33%22%
Slot.it GT12.7128744%30%26%
Cartrix F12.8148650%29%21%
Fly Front Motor2.9128744%30%26%
Scalex Modern LMP2.998935%31%35%
Modern F13.098935%31%35%
Scalex/P Trans Am3.0713726%48%26%
Fly 1970’s F13.35111019%42%38%
Monogram Stockers3.4781226%30%44%

Potential New Classes Comments

The Ninco Championship class would appease all of the speed junkies and all those who want the challenge to tune a car to a specific track in the club. Like which motor, gearing, and wheel size to run on the track that day. Then throw in the different cars and then different way each handles with different setups and I believe this class could be great.

Modern GT for sure. Carerra, SCX, Carerra, Any kind of LMP class would be great. Modern F1 is a real connection. With the best technology in the world.

Can we run classes alternate seasons so we don’t have to set up so many cars. e.g. have the Open Wheel class alternate between SCX F1 and Cartrix F1. Can we add Slot.it GT1 to Ninco GT1or to Fly Front motor – they are after all the same class in real life – maybe we spec them with same motor?

I’m all for the Fly front motor cars replacing the Ninco GT1 class. There is a tremendous variety of cars available for very affordable prices. Christophe has demonstrated that with the addition of Ortmanns and strategically-placed weight, they are great running cars. I would be in favor of the Cartrix cars IF they were a bit more affordable. I like the idea of the Ninco Championship cars IF we could locate other clubs to compete against, and perhaps engage in some proxy racing. The Slot.it GT1 cars would be very easy to set up, but I’m not so sure they would be “different enough” in the way they run compared to our current Slot.it Group C class. Perhaps if we could combine them with a class of cars that included other manufacturers using anglewinders with faster motors

[SFJ COMMENT: 3 of the 4 Slot.it GT1 cars actually from the manufacturer setup as inline chassis, only one is an angle winder from the factory]    

None are “must-have’s” for me, but I DO like the Cartrix cars. All the rest are “could be fun”.Slot.it GT1 is redundant if we keep the Ninco GT1’s. I like the Fly front drive as tuned by Christophe. I liked the stockers as tuned by Michael, but I think those had a Slot.it chassis

[SFJ COMMENT – while use the chassis they come they do take a great deal of setup, more than Michael feels is reasonable to make them a violable class]. The “new” MRRC cars work surprisingly well on my track with little tuning (but much reduced voltage) and they might be a good driver’s championship choice.

Cartrix are nice but expensive, Formula one cool with magnet, not so cool without, Slot it Gt1 are similar to Group C (handling) and looking like Ninco Gt1..

Fly F1 are too gorgeous and have no brakes, especially the March certainly due to heavy tires, Revell Monogram are very cool even with stock tires, and weight, Transam scalextric are limited in choice but I did not try Pionner and don t know if they can be mixed

[SFJ COMMENT: they were designed to run with Scalextric Trans Am], the choice of Ninco looks great but I did not try these as well (just have a 911), front motor are a real change and blablabla bla the best choice. Modern LMP? Not Scalextric ! but If we use Avant Slot and Slot it, why not.

I would opt to add the FLY Front Motor GT 90’s Thingy’s… There has been some mutterings about blowing out the SCX 4WD Rally Class to make room. If that were the case then I’d give it the heave ho…Although I am fond of it needless to say… And only because of the steadfast campaigning of Christophe and Eddie to liven up things a bit. I’m of a mind to race what I already own…rather than run out to buy something I’m not to keen on…In the case of the R/M stockers. Allow Carrera cars as well. If they are not competitive, then no one will use them anyway.

Other Things to Consider / Lack of Participation

There is relatively strong support for running the heats in a more timely fashion on race days, indicated both by voting and comments.  To that point, last year we wrote the following but never acted on it: “There is support for better (not stricter) race day time management and better etiquette.  We plan on addressing this in two ways:

  • we are reintroducing a race meet Race Director and co-Director, they will be chosen on the day and will rotate among all club members
  • we will be calling out the heat after next before taking lap scores and handing out lane stickers to those drivers at same time so they are prepared to start right when the next heat stops.  Our Thomas designed software easily supports doing this”
  • Let’s see if we can be respectful of each other and actually do this this year. 

We will continue to have 2 to 4 car preparation days and Michael / Frank, and/or others if they wish, will continue to provide car preparation services or sell preprepared or class legal cars, tires and spares.

We won’t be doing tech checks: it requires a much greater commitment than I am comfortable making and if I really have to check against cheating then I don’t want to be a part of the club.  However I DO need to update the website which Craig has helped me with by setting up a editing system.  I hope to do this in next couple weeks as I feel it may, in part, have had an impact on our overall behavior by introducing uncertainty around our rules.  

In general we have lost participants only to their private lives (work, family, health, moving) rudely interfering with their slot car lives.  However the comments about people feeling uncomfortable with our behavior deeply concerns me (see below).  Essentially when we get too focused on winning and not on having fun we loose sight of why we actually spend time together.  Please please please don’t make me do something drastic the next time someone argues about rules or results or winning, I will do it and none of you or I will like the outcome.

Stripper Marshalls!52%12
Stricter Race Day Time management48%11
Car preparation days48%11
Class legal cars ‘store’48%11
Tech Check of cars before races35%8
Car prepping services30%7
More frequent race meetings4%1
Bring back magnet cars4%1

Improvement Comments

I really like the tech check idea, however it would take as long as the race to check all the cars all the racers want to run. Everyone has two cars in their hands in case their original car falters so we would have around fifty cars to tech before we race. I still don’t think you would catch anything unless you took the car apart and ruined the racers setup that they spent all the last week perfecting. (and their best prepped car is worse than their second best car).

Digital racing would be awesome. I have one and can build one to accommodate.

The scoring and class format continues to be good. We did have some instances this year of drivers winning championships with just three races run, but that has not been a regular problem. I like the team races. The three hour team race format is good. I like 4 minute heats, but when there are more than 18 drivers the heats should be cut to 3 minutes.

Prepping services should be approached with caution: how many are willing to do; should we have one preparer per class? Consystency of timing if race dares really relly helps Be vigilant not out of hand Tech check if done needs to be consistent and controlled in timing. Who will do it and have time for it

Anything goes race where you can race a bunch of different classes and even non-standard, or class illegal cars

On the magnet cars, just as they come in the box! They do not have to be ITG magnet heavy.

Tough call. I think we would need to increase the fee’s for Stripper Marshalls! so that’s out.

First, you can’t please all the people all the time. I think the club has struck a pretty good balance of a friendly environment, and competitive racing. Everyone who is capable of doing so is willing to help newbies, whether it is in helping to setup cars, guiding one toward the purchase of cars or parts, and driving and marshaling tips. How about an annual memorial race for Terry? I think he really exemplified all that is good in the club, and it would be a good thing to keep his presence known

As long as we’re not in West Hollywood, strip models good; wives wouldn’t go for it, though. As for “Class-legal-store”, open it up not just to models but ancillaries–tires, motors, etc.

I was only able to attend one this year due to other commitments, but it helped I was able to set up my rally car it works better still need to spend more time on it for it to be competitive

Pretty much the only thing that brings down enjoyment for me is the fact that guys aren’t prepared prior to their race times. If we could somehow encourage folks to have their cars ready when they’re called, it would help.

I strongly believe that what is most important is making everyone feel welcome and not intimidated. It’s very off-putting to feel a strong sense that most everyone is too competitive. On the few occasions that I ventured to commercial raceways back in the day, I felt overwhelmed and embarrassed. What brought me into this club was Stephen and Rene’ encouraging me that I was welcome and that the only embarrassment would be to not play. Simplify the website to make it easy for newbies to understand what is legal, what cars to get and where to get them.

Things are going well, but maybe we should try the race system where there is one minute between heats and one may race one lane after another like at the commercial raceways, but I don’t know how to set it up.

1. I would suggest a magnet class for Modern Formula 1. Magnets reflect the new technology that has developed in F-1, “Down Force”. 2. Along with Car prep days I suggest Racing Skills Days where some of the top racers teach some of the slower racers how to go faster. This might help so slower racers don’t get discouraged and leave the club…

If we can’t come up with race legal cars quickly & economically (ie SCX F1) then it is difficult to race the class

When I race T-Jets we use Trackmate software to run the heats. With 15 racers at a race there is time to let everyone have two hours of set-up time on the track, and we still are able to run three races with 3-minute heats in the time that it takes Farrout to run two races. And there is still plenty of time for beer drinking and good-natured name-calling. Just sayin’.

better food

All my cars are in race legal kit… Fuck off…!! Stricter Race Day Management…? How so….? Car prep days are good, providing someone steps up to the plate. I would rather put the screws to the club proletariat purchasing their own cars to take the heat off whomever gets the loaner duty…It’s expensive, time consuming and which has been the case throughout my time racing with the club an under appreciated convenience. And I’ve never been to a race meet when whomever donated their livery of cars for use wasn’t bitching a blue streak at all the damage he now has to repair… I think, as I have proposed countless times that this is a club involving slot cars. New members get an initiation period for background checks, etc and to pony up and to purchase ALL the race class cars….

Website needs updating

[SFJ COMMENT: I will do]. Possibly consider ending day with ladder finals races (likely no more than 5 races where everyone has a chance to make the “Final”.

back biting, over zealous arguing, sniping comments, all of these and other child-like behaviors that at times take away the fun and comaraderie that we are supposed to have while racing. I realized while writing that, I too find myself getting caught up in the crap. The problem is this year if I am remembering correctly we have had three or four instances where the participants pushed each other to the point of punches almost being thrown. Luckily for all of us that blow’s haven’t occurred yet, but we have to come to realize that if we keep this up and not get along it will occur. I see that as a bad thing for the club, because sides will be drawn and the unity of the club will be blown apart. Our group of men (yes men) have been able to avoid this for the last nine years, it is really only this year that I personally have seen us fall apart. I don’t know if it’s ego’s, personality, or over zealousness that has caused this.

It me, not you! You guys could not be a better group.


work schedule

What’s up with there being 48 racers, and only THREE of them at most being women?!? We really must do some additional outreach!

n/a; I have to be there

My problem not yours

I have had other commitments that have fallen on the race and prep days. It hasn’t been anything the club did.

Mostly health issues, but some off-putting dispositions definitely were a factor in my reduced participation. I can understand the heat of the moment passion, but I cannot understand being unapologetic with no intention of trying to behave better.

Racing on Saturdays takes out a big chunk of leisure time for families but I realize bad traffic makes it almost impossible to race on weekday evenings. Sometimes a little too much yelling, swearing, and hard kidding of others for my taste.

I enjoy the club. My lack of participation has been because of work and scheduling conflicts.

Too much time wasted between heats. Races drag on too long. It has reached the point where certain people seem to cut out early nearly every race, sometimes leaving too few people to marshall the later heats. My time is valuable, too. I wouldn’t dream of asking others to make allowances for me arriving late or leaving early. If I can’t be there in time for the first race, I just won’t race in that one. If I can’t stay till the end of the day, I don’t race the second race. It is just common courtesy. Making allowances for late-arrivals and early-leavers might have made sense in the early days of the club when there were fewer attendees, but I don’t think it makes sense any longer.

Too much emphasis on salty tidbits provided at the race meets… Luncheon being served too late at a race meets… Perhaps some festive music on the Tannoy’s in the shaded picnic area’s…? Not enough fans or area heaters provided depending on the weather…. Hot beverages ie: tea, (with real milk) coffee, (also with real cream and not some dairy substitute) cocoa, Bovril, Ovaltine (chocolate and the “new” malt flavour) would be a nice welcome addition on those bracing winter afternoons (brrrr). Heckling, badgering and assorted back-biting during the race to be kept at a minimum…

Obama…Sorry, but the fed reorganization of GM was why I lost my good paying job. I now work 3 jobs 7 days a week unless for some reason there isn’t a car show in all of southern California that I have to be at. If we race on rainy days I have a better chance of being there.. Remember to vote in November

Rule Changes for 2011

We will discuss some of the comments above and below but definite items we will test next Saturday are

  • Things we will test on November 10th for inclusion in 2013
    • Including the Ninco E-Type (front motor) in the Ninco roadsters class.  There will be one setup and available to test against other loaner cars from the class
    • Including the newer RK (faster) motor cars in the SCX 4WD class by limiting their speed through the use of a capacitor.  There will be a couple setup and available to test against other loaner cars from the class
    • Including the new Fly Alpha Line cars in the Le Mans 70’s class.  These are cheaper with inline instead of sidewinder chassis.  This is a given for 2013.
    • Test the 4 potential new classes against the Ninco GT1 class.  I am not sure if we will also vote on Saturday or vote online afterwards.    
  • We will not switch to metal wheels, as there is not huge support for it.
    • they would be good to help reduce preparation time but are hard to police for proper size and appearance and are an added cost
    • we are hoping the extra car preparation days/services will help eliminate/fix bad plastic wheels for all members and thereby level playing field for us all without added cost or cars looking wrong

Rule Change Comments

Gathering marshals to be ready at the track for each heat is the biggest delay in running the races. When we are conscious of that, and make ourselves available in advance, it makes the day better for everyone. The participation is at a historical high, less the year of the Petersen event. There has been steady growth since 2008, where it seems our club was affected by the economy. The numbers suggest that the recession had quite a serious negative impact on participation.

We may increasingly encounter problem with wheels and axles and may have to address with spec axles and / or wheels (plastic or aluminum). Ad Hoc consider substitution parts for repair or problem prevention or replacement of eg guide holders repair, guides, motors.

No. Seems good to me.

no changes needed.

Can’t think of any currently; will suggest if any come about by meeting time

For goodness sake, allow metal wheels as long as they look appropriate for the model (must be specifically approved by SFJ or his assignee). I am totally convinced that they save work without providing an advantage over good plastic wheels with well-trued tires glued on. I believe they will help the less skilled preparers without adding advantage to the best, but it will be important to maintain that they are not necessary to be competitive. Consider “break-out” minimum lap time to reduce the advantage of excessive preparation work and “cherry-picked” motors. A couple tenths under best average practice times ought to suffice. Custom body applications should have the same body weight and CG balance as the out-of-the-box class legal cars. Enforce the loaner car payment rule for veteran members or eliminate it entirely. Also, with so many new track owners requesting the honor of hosting, emphasize that hosting includes providing loaner cars (however they arrange it is up to them, but expecting to host without arranging for loaners is presumptuous and rude IMHO).

Allow one to use their own controller at all race venues.

We should have one magnet class (Modern F-1). One magnet class would not signal the demise of the club. I noticed that two years ago when we tried to have a Modern F-1 class, some of the more influential members dismissed the class saying that the cars were too fast and crashes too extreme. I would have thought that if these great racers applied the same logic to magnet cars as the other cars we race, namely to slow down and stay on the track we could have had an excellent series. As it was we did have a number of great and competitive races but only two hosts.

[SFJ COMMENT: club members are free to go race magnets if they wish, just not here until we get more than one person of 29 supporting it :)]

Tech inspection on class winning cars.

Next year I plan to: Arrive at the races just before noon and then whine out loud if I don’t get a chance to practice, just like the guys who got there at 11:00. Take all the time I like, and then some, between heats. Say I have to leave early so that, after causing the festivities to run long in the first place, I can be on my way early and not have to marshall for the rest of you suckers.

holalalala….do we count the lap when we pass the line ???????????? Again …..Do we count the lap when we pass the line ?????????????? Do we count the tenth when the marshall put the car on the track and then it rings for time off ?????????? Do we allowed people to push you out 4 times in purpose in the curves (waiting for you to do it)????????? Do we allowed Russell to cheat and push me out 4 times in one race in purpose ????????? Can we have a spear controller ???? in case one is capricious….. for sensitive drivers as I am ?????


Clarify “other” bodies on class chassis rules to ensure no (perceived) advantages. Clarify lead placement rules (none on top of or on body of car all wieght to stay within chassis or under chassis.)

Posted by: Stephen Farr-Jones

November 04, 2012

Despite being run by a benevolent dictator, every year the members of the club are surveyed about what they do and don’t like and are asked to vote for the race classes for the coming year.  We then have an annual meeting where any questions about the classes and any back-to-back testing can take place to make the final decisions.

We find that it usually brings forward new ideas and allows us to discuss any problems.  Below are the surveys and answers from past years.

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