2014 Survey

FarrOut Slot Car Club

2014 Survey Results

Hi folks, apologies for the delay had some family things to deal with.  Below is an Executive Summary of the voting and a full copy of all comments and votes.  We will discuss it at our annual meeting on December 7th at my track.

This years survey was highly representative of our views with 33 of the 37 participants in 2014 completing the survey.  Those 33 people represented 98% of all race attendance in 2014.  In general we are a happy bunch: 

  • 2/3rds of votes for our current tracks were positive, 26% like/neutral and just 9% negative and all tracks getting a better than mid-point average grade;
  • 2/3rds of votes for our current classes were positive, 20% like/neutral and just 12% negative and all classes  getting a better than mid-point average grade (even 4WD only got 10 negative votes!)

Executive Summary (All our comments and my rationale is below the summary)

  • No dropped or new classes in 2015
    • Not enough enthusiasm for something new
    • Not enough dislike for removal of something old
  • I will provide ‘traveling” controllers to go from track to track and be “tuned“ to specific classes
    • Goal is to get consistency across tracks
      • Hosts controllers performance seems to have been more erratic in recent times as motor types have become more diverse
    • No, you won’t get to use your own controller or adjust the controller yourself
    • We will likely have just 2 or 3 settings with specified paired voltage levels that cover: SCX; Ninco/BWA/Fly; Slot.it/Racer motors
    • Some of you have offered a small contribution to make this happen – anything you want to give is appreciated but not required 
  • We will test different tires on the the Racer/Sideways Group 5 class, in combination with the “tuned” controllers
    • The “lack of control” issue seems to be a combination of controllers being mis-matched to the class and the OEM tires
    • I think it is a HUGE disappointment to not be able to have one class that is straight out of the box and do not think the tires need replacing, rather the controller “tuning” should be enough
  • Just for fun, we will setup the lap counting so that you have a total of points based on your performance in your 4 heats.  Those will be for you to know about and won’t contribute to overall standings in any class  
  • There is a possible split of opinion developing in the club as to what makes things more fun with one “group” heading towards being more “serious” about racing and the other “group” heading, o probably better stated staying on a less “serious” direction
    • I have a simple message to us all about this: we are about having fun, so if you get too focused on winning and annoy others with your approach I will be having a little chat with you and, frankly, it won’t be about modifying behavior
    • From conversations with them 
  • I know that a handful people have chosen NOT to come back to the club over the last two years, specifically as a result of the needless and pointless whining, bickering and general bitching and poor attitude when they hit a mishap, particularly among the top handful or so of the drivers.  I see comments in this years survey that suggest to me the majority of people feel just as put out by top driver “misbehavior” now as the people who have left us

We can discuss more as a group when we have the race at my house on Sunday December 7th.

I STRONGLY encourage you to read everyone’s comments, you will learn something and you might just discover no one (or everyone) shares your point of view!

All the best,



Q1. What would make race days more fun for you?

  • Things are cool! The addition of the Racer class is awesome and has added really good close action
  • Faster rotations, being organized enough to get through the day’s races in four hours instead of six. Maybe shorten heats to 2.5 minutes when a large number of drivers show up.
  • I have so much more fun when just playing around instead of trying to compete, but it’s always a struggle to keep my competitive nature at bay. 
  • Minimum lap time breakout could make excessive preparation counter productive, which is especially off putting to those who lack the time and resources to make RTR cars perfect. I imagine we could do this by preparing loaners in the spirit of the club without excessive effort and then have top ranked drivers practice with them instead of their own cars before each race to determine a minimum lap time, which would be just a couple tenths under the best time set in practice. 
  • Our members are usually extraordinarily great Marshall’s and I would like to see a fun way to reinforce appreciation while discouraging criticism.
  • If everybody wasn’t always in a hurry to leave at the end of the last few races.
  • How about 8-10 18-25 year old intelligent women to turn marshall. I am sure that I could break into the top ten as a finisher then. That would increase the fun factor I believe and for more than just me.
  • There should be tach speed check for the top three winners per race. Wouldn’t take a min of extra time. Some cars that I tune are as good. But there is those extra Rpm’s that kills me especially when I know I got a good motor. Or when the next race certain persons are faster than lasts with the same car. I know cause I tach my cars and they read the same rpm.
  • Good as is
  • Saturdays remain the best.
  • Julie’s efforts to organize people for their heats really helps increase the overall fun. 
  • I think a set of club provided variable controllers that can travel from track to track and be “tuned” to suit a couple of different motor types would improve the consistency, controllability and hence the fun.
  • The ability to go faster ! Seriously: standardize the controllers from track to track.
  • To cease being badgered, cajoled and heckled to marshall. Less yelling in general…. I follow the basic race once. marshall twice rule. That’s all you or anyone’s going to get from me…. Go pester someone else… Better range of deserts offered…. Area heaters in the winter with a choice of hot beverages served throughout the race meet. Plenty of fans for the summer races. A better variety of carbonated refreshments to enjoy. Musical interludes between race heats.
  • Better racing.
  • While the racing and friendships are fun, the marshall system hindered me over the total length of the day. Physically it became too painful for standing still for so long, over the length of the day.
  • Racing, camaraderie, beer&snacks is already a winning combination. IF I attended more events that would increase the “fun”! Ideas? Let me warm up my brain a bit. Maybe at each race a break with a few minutes time set aside for one or two members to share about new products, tech ideas, etc. I know this goes on continually during racing but it is sometimes difficult to rush from conversation to conversation to learn what’s going on.
  • Female Stripper!!!!!
  • More chicks. A more decisive Race Director for each race to make, and stick to, the tough decisions
  • Winning, but that’s something I need to work on. Perhaps tweaking the points system so that in a given race, championship points are determined both by individual and overall results, say half and half
  • Unfortunately the way we are set up, race days are one big rush. No time. We must get to the next race. More fun would be time to bond with the other racers. I.E…working on cars Just as we have set up days maybe we could have track building days or scenery days where members who have built tracks or scenery can show how it is done
  • Been quite awhile since I’ve been to a race but for me prompt running of heats and structure always helps
  • More team races, more driver championships with many different type of cars would be cool
  • Being able to attend more race dates!
  • Driver goes from racing to marshaling for two races, then off. This will rotate everyone through and no need to call people to marshal. Miss a marshaling stint and you are DQ’ed from next race you are to line up for.
  • I’m not sure what we can do to make it more fun. I already have a great time. I guess less yelling for marshals. I think the reason we do yell for them is because we are ticked off there not already there and we want to emphasize that point. I think that more so then they heard the call for help. (I know for me after I finish a heat I am spent mentally, that is if it was a great heat and marshaling is low on my list of things I need to do at that moment. What’s on my mind is I want to return my car to my work area and sit for a minute and have a refreshment. If something went wrong with my car then I want to address it ASAP while it is fresh in my mind so I am ready for my next heat. If that’s the case then I’m sorry but it takes priority over most other things). But for the most part I like to marshal and watch all of you tear up the track.
  • over all I have fun at most track but some time when the track has issues it can make you feel that you were cheated out of something and that when some of the fun goes away

Q2. What, if anything, is stopping from having fun or reducing the fun you could be having in the club?

  • there are some classes that are just not worth setting up. When it comes to cutting costs I think we spend much more money finding the right motors then we have to deal with uneven gears and tires. If you happen to find a good motor then your lucky and you might have a chance at a top five finish….but how about the other classes which you can’t find the right motor……your just stuck running mid to rear pack…..This keeps me from setting up SCX AWD, Ninco GT1 and LeMans, F1….way to much time to get wheels, tires, and gear mesh right. 
  • I enjoy helping others set up their cars (Racer, Slot it, Fly). I like to seeing others notice their cars handling better and getting a kick out of their own performance. I think that some of the top guys should spend time physically helping others to get their cars right. Most don’t have the touch that the top guys do………
  • My competitive nature, but this is my tenth year in the club and I still struggle with it. 
  • The extra work that seems necessary to make cars that perform better than average. When good cars that were prepped in the spirit of the club are more than a tenth slower than exceptional cars, I feel the frustration that others probably feel too. 
  • Might be time to get better controllers.
  • negativity poor attitude
  • Turn marshaling, which will never change 
  • It is the behind the back snarky comments and some of the straight forward comments that are being said about our fellow racers or track owners. 
  • Yes I will admit I find myself in this group unfortunately. With the snarky comments it’s always hushed and spoken quietly most of the time. The straight forward comments are out there in your face and what starts with one comment snowballs into many either repeating the comment or adding to it. This may frustrate whoever the target is and sometimes ruins their day. By them either not liking the comment or losing there concentration and blowing a heat. 
  • I hate saying this, we were a let’s grab a car and have fun race club, now were a let’s prepare the perfect car and I better win with it race club. 
  • So much tension, perfectionism and attitude now no real it’s all for fun anymore.
  • Better tuning tips. 
  • Cut the bs and let it all out at least in one class.
  • Have difficulty fitting the schedule, but that’s my problem. More consistency would help. 
  • More test days would be welcome (Gary’s is just too far for that (Michael’s too). Both are good for racing, though. 
  • Controllers have been an issue – do we need a fund to help those supplying them? Maybe a crew to work on them at test days?
  • Don’t invite the guys who finish in the top 4 every race and a no whining rule for french guys callec Christophe.
  • Nothing, just not enough time
  • Very specifically I would enjoy it even more if the 5 or 6 hyper-competitive individuals who seem to only want to race to win took a gigantic chill pill and drank a copious amount of beer before arriving so that the rest of us didn’t have to have our day polluted by them complaining about all manner of things that only relate to them winning and don’t really contribute to having fun. Frankly I find their continual whining and perpetual pointing out of things that weren’t directly helping them win after each heat and every heat to be extremely detrimental to having fun. 
  • I would find it a lot more fun if people simply did as requested and raced once/ marshaled twice so we don’t have to hear people yelling for marshals. At least it is less than before.
  • My inability to go faster !
  • If you want a club to race cool-looking slot cars in a fun, non-competitive environment, that is great. If you want a club with real, quality racing, that is also great. But it doesn’t work to try and have it both ways. i.e. if you want to race, score points, announce class winners at the end of the year, and generally act like a racing club, then come up with sensible rules and do some type of scrutinizing of the cars to at least create a semblance of a level playing field. 
  • If it is too much trouble to try and enforce rules to create good, fair racing, then stop with the tracking of results and standings. 
  • The atmosphere at the races would become much more serene. I have been involved in several types of “serious” slot car racing, and I can tell you there is not nearly as much whining and cursing in the “serious” racing groups as there is in the Farrout club. The “serious” clubs have better camaraderie and more sharing of information than Farrout does, also.
  • Besides lilfe excuses, the distance from where I live and the amount of driving it takes to get to various tracks made it hard.
  • The Farrout group is great. Lots of fun, laughter, gentle ribbing, poking fun, bravado, and jeers from the gallery of racing enthusiasts. That is what makes the racing days enjoyable. But also there are the occasional outbursts from a couple of individuals that are a bit mean spirited. Nothing big just occasionally taking it all a bit too seriously. I am the slowest and least knowledgeable newbie and with time and experience will develop a thicker skin and let things roll of easier but I’ve had comments like “I was in the lead. Didn’t you see me coming behind you (No)? You should of let me pass! (O.K. but how do I let you pass?) Again it has never been anything big but just a tone that sometimes takes the edge off the fun side of things. This is human nature and really cannot be altered other than reminders that this is serious racing but in a spirit of FUN. Hey we’re just a bunch of slightly demented “kids” still playing with toy cars. Isn’t that what makes this great!
  • Nothing can stop me from having fun at race day !!!!!!!! Not even a whiny little sissy that can’t drive and blame everything else!
  • I always manage to have fun although my time with the club has been cut down because of other projects.
  • Always fun.
  • The bad controllers are my worse nightmare and poor quality track connectivity not cool too. Even though I don t blame anybody for that I believe that the club should have a spare or 2 controllers, or few minutes before the race to make sure they work properly…I know everybody know who is talking about that…not ashamed…
  • The benevolent dictator should be the only dictator in the club. The other self appointed dictators should seek therapy and stop using the club & members to service personal agendas.
  • I always have fun…but since you asked if I could stop falling out of the slot
  • Same people winning. Little to no chance for others to catch them. Possible handicap system added to level the field.
  • Hum! for me its work. I know if I chose to race instead of work then… you know. Being self employed I do make my own hours but some customers insist on weekend work and I make sure they pay more. But they don’t mind so I miss out on the race. But to address this question to my time spent at the race. I would say let’s not be in such a hurry to get the day over! Remember we’re here to have fun. Give yourself the time to enjoy it. There have been race days where at the end I felt like Wow! It’s over! It seem like we just started and now were going home. One thing that kills my fun is I don’t like it when drivers have to leave early and most if not all my heats get pushed to the end unless I’m in those heats and then my racing is over
  • When you are have a bad day and someone some what yells at them it could make people feel uncomfortable 
  • when you are racing and the control box is in the center of the racer the race director should not get in your way of seeing the track when you are racing lap times and who’s in first sometime not that important when you are trying to see what your doing I feel that if someone is asking for that the director can wait until people are not needing to look where someone is blocking the view of the track 
  • when it come time to race if you were marshalling before your race then you would know when it is time for you to race. And for the first race or two I feel that everyone should be around the track at the being so there will be no shortage of marshals
  • Too much bitching, too much VOLUME, too much non-related talking around and across the track during race heats
  • We’re fine on this
  • Being a crappy driver. J 

Q3. Please rate 9 Current Classes

Overall we are happy with our current 9 classes with an average of 68% Positive, 19% Like/Neutral and just 12% negative votes.  

The average rating was 2.8 out of 7 (4 is the mid-point which was described as “I Like This but I Am Cool Either Way”).  Strangely ALL classes got a lower overall score this year (average of 5% less and all classes got at least one negative vote this year) with the exception of the 3 Hour Team class (up 9%) and SCX F1 (up 7%).  Even the supposedly hated 4WD class only got four 7’s (“I want this to go away”) with 6 of its 10 negative votes being a 5 out of 7.  Given that I (Stephen) am not going to allow the 4WD class to go away because I feel we need the diversity, we won’t be replacing any classes next year.  That logic is also based, in part, because they’re are no really viable alternatives, yet, and there are several opinions expressed about us having enough classes right now.  

Voting table and comments below.

  • The team races have become the most fun for me because they help me have fun without feeling too competitive. It is, however, not much fun when the lesser skilled drivers struggle with excessive voltage or ill-handling cars. Love the different characteristics in variety of cars we enjoy. Hate peaky fast motors and twitchy handling cars. Love less traction when balanced with slower motors
  • Racer tires need to be better
  • Keep the current level of tech/spec changes (i.e. minimal, governed by parts availability/cost and suitability)
  • We need to run Ortmann’s on the Racer Group 5 class. My liking of the Drivers Championship class is directly proportional to the type of cars running and who prepared them
  • I know many people like the Drivers Championship but I would rather drop it and add a race back to the other classes as I like all the other classes – rating all of them Top 2 Box
  • I enjoy what we currently race… I can’t think of what else is out there to replace anyone of the classes with…
  • DC races always end up being a farce because cars/track lane/controllers crap out in the middle of the race. SCX F1 races may as well be conducted as drag races because the best motor always wins. Either find a different sort of open-wheel car or allow B-spec motors in the class. Ninco races also may as well be a drag race. Guy with the best motors always wins
  • What are they? Most of the above listings sound like a foreign language to me. I really don’t know or understand the classes (yet) but that said…I like racing the old classic sports cars and classic race machinery the best. Of course that’s ’cause I’m old (but not classic) and those are the cars I relate to. These may be in the above listings already but possibly some off-beat races like hare and hound rallyes, “Movie chase” races (like Bullit, James Bond, The Italian Job, etc.), start to finish single lap race, king of the mountain (stay on the track or you’re outta the race) last car running, duplicate famous racing moments from history (same cars but obviously different results), a 12 hour Sebring style race (two drivers, long haul event), blindfolded driver with (sighted) navigator race. Enough of my silly ideas (I’m trying to cover up for my lack of knowledge of the listed classes)
  • These classes are great. I also feel that we should have one magnet Modern F-1 class. A few years ago when we tried it there was a group that kept saying that the crashes were too violent. However thinking back on it, no one wanted to slow down. Those of us who did race had a fine time
  • Good stuff man 🙂 
  • Yes, the stupid tires of the racer would be better Ninco or Ortmans, Ninco would make it different then slot it…just saying… Hopefully the SCX f1 will find a substitute, indeed, I think we need a little bit more time to make that possible, Michael would be great at testing the Scalextric legends on his fast track…just saying…
  • I like them all and enjoy racing them but with the Group 5 I missed a lot of those races and marked it in the middle. The others have been around and I would not mind if they were retired
  • I feel that some of the tracks have to much power for some of the cars which make it hard to learn the track and the controller
  • Ninco GT1: even with the new affordable motors, there just aren’t enough models to make it interesting. Save for the few Frankenstein cars, it’s primarily Mercedes and McLarens. Racer/Sideways: Ortmanns would make this an improved class. Yes, they’ll be more similar to the inline Slot.its but I think they’ll be much more fun to drive. SCX Formula 1: I’d like to find a replacement F1 for this class since they’re getting harder to find, and are pretty poorly made. They take a lot of tuning to make them go well
  • All good, but the team races should be pairs, with the lower-ranked drivers choosing their partner. 15-minute legs with changes after specified times or lap totals
  • I’d like to try some different classes. I liked the day we raced Mike’s stockers, how ’bout a champion ship race with all Mini-Coopers, or the semis (those look hilarious)

Q4. Please rate the tracks you have raced on this yearWe really like were we race.  All Tracks received multiple 1’s 

(on scale of 1 to 5) and all tracks that received a negative vote only received one 5.   Next year we have two tracks (Rafael and Rene) joining the 11 tracks we already have. 

  • Farrout Raceway could use more rocks and scenery
  • Stephen’s track has too many right-hand curves. Sometimes the long straight goes uphill and other times it goes downhill very fast, but the spectators always face the same way. The host’s attractiveness is another issue, but at least he has significant support from others. 🙂
  • I am increasingly appreciative of our hosts (as if that were possible) and I’ve had great fun at every venue where I raced this year. I once rated tracks based in part on how well I raced them, which I regret and really wish Rene’ would return to hosting. I prefer slower cars on the shorter tracks especially, such as Craig’s. I thought the reason for rating Farrout poorly was due to its owner’s arrogance, but arrogance literally means unwarranted pride and he certainly should be proud of the stellar track he has created. Great to see and great to race. I don’t do well on King Mini Boola, but the humility lessons are good for me LOL! I am very fond of Nigel’s hosting and his layout, but would like to see some of the bent sections straightened up and reinforced underneath
  • I really wanted to rate the Farrout raceway a 3 🙂 But you wouldn’t know which version deserved the rating. both versions have a fault, bumpy as hell or a covered up with shark tooth chicane, I know it makes it fun to drive, but just saying
  • Hosts are all excellent. The outdoor and semi-outdoor tracks are obviously more of a problem in extreme weather. Maybe if more of us brought chairs/easy-ups in threatening weather that would help a lot
  • Huge improvement on the Aussie’s track now we don’t have to deal with the crappy Scalex Classic track, but host loses a place for his attitude..
  • Sasquatch is not to scale
  • Truly amazing array of race courses
  • I marked 2 tracks as worst because I don’t do well on Craig’s and Bruce’s tracks. I do have fun on them but they kick my ass. Christophe’s track is awesome but too fragile and is seems like I always break something. As for Jim, Lou and Eddie, it’s the location, all great tracks and I love racing them. This leaves my 5/6 most favorite tracks. Michael’s used to be number 1 but has now taken 2nd place to my new number 1. Yes! It’s Stephen’s Number 1, than Michael’s number 2, than Rene’s number 3 (not on the circuit any more), then Gary’s mostly because of the travel time. Followed by Nigel and JR.
  • some tracks are hard to see all areas
  • I appreciate the number of various tracks we have. I think that we trackowners should get together and discuss some issues related to hosting. Any interest in making the races potluck for food?
  • Love ’em all; bring Rene back!
  • Seems to be clear. I m woody more than plasticy…
  • As I said last year….. I will not comment/judge anyones track. Of course I have my favorites, but rating them causes unrest amongst the proletariat. “! THIS QUESTION REQUIRES AN ANSWER…” GO F___ YOURSELF….!!
  • Have Not raced, just ran some test laps, on the NEW SFJ track. Split between a 3 on old and no doubt a 1 on new version.
  • My lack of track experience limits the usefulness of my comments. Not to sound like I’m trying butter up our leader but the SFJ track seems perfect. Not too big (like Big Lou’s) and the scenery and figures adds to the racing experience. I even liked the old track! Of course, I’m a traditionalist and that is my concept of what a slot track should be. On the negative side of the SFJ track it is hard to concentrate on racing ’cause there is so much cool stuff to look at in the garage – but I like it that way and it gives me a self-rationalization of why my race driving is so bad – I’m just distracted by “shiny” toys in gleaming showcases.
  • All the tracks are great fun and I am very grateful for the variety and challenge of all the circuits!
  • N/A means I haven’t been to those tracks… My oh my…. That is something to try and correct next year. Do you know how I spent last Saturday? Working in a concession stand at the Rose Bowl from 2PM to Midnight in an effort to fulfill the second of my three time obligation required as a Notre Dame Marching Band Parent!! I fit those in when I’m not getting up at 6am and driving to Anaheim to video 4 hrs of parades!

Q5. In which classes do you own and not own a class legal car and if you have one do you race it?

About 3/4’ers of us own cars in the 7 classes we race (from high of 88% in Slot.it Group C to 2/3’rds in SCX F1 and Racer/Sideways Group 5) but according to the survey only about 1/3rd of us race our own cars.  However those figures mask the fact that when you look at this from “number of races attended and then the proportion who race their own cars rises to around 80%.  So the table below essentially does;t reflect reality as many who race their own cars only ticked the “own” box but not the “race it too”  

  • Most of the cars I own are no longer competitive. I race loaners in most classes because they are usually better and I just don’t seem to have the right parts (tires, motors, time) to make my cars as fast as the loaner cars. I got tired of buying and installing new motors and tires to keep up with all of the changes. I would like to race my own cars but the loaners are often quicker and can allow me to run somewhat near the front
  • Own and prepped too many cars in every class, which should at least validate my opinions.
  • My problem this year has been trying to keep up with what is legal in each class. Also the newer cars that have to be detuned to make them slower but still faster than the original cars. To be truthful, I own a car for every class, but I have been using the loaners because they have been better than my own. I know we have race prep days, but off race weekends are for getting things done that got put off from the weekend before
  • All my cars suck except for my beautiful yellow Ferrari 250, plus I have yet to change the motors in the Ninco GT1 class. I really cant be effed to put in the 20 hours it takes each car to make it good enough to finish outside the top 10, and would rather run Mike Smalley’s wonderfully prepped loaners
  • N/A …and well done Stephen for keeping the club going through thick and even thicker… I don’t get there as much as I used to, but I still think about everyone on race day and keep tabs on it all. I shall try to get there more next season. I do miss it.
  • Here we go again…. Don’t own a car….then don’t race. Don’t attend races…Don’t vote…
  • did better with F1 loaners than my own car
  • I now usually race my own cars in all classes
  • Racer sideways cars are great. Remove magnet, change braids, true tires, win races. Easy. No need to break in the motor, either
  • Have not raced my RACER class car. So only OWN one at this point 
  • I only have two cars and I’m not exactly sure in which class they belong. If I hadn’t bought the Porsche (’81 928) this year… My wife (of 48 years) would certain prefer it if I bought “toy” cars instead of another real one. Oh well, she puts up with me
  • I need to spend more time setting up scx car.
  • Hey, you ll know who should give 5 extra bucks for the loaners after that.
  • Metal wheels for Ninco cars in both classes would be nice. Ninco wheels have proven to be fragile and difficult to true
  • I work so much more now then I us to that my time to prep and drive cars has dwindled to zilch. I think last Saturday was the first time I took the cover off my track in 3 month. And that was to fix a problem with the dead strip and add a power tap to a low voltage area of the track for the upcoming race

Q6. If we were to add another class, which classes might you be interested in?


  • I still have interest mostly in the older style cars
  • remove F1 or find new F1
  • There should be DTM racing those cars are so cool looking and modern. They are cheap and available with several different models
  • Slot it GT1 -class is growing and has nice liveries. -Motors can be replaced with higher power one, SW, IL, AW. Fly Slot has new F1 cars and well as Scalextric
  • There seems to be plenty of different classes already. Having two cars for each class would easily run a racer over $700
  • I think we’ve finally gone too farr in the quest for more classes. The Driver’s Championship affords us the chance to race cars that we wouldn’t ordinarily race and everyone is eligible to suggest, prep and field cars of their dreams
  • claimer class
  • I am still enamored with the Ninco Championship cars, they were a class that could be run at 12 volts with no magnets and be controllable. But it’s just a dream
  • Don’t know them well enough. I like the 2.5 F1s another group of 1965-1975 Le Mans would be fun
  • Can’t think of any that meet the above requirements. And please, no crappy front motor Fly class (sorry monsieur Chateau DeLuy)
  • I like the older eras of racing cars. But that’s and whether I attend. I really don’t want to accumulate cars anymore, especially not ones that are unrelated to the Targa Florio (which is what I’m collecting–there had to be some limit)!
  • At this point I see no potential class that is truly ready to replace any of the current 7 classes. There are few nascent classes that might be interesting in the next couple years or, more realistically/specifically, the 2017 season
    • F1 Replacement Class – I think it is crucial to have an open wheeler class but so far there is no real replacement for what is a class that uses cars that are mainly between 30 and 20 years old. Of the options available only one seems viable, couple years from now
      • A. The new Scalextric Legends cars (F1 1960/70’s look great and limited testing suggests they can run well with different tires and they will have 6-8 different body styles but they are already becoming very expensive to buy, meaning availability and affordability is a real problem. 
      • B. The Fly equivalent F1 1970’s cars only have 3 body styles (with 2 more planned during late 2015) and their unique motor/gear combo in two of those styles makes them not as competitive as the regular motor equipped style car. 
      • C. The much much more promising potential replacement is Policar (using proven all slot.itcomponents http://www.policar.it/policar.html and http://www.policar.it/DOWNLOAD/Policar%20Lotus-March%20flyer.pdf and http://www.slotcar-today.com/en/notices/2014/09/lotus-72-test-policar-3318.php UT they are not in the market yet; and have only 3 1970’s F1 bodies planned for 2015, with more coming for 2016. 
      • D. Ninco have re-released a single body style of their old 1990 F1’s in several colors but I don’t know if that is going to continue and I am not sure a single body style fits our club 
      • E. As for Modern F1 the available models – principally Scalextric and Carrera – frankly, suck to drive without magnets no matter what tires are used as they are over-powered and there really are only 5 or so people in the club who express any enthusiasm for Modern F1 so stuff that for a joke! 
    • Ninco GT1 Replacement Class – only one potential “solution” for this (although I think it needs a couple more years to mature) and I remain unconvinced it needs replacing right now. The Slot.it GT1 “class” has 3 body styles (4 if you count the unobtanium Ferrari F40 but still less than what we have now). If we forced the motor spec to be angle-winder only it would be a different layout to current 2 slot.it based classes (and maybe 3 if Policar F1 becomes a reality). 
    • 4WD Replacement Class – MSC has a decent selection of 4 different body style Group B and Group A 4WD rally cars. Give them another year or two and it could be a viable replacement for the SCX 4WD class. 
    • Fly Le Mans Replacement Class – another possibility with Slot.it but definitely a couple years out. They currently have 4 body styles that are a non-sensical mix of Trans Am and Le Mans from 3 different and entirely inconsistent time frames.
  • Some type of Formula One Class…. Either contemporary F1 or earlier….?
  • Modern F1 would be nice to tie in with the real F1 Season
  • MRRC. A new Formula 1 class to replace SCX, but probably STILL doesn’t exist
  • New Scalextric F1 Legends cars, if they can be made to run well without magnets and are not too fragile
  • I like older model cars. Stay away from modern F1s for example. I like the Racers….just have not actually RACED the yet. So if there is an ADD to a class, keep it classic. But with a nice selection of livery’s. I know that is the club gripe with the Ninco GT1s. But those are so easy to set up and fun to race
  • G-a-arsh, I dunno. To restate, I like the old classics and interesting collector models best
  • A NSR class
  • Modern Formula 1 with Magnets
  • Would like the American muscles back on track, Pioneer and Scalextric, F1 Legends, fragile a little bit but so nice and fun to drive. Not for kids, for sure. I can see around the other clubs some MRRC with the standard MRRC chassis being very appreciated. I really like them too, nothing to do out of the box, exact same chassis for everyone, plenty different cars and leveries, competitive, maybe not for Michael but….beautiful also, should please Russ.
  • Current NASCAR or other sedan racing such as Ford Cortina, Escort, BMW 2002, Alfa GTV, etc. but not a slot car manufacturer specific class. Open to any brand with a qualifying vehicle type
  • As to this question I do better with a touchy, feely approach. It’s like when I first started racing with the club I would go to the store and first look at the cars I liked and then I buy or rent or borrow it. Then drive it and like or dislike it. If I liked it I would buy 4 to 6 cars. That way when my friends came over we could race the same type car and I could find the best to race in the club. As to what new class of car I would like to see added. I like the Cartrix cars the best. I also like the front mounted motor Fly (Dodge Viper) cars even though they take a lot of work and don’t do as well as say the slot-it
  • New Fly or Scalextric F1 (like the Classic McLaren M23) to REPLACE the current older SCX F1 cars. NSR…. They’re just so smooth right out of the box!
  • Do we absolutely rule out Scalex? Are they really that hard to make run well?
  • Mini-Coopers (so cute), stockers (I used to watch those with my Grandfather, he got me into racing), semis (just for laughs), Pioneer street-racers/Dodge Chargers? The Dodge Charger is a legend in America.

Posted by: Stephen Farr-Jones

November 22, 2014

Despite being run by a benevolent dictator, every year the members of the club are surveyed about what they do and don’t like and are asked to vote for the race classes for the coming year.  We then have an annual meeting where any questions about the classes and any back-to-back testing can take place to make the final decisions.

We find that it usually brings forward new ideas and allows us to discuss any problems.  Below are the surveys and answers from past years.

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