Fly Le Mans 1964-74


What You Need To Know – You will need to add weight, replace the rear tires with Ortmann’s and remove any magnet.

There are 18 car types and 200+ liveries to choose from.

Motor: OEM Fly (Mabuchi) 18k standard can “black-stripe/white endbell” only. Note: all cars originally come with this motor and it is same as the standard small can Scalextric (Mabuchi) 18K motor

Rear Tires: Ortmann tires are mandatory as follows:  

  • For all except the 4 listed immediately below use Ortmann #49;  
  • For Ferrari 250LM, Porsche Carrera 6, Ford GT40, Ford GT 40 Mk II use Ortmann #43b;
  • Note the above tires are the ones we recommend despite Ortmann not necessarily designing them for this use
    • Ortmann #43 is the tire designed for the Fly Classics that has the wider rear tire but we find it to be loose on the wheels.  That is why we use #49, originally designed for Ninco F1 cars instead.  You are free to use the #43 if you wish, it is just more hassle for you
    • Ortmann #44c (originally designed for Ford GT40) will also fit all except the 4 cars listed above. You are free to use it if you wish.  It is a taller tire and provides a little more ground clearance, but may not fit the wheels as tightly and therefore be more hassle for you.  
  • Tires are usually available from RS Slot Racing, Electric Dreams or Stephen.
    • US retailers such as Electric Dreams and Professor Motor (uses other part #’s) also stock Ortmann tires
    • in the UK 
  • Front Tires: OEM Fly  
  • Note for 4 cars ONLY – purely to reduce the setup time – you can use a 20x10mm front tire, so long as it is not silicone or zero grip. This applies  only to the T70, GT40, GT40 MK II, Porsche 917
  • We tend to use DWG 1140 PT35 C1 (19.8mm x 9.5mm) (use in C1 compound only) or Ninco 20x10mm (Ninco part number 80513/80521)
  • Note: this ONLY benefits you on the listed cars and simply reduces the diameter of the front tires more quickly than truing them.
  • If you try to use these tires on other cars in the class you will simply end up with a poorer handling car (more front-end “rocking”) so please don’t waste your time doing so.  Plus I will just kick you out of the club for not listening to good advice 😊
    • Wheels: OEM Fly Plastic only, as appropriate.  See Stephen for help if one of yours breaks
  • Guide: OEM Fly Standard Guide 80001 or Alpha Series Guide 80003 depending on the car (was formerly part number 79020).
  • The various Fly Racing Guide part numbers 76543, 79557, 76567, 76582, 79607 are not legal and no other guide from any other brand is legal
  • See Stephen for help if one of yours breaks or the guide holder on the chassis breaks
  • Chassis: OEM Fly Sidewinder and OEM Fly Alpha inline chassis only.  The “new for 2015 Fly Avant Slot” chassis and all components as well as any 3D printed chassis and the “new for 2023 Scaleauto” chassis are all specifically not legal 
  • Gears/Axles: OEM Fly.  
  • Rear Axle: maximum width of 60mm measured from outside edge of tires, except for Ford GT 40 ONLY which can be max of 62mm. 
  • When viewed from above the tires must not be able to be seen outside the bodywork, even when wheels/axle are moved side to side.
  • Front Axle: All cars come with individual stub axles which must stay as originally equipped. Front Axle Exceptions for balance of performance
  • The following cars come with and must retain their front solid-axle setup: Ford GT40; Ford MkII; Porsche Carrera 6; Porsche 917LH Alpha chassis; Lola T70 Alpha chassis; Ferrari 512CL Alpha chassis; Ford MKII Alpha chassis
  • All other variants of the Porsche 917K, Porsche 917LH and Porsche 917 Spyder may specifically be converted from front stub-axles to a front solid-axle setup.  This is specifically to allow this historically important car to be competitive with the rest of the class  
  • Note that you specifically cannot switch any OTHER car from a front stub-axle to a front solid-axle setup. It must stay as originally equipped
  • Wires/Braids: OEM Fly or replace with any brand that works well 
  • Bushings: OEM Fly or replace with any bushing that works well. No ball-race bearings, or offset bushings of any sort are allowed in any class. Nor is the the Spherical Bushing (part number CH56) allowed
  • Weight: Mandatory – you cannot run any car in the class without at least 5 grams of weight. Weight must not be anywhere on the outside of the body but can be on the bottom of the chassis or inside the body/chassis
  • Typically we use Professor Motor PMTR1047 0.016” Self-Stick lead.  Suggest you put some Scotch Magic Tape on it to avoid rubbing fingers on lead.  
  • See the images below for examples of how we have placed weight on the successful Loaner Cars. (to be added – please see Stephen for recommendations)
    • Magnet: must be removed and placed on nearest fridge or donated to the Large Hadron Collider
    • Lights: you are free to add lights (Note I might give you an extra half lap per heat if you add them – just don’t tell anyone else)

Eligible Cars – From Fly Car Model/GB Track/FlySlot there are 18 body styles and over 220 liveries from which to choose.  Note that the years noted in the class description are a broad guide – we are trying to race period mid/rear engined mostly in the 5L class (but we will consider some 2/3/4L) Le Mans cars.  Any questions ask Stephen, who is the ONLY arbiter on eligibility.  

  • Chevron B19;
  • Chevron B21;
  • Ferrari 512S;
  • Ferrari 512S Berlinetta;
  • Ferrari 512S Coda Lunga (also released as Alpha Line);
  • Ferrari 250 LM
  • Ford GT MkII (also released as Alpha Line);
  • Ford GT40;
  • Lola T70 MK IIIB (also released as Alpha Line); 
  • Porsche Carrera 6;
  • Porsche 908;
  • Porsche 908/2;
  • Porsche 908 Flunder; 
  • Porsche 908 Flunder LH;
  • Porsche 908/3; 
  • Porsche 917K; 
  • Porsche 917 LH (also released as Alpha Line);
  • Porsche 917K Spyder
  • All FlySlot Alpha Line cars released from among the list above are eligible. They are more recent releases that have a different chassis with in-line motor, are less detailed and tend to cost a little less than the original Fly/GB Track releases but the same as the FlySlot recent re-releases.
  • Also eligible are hybrids: defined as any plastic or resin bodied period rear engined 2-5L Le Mans cars running on one of the class eligible Fly chassis/ drive-train/ wheel/ tire combinations. The class is specifically not intended for front-engined cars of the period e.g. Ford Capri 2600 RS:
    • The cars MUST specifically be approved in advance by Stephen (no exceptions and no other person can allow or disallow a hybrid car once it is approved);
    • The chassis must sit flush with the body of the car, as it is with all other class eligible cars;
    • The body must at minimum weigh the same as the average of the OEM class eligible cars.  For this class that weight is 28 grams and any makeup weight must be added to the bottom of the driver pan, not the chassis to avoid any COG advantage occurring.

To Be Completed: Research and decide on SlotWings cars eligibility.  Currently not eligible.

To Be Completed: Update table of released class legal cars from about 2018 onwards.  Add back pictures of eligible cars in class

Pictures of one example from each eligible car body style in the class are below. Below that is a table of (almost) all cars released in this class with a live link to an image of the car. Pictures of most of all the Fly cars ever released can be seen at Stephen’s in the book covering the history of Fly Slot Cars and most can be seen at the German slot car retailer.  Switch the site to English (flag) at top, go to cars, select Fly and then select the car type you are interested in.  Images below are from their website and remain their property.

Chevron B19 GB Track GB16
Chevron B21 GB Track GB23
Ferrari 512S Fly Car Model C001
Ferrari 512S Berlinetta Fly Car Model C022
Ferrari 512S Coda Lunga Fly Car Model C027
Ferrari 250 LM Fly Car Model F 053106
FLY Ferrari 250 LM 1° LM 1965
Ford GT MKII Fly Car Model A764 and 88193
Ford GT40 Fly Car Model A185 and 88135
Lola T70 MKIIIB Fly Car Model 

Porsche Carrera 6 Fly Car Model A1606 and 88255


Porsche 907 L Slot Racing Company SRC 00103 

SRC Porsche 907L #67 LeMans 1968

Porsche 907 K Slot Racing Company SRC 00206

SRC Porsche 907K  # 27  Vila Real  1971

Porsche 908 L Slot Racing Company SRC 01502

SRC Porsche 908L  #60  LeMans 1972

Porsche 908 Fly Car Model C012


Porsche 908/2 Fly Car Model C040 and 88098


Porsche 908 Flunder Fly Car Model C041


Porsche 908 Flunder LH Fly Car Model C049


Porsche 908/3 Fly Car Model C060


Porsche 917K Fly Car Model C052


Porsche 917LH Fly Car Model A1404


Porsche 917K Spyder GB Track GB001


Note: Many images refer to the german retail  If you are going to be looking at a lot of the images there through the Hyperlinks I suggest you first go to in your internet browser which will assign an ID to your machine which will allow you to see the pictures.

BrandRef No.DescriptionColor
Chevron B19
GB TrackGB11#8 Red Rose Racing Jarama 1971 J M JuncadellaBLUE
GB TrackGB12#5 Lucky Strike 1° 3H Welkom 1971John Hine – Dave CharltonWHITE RED
GB TrackGB13#2 Gunston – 2° 3H de El Cabo 1971 Brian Redman – Mike HailwoodORANGE Brown stripe
GB TrackGB14#6 Red Rose Racing 1° Salzburgring 1971 Niki Lauda Limited 3000 piecesBLUE
GB TrackGB15Wynns 1° 3H Lourenco Marques 1971 Jody Scheckter – Eddy SwartYELLOW
GB TrackGB16#64 Jaegermeister HSR Daytona 2001 Howard Chery – James King – Alex KingOrange
GB TrackEGB11Special Edition France #17BLUE
GB TrackEGB121000 Km Barcelona 1971 Alex Soler Roig – Toine HezemansBLUE
unsure5th Salon de Modelismo de Madrid – 2° 3H de El Cabo 1971 Brian Redman – Mike HailwoodBlue?
GB TrackEGB13 – 96057Chevron B19 & B21 MiniAuto 2002 #5 & #6?
Chevron B21
GB TrackGB21#38 Agrob Keramik – 2° Dijon 1972 Dieter QuesterWHITE BLUE
GB TrackGB22#5 Tergal – 4° Vallelunga 1972 Jose Maria JuncadellaYELLOW GREEN
GB TrackGB23#8 Canon – Paul Ricard 1972 John BurtonRED
GB TrackGB24Sunoco Belag – 500 Km Monza 1977 R. Cescato – Herbert MüllerGREEN ORANGE
GB TrackGB25 – 88189Uni-Pex Grand Champion Series 1971 Hiromu TanakaOrange
GB TrackGB26 – 88210Dinitriol – 300km Clermond Ferrand (Cherade) Roger DuboisWhite
Fly Car ModelGB27 – DuoKit 88299Chevron B21 Dinitrol # 2 @ 24H LeMans 1973 Pierre Pagani – Christine – Roger Dubois and Chevron B21 Tergal # 27 Jose Iuneadella – J. de Bagration – Javier IuneadellaWhte and Yellow
GB TrackW01Rafael Barrios (owner of Fly) Special Edition – Champions SeriesRED
Ferrari 512S (Open roof)
Fly Car ModelC001#3 2nd Monza 1970RED
Fly Car ModelC0024# 6th Imola 1970 – Juncadella – FernandezYELLOW Green Stripe
Fly Car ModelC003#22 8th place US Team Nart Buenos Aires 1970 – Posey – DiPalma – Garcia VeigaRED Blue/White Stripe
Fly Car ModelC004waterslide decals for 2 cars #2 5° Brands Hatch 1970 & #55 3° Nürburgring 1970RED
Fly Car ModelC005#24 Team Nart Sebring 1970 Bucknum – Posey – EverettRED Blue/White Stripe
Ferrari 512S Berlinetta (Coupe)
Fly Car ModelC021#28 3° 24H Daytona 1970 Andretti – Merzario – IckxRED
Fly Car ModelC022#23 8° Spa 1970 Bell – FierlandYELLOW
Fly Car ModelC023#6 Monza 1970 – Loos – PeschRED Gold Stripe
Fly Car ModelC024Waterslide Decals for 2 cars – #25 24H Daytona 1970 Gurney – Parsons, #27 24H Daytona 1970 Ickx – SchettyRED
Fly Car ModelC025#3 Brands Hatch 1970 – Parkes – MüllerRed White Stripes
Fly Car ModelC026#4 Targa Florio 1970 – Parkes – MüllerRED white/blue stripe
Fly Car ModelT5Guia Mais #5YELLOW
Fly Car ModelT6Guia Mais #6YELLOW
Ferrari 512S Coda Lunga
Fly Car ModelC027#5 – Le Mans 1970 Jacky Ickx – Peter SchettyRED
Fly Car ModelC028 – 88005#12 Le Mans 1970 Hughes de Fierlandt – Alistair WalkerYELLOW
Fly Car ModelC029 #11 Le Mans 1970 San Posey – Ronnie Bucknum Team NARTRED Blue/White Stripe
Fly Car ModelC71 – 88065#8 – Le Mans 1970 Arturo Merario – Clay RegazzoniRED
Fly Car ModelC72 – 88097#6 – Le Mans 1970 Ignazio Giunti – Nino VaccarellaRed
Fly Car ModelC73 – 88118Silver EdSilver
Fly Car ModelC74 – 88166#11 Sunoco EdBlue
Fly Car ModelC75 – 88166#14 Test Car LeMans 1970 Jo Bonnier & Reine WisselRed
Fly Car ModelEP0012 – 88229#15 Fly Fast Kit 24H Le Mans 1970 Parkes – MüllerRed
Fly Car Model88289#5 Easykit Test Le Mans 1970, Jacky Ickx – Peter Schetty – Ignazio GiuntiRed
Fly Car ModelA2006 – 9608710th Aniversary Edition Reissue of C027Red White
FlySlot707101#6 – Le Mans 1970 Ignazio Giunti – Nino Vaccarella – inline new chassi reissue of C72Red
FlySlot707102#8 – Le Mans 1970 Arturo Merario – Clay Regazzoni – inline new chassi reissue of C71Red
Fly Car ModelTeam02 – 96002Scuderia Ferrari 24H Le Mans 1970, #14 Joachim Bonnier – Reine Wisell, #15 Mike Parkes – Herbert MüllerRED – white
Fly Car ModelS21 – 96007Duque Du Verugia Domecq Ltd EdBlack-Gold
Fly Car ModelS22 – 96020FIVA 2003 Ltd Ed of 1,000Red
Fly Car ModelS23 – 960238th Salon De Hobby Barcelona Ltd EdRed-Black
Fly Car ModelS24 – 96065Team Shell Twin Car Set #12 (other car is 917K)Red yellow
Fly Car ModelW04#7 Ronnie Peterson Ltd Ed. With Figurine – Champions SeriesRed
Fly Car ModelE67 – 99017Playboy Collection Cover January 1974 Without Collectors BoxBlack Silver
Fly Car ModelE68 – 99032 – PBox1Playboy Collection Cover January 1974 With Collectors BoxBlack Silver
Ferrari 250LM
Fly Car ModelA730 – 8832124H LeMans 1965 L.Bianchi- M.Salmon KitRed-White
Fly Car ModelA732 – 8832824H LeMans 1965 P.Dumay – G.Gosselin KitYellow
Fly Car ModelA733 – 8834912H Sebring 1965 M.Donohue – W.Hansgen Kit – not yet released?
FlySlotF0210124H LeMans 1965 D.Spoerry – A.Boller Was 88294Red-White
Fly Car Model and FlySlot88294 – F02102Surfers Paradise 1966 DJ. Stewart – Andy Buchanan. Was 88294Red
FlySlotF02103Targa Florio 1966 Arthur Swanson W. – Robert EnnisWhite – Blue Stripe
Fly Car ModelE60 – 99117Ferrari 250 LM – Estereolitografía – preproduction carWhite
Ford GT40 MkII
Fly Car ModelA761 – 88085#8 Le Mans 1966 John Whitemore – Frank GardnerYellow Black Stripes
Fly Car ModelA762 – 88091#3 Le Mans 1966 Dan Gurney – Allan GrantRed White Stripes
Fly Car ModelA763 – 88106#1 Gulf Le Mans 1966 Danny Hulme – Ken MilesBlue Orange Nose White Stripes
Fly Car ModelA764 – 88147#5 Le Mans 1966 Ronnie Bucknum – Dyck HutchersonGold – Pink Nose
Fly Car ModelA765 – 88193#6 Le Mans 1966 Mario Andretti – Lucien BianchiBlue – Yellow Nose White Stripes
Fly Car ModelA766 – 88247#98 1° 24H Daytona 1966 Ken Miles – Lloyd RubyWhite Black Nose
Fly Car ModelE181 – 96012#7 Hill Muir Le Mans 1966 Ltd Ed MiniAutoSilver Black
Fly Car ModelE182 – 96044#69 2004 East Coast Hobby Show Ltd Ed 500 piecesMaroon Checkered Roof
Fly Car ModelW05 – 8014#2 Bruce McLaren 1° Le Mans 1966 with figurine – Champions SeriesBlack Silver Stripes
Ford GT40
Fly Car ModelA181 – 88046#20 6H Jarama 1969 Tergal Jose M Juncadella – Gordon SpiceRED
Fly Car ModelA182 – 88070#9 Gulf Le Mans 1968 Pedro Rodriguez – Lucien BianchiBlue Orange Stripe
Fly Car ModelA183 – 88087#68 Deutsche Auto Zeitung Le Mans 1969 Helmut Kelleners – Reinhold JoestWhite – Red/Black Stripe
Fly Car ModelA184 – 88100#60 Essex Wire Le Mans 1966 Jacky Ickx – Jochen NeerpaschWhite Red Stripe Black
Fly Car ModelA185 – 88135#6 Gulf 1° Le Mans 1969 Jacky Ickx – Jackie OliverBlue Orange Stripe
Fly Car ModelA186 – 88167#6 Le Mans 1965 Herbert Müller – BecknumRed White Stripes
Fly Car ModelA187 – 88216#130 Targa Florio 1967 Henry Greder – Jean GiorgiWhite Blue/red Stripe
Fly Car ModelEP0016 – 88233#12 Fly Fast Kit Ford GT40 24 Le Mans 1966 Ireland – Rindt #12Sky Blue
Fly Car ModelTeam05 – 96016#10, #11 Team Gulf Le Mans 1968.(car A182 #9 completes the set)Blue Orange Stripe
Fly Car ModelTeam15 – 99046#7 Gulf Edition Ford GT 40 Gulf – 24H LeMans 1969 David Hobbs – Mike Hailwood (also Porsche 917K Gulf Can-AM Watkins Glen 1970 #6 Brian Redman)Blue Orange Stripe
Fly Car ModelS2004 – 960332004 Catalogue and CDWhite Blue
Fly Car ModelW07 – 96039#33 Brian Redman Spa 1968 with figurine – Champions SeriesBlue Orange Stripe
Fly Car ModelM005 – 99038#11 Gulf 24H Daytona 1967 Jacky Ickx – Dick Thompson with CD Ford GT 40 The StoryDark Blue Orange Stripe
Fly Car ModelM006 – 99039Daytona 1967 Spyder Camera Car – with CD The making of Le MansBlue Orange Stripe
Fly Car ModelE79 – 99047 – PB4Playboy collection 4 – Car onlyWhite Black Stripe
Fly Car ModelE80 – 99048 – PBox4Playboy collection 4 – In Collectors boxWhite Black Stripe
Lola T70 MKIIIB78.1grams total weight including magnetAlpha series 70.1grams inclu magnet
Fly Car ModelC031Sunoco #6 1° 24H Daytona 1969 Donohue – ParsonBLUE Gold Stripes
Fly Car ModelC032#1 2° Thruxton 1969 BonnierYELLOW White/red Stripe
Fly Car ModelC033#4 1° Thruxton 1969 RedmanWHITE Green Stripe
Fly Car ModelC034#4 24H Le Mans 1970 Pilette – Gosselin NARTRED white/blue stripe
Fly Car ModelC035Waterslide decals – #40 Oulton Park 1969 Bonnier OR #33 1000Km Spa 1969 Hawkins – Prophet – PiperRED
Fly Car ModelC036#34 1000Km Spa 1969 Morand – PillonGREEN Yellow stripe
Fly Car ModelC037Sonoco #9 12H Sebring 1969 Donohue – BucknumBLUE Gold Stripes
Fly Car ModelC038#1 Team Gunston 9H Kyalami 1970 Redman – LoveORANGE Brown stripe
Fly Car ModelC039#41 Oulton Park 1° Gold Cup 1969 F. GardnerMint/Light GREEN
Fly Car ModelC76 – 880521000 Km Monza 1969 Ulf Norinder – Robbin WiddowsWhite Red Stripe
Fly Car ModelC77 – 88305Fly Kit White Car for paintingWhite
Fly Car ModelC091#58, 1° Magny Cours 1970 Jean-Pierre Beltoise Team David PiperGREEN
Fly Car ModelC092#14 12H Sebring 1970 Ulf Norinder – Joachim BonnierWHITE Red & Blue Stripe
Fly Car ModelC93 – 88071#2 Elkhart Lake HSR 2003 Peter KitchackRED White Stripe
Fly Car ModelC94 – 88119#33 1st Daytona Historics 2000BLUE White Stripe
Fly Car ModelC95 – 88173#5 CSRG 2003 Jim GallucciSILVER Martini Stripes
Fly Car ModelC96 – 88221#6 300Km Taruma 1971 Antonio Carlos AvalloneWhite Blue Nose
Fly Car ModelF19101#190 TARGA FLORIO IN 1969 H. MULLER & J. BONNIERRED White Stripe
Fly Car ModelEP0013-88230Fly Fast Kit Thruxton 1969 Jo Bonnier with weathered effect paint finish, different Bongrip logo background and no white or red printing on back of carYELLOW White/red Stripe
Fly Car ModelA 2007 – 9608810th Anniversary Reissue of Sunoco #6 1° 24H Daytona 1969 Donohue – ParsonBLUE Gold Stripes
Fly Car ModelE158 – 99129#10 Karlskonga 1968 Pedro Rodriguez special edition Escuderia Hermanos Rodriguez – Pedro Rodriguez CollectionYellow White/Red Stripe
Fly Car ModelZ02 – 96003#60 24H Daytona 1969 Jo Bonnier – Ulf Norinder
collision with the wall retirement in lap 52 – Weathered effect
WHITE Blue/yellow Stripe
Fly Car ModelS031#69 Guagemaster UK Ltd EdMaroon Gold stripes
Fly Car ModelS032#27 Alcaniz 1999 Mini Auto Ltd EdSILVER Red Stripe
Fly Car ModelS2003 – 96006Special Ed 2003 Catalogue CarBLUE Silver Stripe
Porsche 908
Fly Car ModelC011#1 1° Nürburgring 1969 Siffert – RedmanWHITE Red Stripes
Fly Car ModelC012#2 Tergal 3° Jarama 1970 Siffert – FernandezYELLOW Green
Fly Car ModelC013#36 BP 4° Zeltweg 1969 Masten – GregoryWHITE Green/Yellow Stripe
Fly Car ModelC014Waterslide decals – 1° Brands Hatch # 53 Siffert – Redman (green nose), or 2° Brands Hatch # 55 Elford – Altwood (blue nose), or 3° Brands Hatch # 54 Mitter – Schutz (red nose) Got #53 & #55WHITE
Got #53, #55 Want #54
Fly Car ModelC015#1 Gesipa 1° Jarama 1970 Soler Roig – NeuhausBLUE/Yellow
Fly Car ModelC016#5 Martini 4° Zeltweg 1970 Joest – PanklWHITE Red/Blue/Yellow Nose
Fly Car ModelC017#34 Escuderia Repsol 1971 LencinaWHITE Red/Black Stripe
Fly Car ModelC18 – 88311 – EP080Fly Kit White Car for paintingWhite
Fly Car ModelS011Jarama 1970 #3 2° Jarama 1970 Escuderia Nacional Ltd EdWHITE
Fly Car ModelS0121st Anniversary Fly Classic Ltd edCHROME
Porsche 908/2
Fly Car ModelC19-88248#12 12Hr Barcelona 1969 A.Soler-Roig – J.De Bagration PlayboyWhite
Fly Car ModelC40 – 88098#47 Shell 12H Sebring 1970 Hans Laine – Gijs van LennepOrange Red
Fly Car ModelE152 – M02 – 99035Speed Merchants Jo Siffert 908/2 Tergal 6H Jarama 1970 with DVD Live Fast – Die YoungYellow Green Nose
Fly Car ModelE271 – 99169#25 200 Meilen Nürnberg Norisring Special Edition Gerhard Koch Ltd Ed 500 piecesWhite Blue Yellow
Fly Car ModelE270-99168Ed.Especial Viajes 2001?
Porsche 908 Flunder
Fly Car ModelC041#5 Martini 1° Montlhery 1970 LarousseWHITE Red/Blue/Yellow Nose
Fly Car ModelC042#28 BP 24H Le Mans 1971 Guy Chasseuil – Claude Ballot-LenaYELLOW/Green
Fly Car ModelC043#67 Esso 24H Le Mans 1972 Poirot – FarjonWHITE Blue Arrows
Fly Car ModelC044Waterslide Decals -Esso 24H Le Mans 1971 L.Cosson – H.Leuze or
Camel 24H Le Mans 1973 A.Wicky – M.C. Olivar – P.Carron
Fly Car ModelC044Waterslide Decals -Esso 24H Le Mans 1971 L.Cosson – H.Leuze or
Camel 24H Le Mans 1973 A.Wicky – M.C. Olivar – P.Carron
Fly Car ModelC044Waterslide Decals -Esso 24H Le Mans 1971 L.Cosson – H.Leuze or
Camel 24H Le Mans 1973 A.Wicky – M.C. Olivar – P.Carron
Fly Car ModelC045#4 Ecuador 7° 24H Le Mans 1973 Ortega – MerelloBLUE/Yellow
Fly Car ModelC046#40 L&M 1000 Km Buenos Aires A. de Cadenet – C.A. PairettiWHITE
Fly Car ModelA411 – 88047#16 6Hr Watkins Glen 1974 Dennis Aase – Scooter PatrickOrange/red/white
Fly Car ModelSM012nd Sebring 1970 #48 Steve McQueen Ltd Ed.WHITE
Fly Car ModelSM02Le Mans 1970 #29 Steve McQueen Ltd Ed.Camera CarBLUE
Fly Car ModelC 041?Playboy 12H Barcelona 1969 A. Soler Roig – J. DeBagration
Porsche 908 Flunder LH
Fly Car ModelC047#20 24H Le Mans 1969 Jo Siffert – RedmanWHITE Green Stripes
Fly Car ModelC048#5 6° Zeltweg 1969 K. von Wendt – Werner KauhsenWHITE Red Stripes
Fly Car ModelC049#27 Martini 3° 24H Le Mans 1970 R. Lins – Helmut MarkoWHITE Red/Blue/Yellow Nose
Fly Car ModelA412 – 88121#00White Blue Stripes
Porsche 908/3
Fly Car ModelC060# 4 Martini Test 1000 Km Nürburgring 1971Helmut Marko – Gijs van Lennep – with Vertical WingsWhite Red/Blue Stripe
Fly Car ModelC061#3 Martini Nurnburgring 1971 Larousse Elford – wingsSILVER red/blue stripes
Fly Car ModelC062#4 Gulf Targa Florio 1971 Pedro Rodriguez – Herbert Müller – WingsBLUE/Orange
Fly Car ModelC063#4 Martini Nurnburgring 1971 Marko Van Lennep – wingsSILVER Blue/Red Stripes
Fly Car ModelC064#12 Gulf Arrows Targa Florio 1970 Jo Siffert – Redman – No WingsBLUE/Orange
Fly Car ModelC065#20 Targa Florio 1970 Vic Elford – Hans Herrmann – No WingsWHITE/red
Fly Car ModelC066#83 Tergal Champion Montana 1973 Juan Fernandez – wingsYELLOW/Green
Fly Car ModelC067#40 Gulf 2° Targa Florio 1970 Pedro Rodriguez – Leo Kinnunen – No wingsBLUE/Orange
Fly Car ModelC068#1 Gulf 2° 1000Km Nürburgring 1971 Jo Siffert – Pedro Rodriguez – Jackie Oliver- wingsBLUE/Orange
Fly Car ModelC069 – 88023#15P 2° 1000Km Nürburgring 1970 Richard Attwood – Hans Herrmann – No wingsBeige
Fly Car ModelC70 – 88281#5 Tergal Le Mans 1972 J.Fernández – F.Torredemer – E.BaturoneYellow Green
Fly Car ModelC101 – 88092#42 Lufthansa 6hr Watkins Glen 1972 – WingsBlue
Fly Car ModelEP0018 – 88235Fly Fast Kit Targa Florio 1971 Elford – Larousse #8 – WingsSilver -Blue- Red
Porsche 917K
Fly Car ModelC51#22 Martini wings 1° 24H Le Mans 1971 Helmut Marko – Gijs Van LennepWhite Red Blue
Fly Car ModelC52#2 Gulf 1° 1000 Km Monza 1971 Pedro Rodriguez – Jackie Oliver – wingsBlue Orange Stripe
Fly Car ModelC53#23 Porsche Austria 1° 24H Le Mans 1970 Hans Herrmann – Richard Attwood – No WingsRED white stripes
Fly Car ModelC54#3 Martini 1° 12H Sebring 1971 Vic Elford – Gerard Larousse – No WingsSilver Red Blue
Fly Car ModelC55#35 6H Watkins Glen 1970 Gijs Van Lennep – Gerard Larousse – No WingsGreen / Purple
Fly Car ModelC56#20 Porsche Austria 1000 Km Österreichring 1970 Kurt Ahrens – Helmut Marko – No WingsBlue / White
Fly Car ModelC57#4 Martini 1000 Km Monza 1971Helmut Marko – Gijs Van Lennep – WingsSilver Blue Red
Fly Car ModelC58#55 Team Auto Usdau, Nürburgring 1971 Reinhold Joest – Willy KauhsenYellow Green
Fly Car ModelC59#3 Daytona 1970 – Porsche Austria Vic Elford – Kurt Ahrens – No wingsWHITE Red Stripes
Fly Car ModelC81#1 Team Gunston Kyalami 1971 Richard Attwood – John Love – No WingsOrange Brown
Fly Car ModelC82#28 Martini Osterreichring 1971 Helmut Marko – Gerard Larouse – WingsWhite Blue Red
Fly Car ModelC83#3 1000km Paris 1970 Gesipa Jürgen Neuhaus – Willy Kauhsen – No WingsBLUE Yellow
Fly Car ModelC84 – 88006#2 Kyalami 1970 2nd Shell Psychadelic Jo Siffert – Kurt Ahrens – No WingsYellow / Red
Fly Car ModelC85 – 88022#21 Gulf LeMans 1970 Pedro Rodriguez – Leo Kinnunen – No WingsBLUE/Orange
Fly Car ModelC86 – 88029#57 Le Mans 1971 Dominique Martin – Gerard Pillon – No WingsWhite Blue
Fly Car ModelC87 – 88055Championnat V.H.C. 1991 David Piper – No WingsGreen
Fly Car ModelC88 – 88101#16 12hr Sebring 1970 Porsche Audi Vic Elford – Kurt Ahrens – No WingsWhite / Blue
Fly Car ModelC89 – 88117#4 24hr Daytona 1971 Martini Vic Elford – Gijs van Lennep – No WingsSILVER Martini Stripes
Fly Car ModelC90 – 88270#18 Sandemann 24H Le Mans 1970 David Piper – Gijs Van LennepYellow Red
Fly Car Model and FlySlotC97 – 88308 – F11101#2 Targa Florio 1970 Vic ElfordBLUE White Stripes
Fly Car ModelC98 – 88318#14 Sandeman Vila Real 1971 Team David Piper Mario Araujo CabralGreen
Fly Car ModelC99 – 88339#1 1° Al Caniz 1970 Alex Soler-RoigWhite
Fly Car ModelC100 – 88348#8 Norisring 1970 Interserie Gijs Van LennepWhite Yellow
Fly Car ModelFS005103#11 1000KM BRANDS HATCH ’70 005103
Fly Car ModelFS005105#22 Martini SPA 1971 Elford – LarousseSILVER Martini Stripes
Fly Car ModelS51 – 96015Marquez de Rascal Ltd Ed – No WingsMaroon Gold
Fly Car ModelS52 – 88033#1 Jagermeister – No WingsOrange
Fly Car ModelS53 – 88034H&T Ltd Ed – No Wings Twin car set. Sondermodell German 917 K & 917 Spyder No Wings Ltd EdOrange brown
Fly Car ModelS81 – 96055Road Car – No WingsSilver
Fly Car ModelSM03#20 Le Mans 1970 Steve McQueen Ltd Ed Gulf No wingsBLUE/Orange
Fly Car ModelA2005 – 96086#20 10th Anniversary Reissue of SM03 Steve McQueen 3 GulfBlue Orange Stripe
Fly Car ModelEP0010 – 88227#28 Fly Fast Kit Buenos Aires 1971 Fittipaldi – Reutemann – No WingsWhite
Fly Car ModelZ01#2 Chequered Flag Gulf 4° 12H Sebring 1971 Pedro Rodriguez – Jackie Olivier collision after 7H race with the Ferrari 512 driven
by Mark Donohue and David Hobbs – weathered effect No wings
Blue Orange Stripe
Fly Car ModelE90 – 99055 – PB8Playboy Collection 8White
Fly Car ModelE92 – 99056 – Pbox8Playboy Collection 8 with collectors BoxWhite
Fly Car ModelE157 – 99113#32 Gulf 1000 Km Buenos Aires 1971 Pedro Rodriguez – Jackie Oliver special edition Escuderia Hermanos Rodriguez – Pedro Rodriguez CollectionBlue Orange Stripe
Fly Car ModelE941 – 99128#21 Gulf Making of LeMans Collection #2 Camera and Crash car Vic ElfordBlue Orange Stripe
Fly Car ModelE200 – M03 – 99036#38 Martini 1000 Km Buenos Aires 1971 Vic Elford – G. Larousse
with CD Las Temporadas Argentinas 1947 – 1972 G.Lacona – H.López Laiseca
SILVER Martini Stripes
Fly Car ModelE201 – MC01#24 Circuit of Montjuich Gulf 2° 1000 Km Barcelona 1971 Derek Bell – Gijs Van Lennep with a booklet, Ltd EdBlue Orange Stripe
Fly Car ModelE202 – MC03Circuit of Kyalami 1970 1000 Km Nürburgring 1980 Tony Adamowicz – Marco Casoni with a bookletWhite Red
Fly Car ModelW02#70 Alex Soler Roig with figurine – Champions SeriesWhite
Fly Car ModelTeam03 – 96004Gulf set 2 cars Le Mans 1970 #20 & #22 plus space for C85 No wingsBLUE/Orange
Fly Car ModelTeam04 – 96010David Piper Team Set: #59 Magny Cours 1970 David Piper, #43 Watkins Glen 1971 Mario Cabral – Tony Adamowicz, third car separate is C087One Red, One Green
Fly Car ModelTeam12 – 96074Psychedelic Team Martini car 31: Monza Classic Endurance Racing 2004 -Juan Barazi Porsche 917K (car 3: Gerard Larousse – Willy Kauhsen Le Mans 1970 Porsche 917LH)Blue Green
Fly Car ModelTeam15 – 99046Gulf Edition #6 Can-AM Watkins Glen 1970 Brian Redman (also Ford GT 40 #7 Gulf – 24H LeMans 1969 David Hobbs – Mike Hailwood)Blue Orange Stripe
Fly Car ModelS24 – 96065Team Shell Twin Car Set #12 No wings (other is Ferrari 512CL)Red yellow
Porsche 917 LH
Fly Car ModelA1401 – 88176#25 Le Mans 1970 Vic Elford Kurt AhrensWhite Red Black
Fly Car ModelA1402 – 88183#18 Gulf Le Mans 1971 P. Rodriguez & J. OliverBlue Orange Stripe
Fly Car ModelA1403 – 88191#21 Martini Le Mans 1971 G. Larrousse, V. ElfordSilver Bue Red
Fly Car ModelA1404 – 88206#3 Le Mans 1970 Willy Kauhsen / Gerard LarrouseBlue White Stripes
Fly Car ModelA1405 – 88224#17 Gulf Le Mans 1971 Gulf Derek Bell Jo SiffertBlue Orange Stripe
Fly Car ModelA1406 – 88372# 21 Test Le Mans 1970 Herbert Linge – vertical wings only, no cross wingWhite – dirt effect
Fly Car ModelTeam12 – 96074Psychedelic Team Martini car 3: Gerard Larousse – Willy Kauhsen Le Mans 1970 Porsche 917LH (car 31: Monza Classic Endurance Racing 2004 -Juan Barazi Porsche 917K)Blue Green
Fly Car Model99051 – PB6Playboy Collection June 2006 Kara MonacoBlack Blue
Fly Car Model99051 – PBox6Playboy Collection June 2006 Kara Monaco with Collector boxBlack Blue
Fly Car ModelE1401-99127Ltd Ed. Especial Poly 2008?
Porsche 917/10 Spyder- NOTE this is NOT 917/10 CAN AM CAR (which is not class legal (BETTER GUIDE MECHANISM/LOCATION THAN OTHER FLY’s)
GB TrackGB1#1 Shell 6° Interserie 1971 Jürgen Neuhaus – No wingsYELLOW Red
GB TrackGB2#11 Olden Kott Champion Interserie 1971 Leo Kinnunen – No wingsWHITE Blue
GB TrackGB3#17 Orange Arrow Ernst Kraus Interserie 1971 – No wingsGREEN Orange
GB TrackGB4#5 Gesipa 1000 Km de Paris 1971 Helmut Marko – Michael Weber- No wingsBLUE Yellow
GB TrackGB5# 20 Porsche-Audi 6° Mid Ohio 1971Milt Minter – WingsWHITE Blue
GB TrackGB6#0 Porsche-Audi # 0 6° Mid Ohio 1971 Jo Siffert- No wingsWHITE Blue
GB TrackGB7#6 Shell 300 Km Nürburgring 1972 Jürgen Neuhaus- WingsYELLOW Red
GB TrackGB8#0 Museo Collier de Naples No Driver Porsche Audi Ltd ed – No wingsWHITE Blue
GB TrackGB9 – 88138Test Car #TWhite Blue
GB TrackEGB1 – 88034German Sondermodell Ltd Ed 2001 – Thomas ZurawskyORANGE brown stripe
Porsche Carrera 6
Fly Car ModelA1601 – 88187#5 1000km Nurburgring 1966 Jochen Rindt, Nino VaccarellaWhite Orange
Fly Car ModelA1602 – 88192#15 24hr Daytona 1966 Hans Hermann Herbert LingeDark Blue
Fly Car ModelA1603 – 8820112hr Sebring 1967 Ed Hugus, John CannonBlack / Yellow
Fly Car ModelA1604 – 882131st Alcaniz 1968 Ben HeiderichRed Yellow Stripe
Fly Car ModelA1605 – 88225#148 1st Targo Florio 1966 Herbert Müller – Willy MairesseWhite Red
Fly Car ModelA1606 – 88255?#86 1000 KM Nurburgring 1968 Fischhaber – LeuzeWhite Yellow
Fly Car ModelA1607 – 88277# 37 Le Mans 1967 Vic Elford – Ben PonWhite Red
Fly Car ModelA1608 – 88334#4 Vila Real 1971 Carlos SantosWhite green Yellow
Fly Car ModelA1609 – 88345#58 Le Mans 1966 Rolf Stommelen – G. KlassWhite Blue
Fly Car ModelE43 – 99109#23 Road America 500 1966 Peter Revson – Doug RevsonBlue White Red
Fly Car Model and FlySlotE44 – 99138 – 071011000KM Nurburgring 1968 W. Kauhsen – K. von WendtWhite -Black Red Gold Stripe
Fly Car ModelE1501 – 96079#87 Martini 1000km Nurburgring 1968 57th Nurnberg Toy Show Ltd EdWhite Red
Fly Car ModelE93 – 99057 – PB9Playboy Collection 9White red
Fly Car ModelE94 – 99058 – PBox9Playboy Collection 9 with collectors boxWhite red

Note: All Fly/GB Track cars at some point changed codes from two letters and number to five numbers. Both are shown when known.

Note: Many images refer to the german retail If you are going to be looking at a lot of the images there through the Hyperlinks I suggest you first go to in your internet browser which will assign an ID to your machine which will allow you to see the pictures.

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