2010 Survey

FarrOut Slot Car Club

2010 Survey Results

First: thanks for all the participation: 34 people voted representing 90% of all racers by attendance in 2010 and 30 of our top 32 attendees.  Of the 25 who did not vote all except 1 attended less than 3 events in 2010.  I feel we can truly say the survey is representative of all our quite diverse views.

Second: apologies for the delay, I am typing one handed and dealing with the new survey tool this has been a little harder than expected.  Also, FYI the order of all question choices was randomized for each person so the survey structure should not have any biases against or for any particular answers (tracks, classes, potential classes, rule changes etc.).

  • Full voting results and all comments are presented below.  
  • Major Decisions are
    • we will have the same main 6 classes in 2011
    • we are changing the 60/70’s Le Mans class to Ortmann tires
    • we plan to have 4 car preparation / race craft days in 2011 and add car preparation services
    • we will try to race at all 12 tracks in 2011 
  • Next Steps are
    • Need a final survey on exclusion of precision brands from 60/70’s class
    • Need survey of what loaner cars can be made available for Drivers Championship classes in 2011 
    • We will test BWA motors at Annual Meeting/Test Day 20 November 2010 at Michael’s for possible inclusion in Ninco classes and Slot.it class
    • We will be able to test Ortmann’s at Annual Meeting/Test Day 20 November 2010 at Michael’s for 60/70’s class and take orders for tires that day too, based on your specific cars 
  • we will send the new survey as soon as we can


In general we have a great variety of tracks that are all appreciated but each could be improved, except for Michael’s of course.  SFJ will work with track owners to determine host allocations for 2011.  The challenge remains still only 24 host dates but now with 12 instead of 8 tracks.  We will likely encourage hosts who want to, to host on non-club weekends as week day events have brought very small attendance.  ITG has also offered to allow us to use their tracks although how we fit that in with 12 existing tracks I do not know.

Where We Race (Scale 1 Best – 5 Worst)VotesPercent
Riverside (Michael)1.112800100%0%0%
Nigelstone (Nigel)1.62282093%7%0%
Farrout (Stephen)1.73282288%6%6%
King Mini (Eddie)1.74144174%21%5%
SSI Raceway (Rene)1.85246177%19%3%
Villeneuve (Bruce)1.86235082%18%0%
Mr Model Car (Chris)2.371414148%48%3%
Autodromo BdS (Stan)2.58148454%31%15%
Woodside (Gary)2.691111442%42%15%
Silverlake (Craig)3.010810732%40%28%

Track Comments

-I like Craig’s track, but I would prefer to race slower classes of cars there due to the high lap counts- I like Stephen’s track if it weren’t for that darn flag depth and thickness : ( I don’t even mind the bumps, more realism!
I wouldn’t like to go back to Chris Chan’s track because I believe he will have another moody swing all of a sudden.
I haven’t raced at Mr Model Car but have run cars there for fun/tuning. i liked it
– I like Stans remake but have not raced it yet.- Bruce has a good track but I don’t like the uneven area where the track merge next to each other.- Craig has a good track but I find it too short.- The other tracks are great.
If this was based on the track only, then I would give Craig, Stan and Bruce all 1 or 2 also, as I raced on them at the Peterson event, but as I never raced on them in their home environment, I had to give them all N/A.
– Nigel could be a 1 point track if the power was working fine all along the track.- Stan has a 1.5 that should be 1 when the surface will be fine and the lap counter not as capricious.Otherwise they are all great.
I know we have a lot of tracks to choose from, but I would really like to see my track, King Mini Boola, included in the rotation.
Hate to be too critical of any track.- I rated Gary’s track last but I still had fun racing there.- Stan’s track needs some smoothing of rough spots and maybe some cosmetic help, but the basic layout is good and over time it could be worked into one of the finer circuits. The potential is there.- Farrout Raceway is a very very good layout, but seems like the track is a little bumpier than most.- Bruce’s track is outstanding in terms of build quality and smoothness, but the red lane has too much of an advantage over the other lanes on the portion of the track where passing is possible.- It is nice to have a track or two with a good long straight like Chris’ track.- I love a smooth routed track so I rate Craig’s track about as highly as some of the longer layouts like SSI and Nigelstone.- The King Mini Boola is a great addition to the club. I imagine some people might not so fond of this type of track because it does not have any kind of “scale-racing appearance” but to an old 60’s 1/24 racer like Eddie I’m sure the look is pure nostalgia, and as I said, I love a smooth track.- Lastly, leave it to Michael and his attention to detail to take and make a plastic track that is so smooth it almost drives like a routed track. Add the elevation changes, landscaping, good straights, and the only banked curve in the club and what you have is the best track going.
I’d like our club to add ITG’s warehouse analog track to the circuit. It was a very good track to race on.
– Craig’s and Gary’s tracks are very nice, but too small for my taste.- Haven’t raced on Eddie’s yet, but it looks like fun.- Bruce’s track with its squeeze lanes is not quite as enjoyable as the others, sorry.
If owners are going to host, they must pay attention to the lanes and lap counting methods used. I have found that too often, tracks are not covered which leads to dust and oxidation on rails, and lap counters seem to break down. Race day is not the day to fix problems. Also, with Turn Marshaling so critical, lanes should be color coded at least in the turns with continuous lines instead of dots. This would lead to faster and more efficient turn marshaling and cut down on the outbursts.
– Woodside is fun and Gary a great host, but the track is a bit small and bumpy- Villeneuve is very good except the goofy squeezes- Autodromo is much better than before, but we still experience problems with the electronics and misaligned joints- Nigelstone is great, but has power delivery issues- Silverlake is too small and the traction treatment unfavorable- Farrout is always fun, ALWAYS- SSI is very good- Mr Model Car, great environment, fun layout, but track is too flat- King Mini Boola too new, we’ll see
– Really feel official races should be capped at 8 tracks each raced 3 times- Setup alternate events at non-club race weekends on other tracks (as priority) and the 8 official tracks if the host wants to

Class Voting

Overall we do not have an overwhelming dissatisfaction with current classes, compared to the dislike levels we had in last two years respectively for Trans Am in 2009 and 4WD in 2008.  I have only put classes up for change when I see heavy dissatisfaction which I don’t see this year specially considering 4WD had only raced twice at time of survey.  Also, given relative large influx of new people in 2010 I am looking to provide class stability rather than change.  

I am however surprised/concerned by the high neutral rating for Ninco GT1 this year apparently driven by lack of model detail in this class.  Finally I would note the one thing the existing classes provide is a variety of chassis types to provide uniquely different slot car experiences, i. e. Slot.it, wide Ninco, narrow Ninco, Open wheel, Sidewinder and 4WD.

Ninco 50’s Roadsters1.41266081%19%0%
Slot.it 80’s Group C1.62264379%12%9%
Le Mans ’64-741.83263479%9%12%
SCX 70/80’s F1 2.04236470%18%12%
Ninco 90’s GT1 2.05219364%27%9%
SCX 4WD2.661510747%31%22%

Class Comments

I do enjoy racing the Slot-it PB312 & the Alpha, Racer, along with the NSR. I hope we keep them in the 60/70’s, or have the in some type of class. i would hate to see them not raced at all because they handle so well out of the box with little prepping.
I like to race!
Would love to see some of the past classes (Ninco DTM, go karts & others) replace at least 3 of the presently raced classes to add some variety.
I think that NSR, Slot.it and other high performance are not good in this class. The Ferrari is to dominant, and the NSR are expensive. We should be able to find our cars in the Fly collection and Scalextric
I know the Slot.it Ferrari 312 has been dominant, but I would hate to see it eliminated from the class. Hopefully we can find a way for it to fit somewhere.
Would be good to have some rule changes to encourage more diversity in the Le Mans 64-74 class. Maybe a graduated weight allowance for long-tailed cars, short-tailed cars, and cars like the 312PB continue with no added weight. How can you have a race in this class with no Porsche 917s and GT40s? You’ll never get anything done by forming a committee to decide on allowable weights, though. Best thing is to have a knowledgeable guy like Michael arbitrarily place eligible cars into 3 or 4 categories of allowable weight to try and handicap them all.
Never have been able to drive the 4WD cars well, but they’re still fun.
Le Mans 1964-74 should not allow “class killer” Slot.it and NSRNinco GT1, should it be changed to 1994-2001 or should the Saleen bodies be disallowed? (If the Saleens were disallowed, I would change my vote)
I would to do Fly’s more often, ’cause they are a lot of fun!
Le Mans 64-74: tire alternative to shaving the Ninco tires down to fit.
Would like to see Slot.it and NSR removed (i.e proven class killers) and proven uncompetitive cars (Scalextric Revell/Monogram, MRRC and front motored Fly and such) removed from list, as well as trim out non-era appropriate cars (Porsche 936 and similar). There are already over 350 cars for this class without the class killers

Potential New Classes and Drivers Championship

There is overwhelming support for the Drivers Championship (88%) and three potential new classes stood out overall:  

  • Slot.it GT1, Ninco GT Championship and Modern LMP were only classes whose combined positive and neutral votes are similar to existing classes positive and neutral votes at 78% to 93% total.  Of those 3 there was much greater enthusiasm for Slot.it GT1 and Ninco Championship
  • Top 6-8 class votes provide great guide to Drivers Championship classes for 2011, so long as
    • we have volunteers to provide the cars in each class 
      • SFJ and Michael cannot be relied upon to provide all these loaner cars
    • DC classes should be matched to track characteristics
    • We will survey all to see who can provide loaners for the classes
  • Other classes have small pockets of support (HRS/Cartrix/Trans Am/SCX 2WD/Modern F1)
  • We, for the 7th straight year, show little to no enthusiasm for unlimited or scratch-built classes
  • Can I stop listing trucks as an option now?
Slot.it GT12.311611255%38%7%
Ninco GT Champ.2.62178459%28%14%
Modern LMP2.831110641%37%22%
HRS Chassis2.94810732%40%28%
SCX 2WD2.951091133%30%37%
Cartrix 50’s3.061081036%29%36%
Trans Am3.071071037%26%37%
Modern F13.2889931%35%35%
Fly Daytona3.495111218%39%43%
Carrera DTM3.710571419%27%54%
Carrera 60 Nascar3.912211167%38%55%
Fly Trucks4.213432114%11%75%
Unlimited/High techn.a.n.a.2
Ninco Original DTMn.a.n.a.1

1. Thinking of the current Drivers Championship Format: Do you like all drivers using the same cars on the same lanes as a test of driving skill?  Response
CountYes88.2%30No11.8%42. Thinking of the current Drivers Championship Format: Do you like opportunity to try cars and options other than our regular classes?  



Yes 90.9% 30

No 9.1% 3

Potential New Classes Comments

Since everyone loves lead so much maybe we can bring back the Ninco German touring car class.
I like the idea of an LMP class that allows multiple brands. There are a lot of LMP cars available from several different manufacturers.
I don’t really feel qualified to judge the different classes at this point. We do have the LMP’s and they are a blast.
Have an event for a fairly recent style of cars, on a “run what you brung” “Open” Class basis. Not everyone will like it, but not everyone wants to run a 1963 Austin Healey or Cobra either… so it all evens out. A 40,000 rpm, NO HOLDS BARRED, MAGNETS, TRACTION COMPOUND, SLAMMED TO THE GROUND, NITRO FUELED EXTRAVAGANZA…HEY IF IT WORKS FOR FERRARI, HOW IS IT GOING TO HURT US?
– Slot it GT1 are great, but very similar to the GT1 Ninco class by the way they look and too similar to the Group C Slot.it by the way they drive.- Alternate class: 25.000 rpm motor recent body style from various brands…Sloter, Avant Slot, SCX ProRace, FLY Racing, Slot it and many other using high tech gears and components on contemporary bodies.  The large choice would be great and these cars are really fun and fast.
I would like to see a more sincere effort to compete in the Ninco Championship, and adding the Championship class would help.
– Love the HRS Chassis idea!- Or Else a CAN-AM CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- Could also go for ’50’s Cartrix class except I’m concerned it would be difficult to get the things to drive decently.- Fly Trucks might require raising the bridges on some of the layouts.
– Maybe a digital class?????
– I know magnets are only found in Satan’s play-pen, but they will add variety and at least the thought of being able to compete, especially for the newbies. I remember when I first joined the club there were magnet (or a magnet class) classes and basically the same guys that won with the non-magnet classes won with the magnet classes, but I looked forward to magnet races because at least i knew my doors wouldn’t be blown off in the first lap.
– I’m quite happy racing the class’s already on the menu.
– Times being what they are I will replace any of my stable with broken or damaged parts or a brand new car if need be…
– The Talamon Modern F1 Scalextric series of 09′ although more fun than a barrel o’ monkeys left me with a virtual graveyard of parts and banged up cars…
Since my mother is dead, no worries about selling her, but I DO like the two classes I’ve checked…
Add the Monogram vintage stockers to the Carrera stockers class for more choices
How about Modern GT2/GT3 (not NINCO)?
– Keep the vintage SCX in the DC rotation
– Ditto for Carrera stockers and Trans Ams
– No magnet classes no way, no how, ever
– Any new class must have totally equally capable cars, in preference to broad class eligibility with potential class killers. No matter what people really like to drive they will buy and drive a class killer just to try to stay competitive, as the current Le Mans 60-70s class has proven  

Drivers Championship Comments

Great format.  Seems to be enjoyed by all.
I would like to see timed laps recorded, as well.
Yes, but as a twist, have teams keep same car that transitions from lane to lane, qualifying winner pick either car choice or lane choice and has last pick of the opposite choice (e.g. if the pick which car to rotate, then they have last pick of which lane to start).
IROC race; how else do you compare driving skill?
It is a nice test of capability
It’s a good way to introduce a new class into the club for approval
YES !!!!………………..LOVE THE VARIETY !!!
Using the same cars on the same lanes creates a level playing field.
There are cars I might not ever choose to run that someone else likes; how else would I ever get the chance to run them?
Maybe in coordination with ITG we could do a digital race with Thomas’ digital scorecard v2 (at Carlos’ place on his Catalunya). (Self-serving comment but thought it might be a good try.)
Would much rather we focus on the 6 classes we have chosen, in part to reduce expense to regular club members and reduce loaner car cost to those providing them for DC classes

Lack of Participation

In general it seems – from people surveyed – we have lost participants only to their private lives rudely interfering with their slot car lives.  I know from private conversations we have also lost less than a handful over the years to being interested in more scratch-built/unlimited focused slot racing and, to the best of my knowledge, two people were lost – in prior years – to behavior of other club members.  

However I will freely admit that the first comment below is the one that always causes me the greatest concern and may be the one that turns people off turning up.

1. If you have not yet raced with us, OR if you’ve raced with us but have reduced or discontinued participation, can you help us understand why, so we can consider possible issues we have not previously recognized?
i think some may take it too seriously. It IS all about having fun, isn’t it?
…i have had a lot of time conflicts and not been able to participate at all events.
Busy man and it hurts cuz I miss you guys!
Wife works on weekends – real Estate, boys have many interests and I’m the weekend dad.
My only issue is with my lotto numbers not coming through so i can say adios to kids and dentistry.
My work load has increased.
Issues not related to club, more to do with personal schedules/commitments
Primarily due to my job(s) I will still make the (60 mile) drive if I have the day off to race
I plan to start racing more in the near future. Just figuring out which cars to acquire

How we Can Improve

There is very clear support for greater car preparation support.  We will try to improve this in 3 ways

  • In 2011 we are planning to have 4 dedicated days to car preparation and race craft
    • one day at start of each quarter, on a weekend day separate from race days
    • we will run it as a class format going through the existing KISS car preparation sheet as a demonstration, to reduce stress on class leaders
  • Michael, and any others that wish to do so, will prepare cars for a fee.  We will also try to provide class legal spares at race meets and encourage members to bring class legal cars for sale/swap 
  • We will provide class legal shopping support service for any that want it   

There is support for better (not stricter) race day time management and better etiquette.  We plan on addressing this in two ways

  • we are reintroducing a race meet Race Director and co-Director, they will be chosen on the day and will rotate among all club members
  • we will be calling out the heat after next before taking lap scores and handing out lane stickers to those drivers at same time so they are prepared to start right when the next heat stops.  Our Thomas designed software easily supports doing this
  • Again I have to stress 

One editorial comment: It is downright rude to not do your share of marshaling.  If other club members do it for you how can you think you are so special that you should not provide the same curtesy to others? 

We won’t be changing access to the distribution list, so long as abuse of it stays low.  Vote was 17 to 14 against restricting member access to the distribution list. 

2. What steps could we take to improve or preserve participation?
Stricter Race Day Time management34.4%11
Car prepping services62.5%20
More frequent race meetings9.4%3
Car preparation classes59.4%19
Class legal cars ‘store’43.8%14
Better member etiquette43.8%14
Stripper marshalls40.6%13
Bring back magnet cars21.9%7
Drop all points tracking3.1%1
Drop all lap counting 0.0%0

Improvement Comments

– With the STRIPPER marshals we would have to impose an age restriction!

– Stripper marshalls if they are older than seventeen, female and not other racers daughters or wives.

– On the last point, obviously the marshalls would/could not be current members/racers…

– “Stripper Marshalls..? I take my clothes off for no man!!!

– What is a “stripper marshall”? (Oh, I just got it…”exotic dancers,” right?) YESS!!!, unless it’s just having the regular guys do it, and in that case,  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

More beer.

This is a tough one, we need to better manage time at the races, however that also limits the amount of time we spend enjoying each others company and stories.

Bet it hurt ya to add that last one (magnet class). 🙂

– I think the primary concern of most folks is the amount of time it takes to complete race day.  The blackboard, with the following heats, was a great idea and helped to speed things along.

– I personally think the 4 minute heats are too long. I mean basically, the folks that finish at the top in the 3 min heats will be at the top after 4 min. heats, so the only logic i can see behind the four minute heat is just extra race time. I think most folks would vote to go back to the 3 minute heats if it moves things along.

I would like to see a designated Official Race Director and Co-Director for each race.

Corner Assigned marshals giving even chances for all drivers: idea here is that some marshals are better than others but also that by assigning marshals to a specific corner for at least a class each race day it forces all to do it

– Consider dropping points tracking for the team events, this will make for a mellower event. – Let’s find a way to reward superior marshalling, through some sort of recognition, maybe even a Club spirit recognition for great sportsmanship.

– Let’s also find a way to have a trading table for exchanging/buying parts/cars tracks/accessories, club legal and not.Last race at Autodromo BDS, we had fairly strict time management and got both races in with (I think) something like 16 racers in less than 3 1/2 hours. It can be done.

If at all possible, having a printout of the heat schedule posted somewhere would help to lessen time between races. At Autodromo BDS’ last race, we called the next heat subsequent to the one being run, and that allowed the drivers to prep cars prior to their race (which is the most time-wasting activity on race days, other than socializing), and I think that helped to speed things up.

Something that acts as an equalizer to racers. The current battle is for 2nd down. When I raced with the Kentucky group they had a limit on lap speed. Fastest lap speed was established for the track and class. Go to fast and you lost that lap. Made for closer racing and no run away winners.

More classes of cars to race….

Distribution List Comments

Although it appears misuse has dropped significantly.

I think it adds to the club atmosphere to be able to send emails to the club as a whole. Unless i’m misunderstanding the question…………if the question is asking should we send to a designated person who decides if the email is appropriate for the whole club, and then send it out, that would be ok.

Lets have fun but keep it clean and about what we do.

I don’t think there is a lot of inappropriate email. The delete key is easy enough to use. I would like to see more active participation on the website forum.

For the most part, it doesn’t seem to be a problem that warrants changing, just deal with the minor abuses as they occur.

I really have no issue with this, but others do, so it’s the easiest way to prevent folks from being offended.

I do think we should think more before we hit the “Send” button when sending emails. I have seen a couple of emails where certain members were singled out because of their driving skills and it was troubling to me. I think that sometimes some of our members get too wound up and they forget that we are racing toy cars. I think that sometimes some of our members have forgotten that fellow members have feelings too.

Rule Changes for 2011

  • We will be switching to Ortmann tires for whatever cars end up in the 60/70’s Le Mans class as there is significant support for it
    • we will survey all to decide how many tires to order for you
  • We will not switch to metal wheels, as there is not huge support for it.
    • they would be good to help reduce preparation time but are hard to police for proper size and appearance and are an added cost
    • we are hoping the extra car preparation days/services will help eliminate/fix bad plastic wheels for all members and thereby level playing field for us all without added cost or cars looking wrong
  • There is sufficient support for removing the Slot.it, NSR, Spirit precision brands that it warrants another vote.
    • we should have had a pro/neutral/con vote to start with: that was an SFJ mistake
    • we have 12 for definite removal of these brands and we think we have 6 for keeping them with rest being neutral but I do not know that for a fact
  • We failed to properly explain the role and purpose of the BWA [not BWR as I stated] motors in the survey
    • we will have cars equipped with these motors available to test back to back with existing class motors on 20 Nov and make a decision then
    • in the case of the Ninco classes it is to see if BWA motors can be used with existing NC-1/NC-8 motors, thereby allowing a cheap replacement motor going forward without forcing everyone to replace their NC-1/NC-8 current motors
    • in the case of Slot.it class it is to see if BWA motors could replace the current white and orange endbell slot.it motors (not to be used alongside them) to solve the ongoing controller/ motor/ power issues we have at various tracks in this class

4. Should we consider any rule changes for 2011?  

Response Percent Response Count

$4 motors by BWR as replacement for NC-1

38.7% 12

$4 motors by BWR in place of standard Slot.it motors

32.3% 10

Ortmann tires for 60s/70s Le Mans class

67.7% 21

Remove Slot.it, NSR, and other precision brands from 60s/70s Le Mans class

38.7% 12

Allow metal wheels as replacement option only if used with detailed inserts appropriate for the car body style

41.9% 13

Rule Change Comments

if you change to metal wheels the rim would have be any wider then the original & must use the same tire & size as due the plastic’s

 – Are the BWR motors less rpm’s, than the slot it’s? Will changing the motor allow us to race at 12v with the slot it correcting the controller issues?

Are the BWR motors easily adapted to the NC1 chassis?

– We need to go back to 3 minute heats, I believe we have so many people now racing with us that we need all the minutes we can so we are not spending 5 hours trying to get through all the heats. Not that I don’t mind it, but I know you all with families have to hear about it when it happens.

– We also need to re-establish the assistants to the host on race day (race director, scorekeeper). I still don’t know why we stopped having the people?

I don’t pay enough attention to rules since I run loaners for all but the slot.it class

– Seems like there is no way around BWR motors with the nc-1’s being discontinued. And the price is right ! I think we should try them in one class to see how they perform. Might be interesting to try the bwa in a slot it car at test day to see what people think.

– Ortmann tires should be decided on during test day after the classes are decided. We might end-up deciding to put them on more than the le mans class.

– The metal wheels option would seem to be a difficult one to enforce.

I think we should just decide on a class to use them on. I don’t know if they make them for the scx, but my vote would go to the 4wd cars. Since you have running gears both front and back and wheels that seem to crack at the hub when you look at them hard, it would be great to just put metals wheels on that you can depend on. If in fact the 4wd class is chosen for next year.- metal wheels as replacement is a good thing. It will even the playing field for  all drivers who don’t or can’t true the cheep plastic wheels that come stock.

Can’t comment on BWR motors as no experience with them, but if those with the experience think they should be used, then I’m OK with that.

I don’t know about the BWR motor but I know that the NC1 is hard to find and expensive. The Mabuchi can work as well on Ninco’s.

– Please provide a demo of the $4. motors for any classes that are being considered for adoption!

– I understand some other tire choices are out there. Can we explore those, as well?

No customizing

– What about a new standard motor for the SCX F1 class that is readily available to all?

– When you said you were using Survey Monkey I thought that meant Stephen would come to my door to ask me these questions!

– The SCX wheels are crap  and there are no replacements…so yes to that…

– Tires should be an option.

I’ve always felt that what looks good is better…What’s a BWR Motor…? What’s wrong with the NC-1’s..? And there’s nothing wrong with the Slot-It’s..!!

Change point structure to reflect number of participants. Best racer receives points to the maximum of number of racers (i.e. in an 12 person race, #1 position receives 12 points; in a 24 drivers race, #1 receives 24 points, last place always receives 1 point).

– Metal wheels would allow those who don’t necessarily have lots of time for car prep to at least eliminate the most common car problem. Performance would greatly improve

– The Slot-Its and others really perform too well to be included with the other 60s/70s cars. If we allowed the addition of metal wheels in that class, then, sure, keep the “precision” cars in.

Allow members to improve the drive train by using precision gears/wheels/bearings. Allow for a scratch built class. (from a person who has never raced with us)

The Fly class should be a Fly class, much as I like Slot.it; I believe that it tilts the playfield too much

These changes only, absolutely opposed to BWR route due to total cost and effort of replacing all motors for myself and for other individual members taken as a whole.

Posted by: Stephen Farr-Jones

November 12, 2010

Despite being run by a benevolent dictator, every year the members of the club are surveyed about what they do and don’t like and are asked to vote for the race classes for the coming year.  We then have an annual meeting where any questions about the classes and any back-to-back testing can take place to make the final decisions.

We find that it usually brings forward new ideas and allows us to discuss any problems.  Below are the surveys and answers from past years.

Annual Surveys – Index

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