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FarrOut Raceway

The Farrout Raceway is a 12 ft by 10 ft landscaped originally Scalextric Classic now routed MDF 55 ft long 4-Lane using a MRC variable (0-18v) train transformer for each lane. That is mainly so I can vary the power for my kids to play together with their friends.

Originally laid out as my favorite corners from 2 decades of making floor tracks at my parents’ home, the track got its first version of this layout in 1995 as Scalextric on a board table.  When moving to this home in 1999 it got basic landscaping, still using Scalextric Classic track.  The new routed wood and Hydrocal scenic plaster mountain version – the current iteration- was built over 16 weekends January to April 2014. Since then I have just tinkered with it a bit.

Buildings are a mixture of vintage Scalextric, The 400+ people are a mix of vintage Scalextric, MRRC, current Carrera and SCX, a couple of old Tamiya army men and the Pit Babes from Slot.it in 1/32 scale as well 1/43 and 1/72 scale people from train manufacturers in various forced perspective areas of the track.  Over 400 trees have been planted so far!! Race control and timing is through a pair of DS-Slot Stop’n’Go and DS-300 boxes (linked to a now rarely used PC-LapCounter software).

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FarrOut Raceway – Track Info

Track NameFarrOut Raceway
City LocationGlendale
OwnerStephen Farr-Jones
Track BuilderStephen Farr-Jones – Bill Schneidewind (sp?)
Brand or MaterialMDF Routed Wood, Hydrocal
Running Lap Length65″ x 20m
Lane SpacingStd Scalextric: 3″ 17.8cm
# of Lanes4
Magna Braid Yes/No?Yes
Lap CounterDS Slot
Deadstrip or Light Bridge?Light Bridge
Power SupplyIndividual lane power by 4 MRC Train Power 6200, bi-directional , 0-18.5VDC 35VA, 18VAC 60VA
ControllersAdjustable Professor Motor
Special Features(More than a little) landscaping

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