Rules & Regulations


Members should remember they are invited guests at the racing venues and should behave accordingly. Offensive behavior and/or unsportsmanlike conduct is not appropriate and will not be tolerated.  I have only had to remove a handful of people in 20+ years but I am always happy to add to that scrapheap.


Hosts will provide, ideally,  a 4 lane track, with a reliable electronic or mechanical lap counting system. No other restrictions apply to the type of track, power source or hand controls used. All lanes and hand controls should, as far as is possible, have equal power/performance. If you wish to host please talk to Stephen Farr-Jones aka “The Benevolent Dictator” for help. The more tracks the merrier: we have gone from one track in 2002 to a peak of 14 tracks!!

Loaner Cars

The Club will provide 4 lane assigned loaner cars plus a spare for each class each race day. Drivers will have option of using these 4 cars in the lanes assigned or using their own car. The goal of this rule is to minimize the impact on the host in terms of car preparation while encouraging people to have their own cars to race. Again we stress you do not have to own a car to participate, there will always be 4 loaner cars available 


All racers will use the controllers provided by the host. The goal of this rule is to provide all racers with equal equipment to make for closer and cheaper racing.

Sourcing Cars

To help as many people as possible to be able to get their own cars, we have offered to help source cars for anyone in the club in any class. Just talk to Stephen.

Rules and Regulations for Race Class Cars

Race Day

Members should remember they are invited guests at the racing venues and should behave accordingly. Offensive behavior and/or unsportsmanlike conduct is not appropriate.

Ideally 2 people will volunteer at each race meet to support the Host. The roles will be assigned as follows

Host: Prepare track and controllers. Solve any tech issues with these during race day.  The money you contribute on race day ($10) goes to the host to help with these NOt to provide meals.  Optionally, provide food, non-optionally provide drinks

Scorekeeper/s: call the heats and document the results in the spreadsheet. Be Race Director when RD is racing

Race Director/s: run the individual heats, decide on all Track calls. Ideally Track calls are only for true track and controller related issues or inaccessible cars, all determined by the Race Director

Between the 3 of them the Host, the Scorekeeper and the Race Director will make sure things go smoothly and on time. This responsibility will be from the start of practice through to the end of the last heat and announcing the results

Club Management

The club is run by Stephen aka The Benevolent Dictator. He will, or will delegate: managing the club; posting and managing results; setup heats pre-race; provide loaner cars in all classes and controllers for host, if needed; make inappropriate and sarcastic comments as needed; adjudicate if the rest of you cannot get your act together; provide a – mostly – annual Survey to help guide club decision making; make all decision making transparent, regardless of if you like the transparency provided or not; ensure the website providing rules etc. is not lost again.

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