NSR F1 1986-1989

What You Need To Know – Remove the magnet.  Everything runs exactly as it comes OEM from the box

See detailed part numbers in image below: only these parts may be used if you need to replace anything, unless otherwise noted

  • Motor: OEM NSR Long Can King 21 Evo/3 (Purple Label) – 21,400rpm # NSR 3023
  • Rear Tires: OEM NSR 5284 Supergrip
  • Front Tires: OEM NSR 5283 Supergrip  
  • Wheels: Rear OEM NSR 5021 “air system” aluminum rears. Front OEM NSR 5283 aluminum fronts. Inserts/hubcaps must be on all time
  • Guide: OEM NSR 4841
  • Body: 1/32 plastic body. Cars must have race livery on them with three numbers displayed 
  • Chassis / Motor Pod: OEM NSR 1609EVO Black plastic chassis only, with two body screws. OEM NSR NSR 1283 red plastic Motor pod only, can be mounted with only three out of five mount screws. Set screws that come as OEM with car for front axle and front wing are allowed to be used
  • Gears: OEM NSR 6327AL Inline 27t plastic/Aluminum OEM 27 tooth crown
  • On race tracks with high GForce you may experience the rear crown gear grind on the motor shaft. It seems this may be related to the NSR crown design where weaker plastic teeth and any slop is the gear/shaft alignment leans to excessive wear. Be careful to eliminate sideways slop from gears and ensure motor is tightly fitted to chassis
  • You can use either of two alternate crown gears to replace the OEM NSR crown. All three have black plastic teeth, so it is easy to monitor. You can replace with:
    • NSR 6327BR Inline 27 tooth crown brass hub
    • Slot.it Gi27B Inline 27 tooth crown brass hub
  • No lightened or balanced racing options. No cutting motor shafts
  • Rear Axle: OEM NSR 4802, 55mm wide 
  • maximum track width of 67mm measured from the outside edge of tires
  • No removal of brass axle spacers.
  • Front Axle: OEM NSR 4866, 60mm wide
  • maximum width of 68mm measured from the outside edge of tires. 
  • No additional spacers to limit axle movement. 
  • May be adjusted for ride height using provided screws.
  • Wires/Braids: OEM NSR, can be replaced by any size, color, model, material or brand. Slot.it braid part number SP14 and Slot,it wires part number SP22 work well if items need replacing. 
  • Bushings: OEM NSR can be replaced by any size, color, model, material or brand. No ball-race bearings any sort are allowed in any class. No offset or spherical bushings.
  • Ballast / Weight: not allowed in this class
  • Magnet: must be removed and placed on nearest fridge or donated to the Large Hadron Collider
  • Lights: you are free to add brake lights or exhaust “flash” lights (Note: I might give you an extra half lap per heat if you add them – just don’t tell anyone else)
NSR F1 1986-1989

Eligible Cars: From NSR there is one body style but 25+ liveries from which to choose and white kits to allow you to create your own livery.  In spirit, this is essentially a stock class “Drivers” championship

  • Also eligible are hybrids, defined as any plastic or resin bodied period rear engined Formula 1 car running on the class eligible OEM NSR chassis/ drive-train/ wheel/ tire combination.
  • The cars MUST specifically be approved in advance by Stephen (no exceptions and no other person can allow or disallow a hybrid car once it is approved);
  • The chassis must sit flush with the body of the car, as it is with all other class eligible cars;
  • The body must, at minimum, weigh the same as the average of the OEM class eligible cars.  For this class that weight is 11 grams and any makeup weight must be added to the inside of the body, not the chassis to avoid any COG advantage occurring.
  • No need for pre-approval if using an NSR white kit

Pictures of the eligible car body style in the class is below. Below that is a table of (almost) all cars released in this class with a live link to an image of the car. 

NSR Formula 1 1986-1989

Lotus Camel
Lotus Camel
Ferrari Scuderia Italia
Ferrari Scuderia Italia
Lotus JPS
Lotus JPS

NSR Formula 1 1986-1989

Yr IntroCodeCar/LiveryColorMotorMagnetGot?loanerCount by body type
Formula 86/89 – TBD Grams – 67mm Rear axle width – 95mm Guide to Rear Axle
20200118ILWhite Test CarWhiteKING EVO3 21KYes1
20200119ILYellow Test CarYellowKING EVO3 21KYes2
20200120ILSilver Test CarSilverKING EVO3 21KYes3
20200161ILGreen Test CarGreenKING EVO3 21KYes4
20200162ILWhite Body KitWhiteKING EVO3 21KYes5
20200125ILEuroBrun Jägermeister #33 Gregor FoitekOrangeKING EVO3 21KYes6
20200126ILMarch Leyton House #16 Ivan CapelliLight BlueKING EVO3 21KYes7
20200132ILBrabham BT54 Olivetti #8Blue – WhiteKING EVO3 21KYes8
20200165ILBrabham BT54 Olivetti #7Blue – WhiteKING EVO3 21KYes9
20200164ILRed Italia #27 Ferrari Michele AlboretoRedKING EVO3 21KYes10
20200146ILRed Italia #28 Ferrari Niki LaudaRedKING EVO3 21KYes11
2020SET 11Set of 2 cars McLaren Legends Never Die #1 Ayrton Senna . Ltd ED. of 600White – RedKING EVO3 21KYes12
2020SET 11Set of 2 cars McLaren Legends #2 Alain Prost. Ltd ED. of 600White – RedKING EVO3 21KYes13
20210162IL-BBlue Body KitBlueKING EVO3 21KYes14
20210162IL-GGreen Body KitGreenKING EVO3 21KYes15
20210162IL-RRed Body KitRedKING EVO3 21KYes16
20210162IL-YYellow Body KitYellowKING EVO3 21KYes17
20210182IL’90 Larrousse Lola-Lamborghini V12 LC90 Toshiba #29 Éric B.Blue – Yellow – GreenKING EVO3 21KYes18
20210181IL’90 Larrousse Lola-Lamborghini V12 LC90 Toshiba #30 Auguri S.Blue – Yellow – GreenKING EVO3 21KYes19
20210193IL’86 Haas Beatrice-Lola THL2 #16 Patrick TambayRed – BlueKING EVO3 21KYes20
20210194IL’86 Haas Beatrice-Lola THL2 #33 Alan JonesRed – BlueKING EVO3 21KYes21
20210201IL’87 Lotus 99T Camel #12 – Ayrton SennaYellowKING EVO3 21KYes22
20210202IL’87 Lotus 99T Camel #11 – Satoru NakajimaYellowKING EVO3 21KYes23
20210214IL’87 Williams FW11 Canon #5 Nigel MansellWhite – Blue – YellowKING EVO3 21KYes24
20210215IL’87 Williams FW11 Canon #6 Nelson PiquetWhite – Blue – YellowKING EVO3 21KYes25
20220247IL89 Osella F1AM Fondmetal – Nicola Marini #17WhiteKING EVO3 21KYes26
20220248IL89 Osella F1AM Fondmetal – Piercarlo Ghinzani #18WhiteKING EVO3 21KYes27
20220265IL91 Scuderia Italia – JJ Lehto #22RedKING EVO3 21KYes28
20220266IL91 Scuderia Italia – Emanuele Pirro #21RedKING EVO3 21KYes29
20220279IL83 Alfa Romeo 184T – Benetton #23 – Eddie CheeverGreen – RedKING EVO3 21KYes30
20220280IL85 Alfa Romeo 184T – Benetton #22 – Ricardo PatreseGreen – RedKING EVO3 21KYes31
2022SET 21Historic Line ’85 Lotus Renault 97T John PLayer Special – Ayrton Senna #12Black – GoldKING EVO3 21KYes32
2022SET 2285 Lotus Renault 97T John Player Special – Elio De Angelis #11Black – GoldKING EVO3 21KYes33

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