2008 Survey

FarrOut Slot Car Club

2008 Survey Results and Next Steps for annual meeting

  • We are doing fine
  • Consensus seems that it has been more personal schedules than anything else driving reduction of attendance.
  • Possibly everyone should be encouraged to try to bring one new potential member to races in the first few months of next year
  • We will stick with 24 race dates, on Saturdays.  Host determines start time
  • With 8 existing tracks, in a rotation of 3 host days each, it is difficult to see how we will add tracks
  • With Gary’s track elimination we need to choose an alternate to replace it
  • As I said last year, to get us to run on the new tracks I feel the only option is for the owners of those tracks to host non-championship race days at the time of their choosing, so long as it does not conflict with the Club’s race days.  Owners would be free to use our distribution list and can set things up any way they want, including classes etc. 
  • Michael and Craig claim they are planning non-championship racing on Thursday evenings
  • There is good feedback (and responses) in the Survey Summary for each host
  • Craig’s Silverlake Speedway 4 lane Carrera track
  • Jim Wiseman’s 3 lane routed wood track
  • Bill Schneidewind’s Targa Florio Digital Scalextric track
  • We could end up with 3 races at one of these, one at each of these or something in between
  • As with tracks there is no overwhelming call for change. We retain 7 races (6 sprints and 1 team race) in each of the 6 classes.   We will continue the Virtual Drivers Championship class (6 total races = one of each of the sprint class races) since there seems to be overwhelming support for it
  • Therefore if people want to try 10 minute heats or other formats they can do so at the non-championship race days. 
  • For Race Days we will stick to 3 minute heats with the HOST able to choose longer heats if they are ok with extending the time they host.  Basically each extra minute per heat adds twice the number of racers (in minutes).  So for 16 racers, 5 minute heats add 1hr 4 minutes of racing.  See my notes in the survay
  • Team Races remain at 45 minute a heat, again with the HOST able to change this depending on their needs
  • Hosts are responsible for having controllers adjusted such that they MUST be the same for all lanes throughout the race day.  If a host has anything less than Professor Motor controllers (and I consider standard or economy Parma’s to be a lot less) then they can use mine for race day
  • We can discuss allowing use of your own controller at the ANNUAL MEETING.
  • While I respect many of your POV that your own controller would be better there are several issues I think have to be addressed before this would become a reality.
  • No need for change
  • There is no overwhelming call to change classes, either to get rid of a class or adding a specific class
  • To the extent any “technical” changes are to be considered they will be discussed this at the ANNUAL MEETING and are probably limited to:
    • Weight and or metal gears/wheels for Fly/Scalextric/Revell brand cars in the 60-70’s class to compete with the Sidewinder Slot.it Ferrari/Alfa Romeo who already have metal gears/wheels
    • Eliminate the Slot.it Ferrari/Alfa Romeo from that 60-70’s Le Mans class, or limit 2 of the 6 sprint races to those cars only
    • Add weight back to the Ninco GT1 Le Mans class
    • Potentially change tires in Slot.it Group C class either to Ninco (are any available that fit) or OEM Slot.it tires
  • In new class suggestions the only (very limited) support was for something like the Ninco Championship 2008 class, a class based on F1 1950’s from Cartrix/Scalextric, a class based on F1 from the 1970’s from Fly and Scalextric or NASCARS of some sort (both COT and old form Stockers)
  • However there is no clear class to be eliminated either in the general descriptions or the people who put down their Top 6 or 8 classes.
  • Continues as is, so long as a very small few are willing to continue to be so nice to those use them
  • We are doing fine, although there is still no substitute for time put in on preparation and practice
  • Like last few years there are polarized views on this, although there seems to be some support for selected adding back of weight.
  • This seems fine
  • We are fine provided the volunteer can continue (Craig).  SFJ can continue to cover cost for 2009

Despite being run by a benevolent dictator, every year the members of the club are surveyed about what they do and don’t like and are asked to vote for the race classes for the coming year.  We then have an annual meeting where any questions about the classes and any back-to-back testing can take place to make the final decisions.

We find that it usually brings forward new ideas and allows us to discuss any problems.  Below are the surveys and answers from past years.

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