3HR Team Races

What You Need To Know – You turn up, we provide the 4 lane assigned cars, each team races each car on each lane for 45 mins for a total of 3 hours of racing.

In general, we try to choose new classes to test for future consideration or fun older classes that never quite made it to club class status and avoid the existing 8 other classes we already race.  Like the other classes we race this 5 times a year.  Every person gets the team’s points and since no team can be less than 4th it is a good opportunity to pad your championship points!

Below are examples of past car classes used for Team Races such as:

  • Cartrix Formula 1 1950’s
  • Revell – Monogram 1960’s Nascar “Stockers” with 3d printed chassis and Slot.it running gear
  • Pioneer 1960’s Trans Am
  • BRM 1/24 Group 2 2L
  • BRM 1/24 Group 2 1L
  • SCX 4WD
  • Policar 1970’s F1
  • Sideways Grp5 1976-82 (became club class)
  • Slot.it 1990’s DTM (became club class)
  • RevoSlot Porsche 911 & Marcos (became club class)
  • SCX 2WD
  • Ninco 1990-94 DTM

page posted 01/06/2023 – images to be added

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