2004 Surveys

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2004 Surveys

OK here is a nameless (to protect the innocent) summary of the feedback I have got from the majority of you who raced in 2003. I felt it useful for you all to see the types of views that we have, some common, some wildly divergent!

WHEN Are you ok with the Saturday Afternoon timing?

  • Yes
  • The time is ok, Maybe start time earlier?
    Yes from about March onwards, can’t until then but wants to race with us
  • Yes but would prefer mornings Saturday or Sunday
  • I’m good with sat, a weeknight might be nice too
  • Yes..this works OK with me. Sundays are reserved for family stuff at our house
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes, Friday evenings good on occasion
  • Yes, possibly earlier in the day?

Is the frequency of every 2 weeks too much, too little?

  • Fine
  • Ok
  • No Problem … how about middle of the week practise sessions?
  • just right
  • Just Right
  • every two weeks with consideration for holidays etc, some possibly on Friday night or at another time if people want a alternative?
  • Just fine
  • too much for me, once a month works better

Are you open to racing holiday weekends?

  • Open, won’t commit
  • Fine
  • Depends on the holiday…Thanksgiving, no, Christmas, no. But others are usually okay
  • Yes!
  • Yes
  • Open to the idea although would be unavailable for many


My goal is to have us racing at about 3-4 tracks with lap counting so I am not hosting all the time:

Victor’s 4 lane track in Orange is a great wood and copper tape track using the lap timing system he has lent us.

  • No
  • Yes
  • a bit too far
  • Kind of a bitch of a drive, but I might make it down there
  • Absolutely. Love Victor’s track
  • Yes
  • Yes

Rene will be building a 4 lane Scalextric Sports track in Burbank in February:

  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Will it be fast?
  • Great! The more tracks, the merrier!

Grant has his 4 lane copper tape track and can host once a month when in town. He is not sure if the track is big enough for what the guys are used to at this point, however, he does have plans to add on to it and we need to help him add a lap counting system. we should have a pretty decent venue with a different racing experience

  • Not fan of track
  • Yes
  • It’s in my hood within walking distance festive tidbits offered…limited track
  • Again, absolutely
  • It is great and we should go back often and as soon as is convenient

Gary has his 4 lane track in Valencia with timing and lap counting

  • No
  • Yes
  • I’m good for Valencia
  • Again, absolutely
  • Yes, closer
  • Yes

Victory Station intends to keep its track as well and Bob is talking about modifying his track power system to be more reliable

  • I’ll believe it when I see it ! A very uninspiring locale.
  • Yes (A/C a must though)
  • I liked the one race I watched there
  • I wish there was a way to” keep up” Victory Station. It’s a fun track and it’a a shame that we can’t race there more often.
  • I like the track, as long as it’s reliable for timing and power
  • I will race at Victory Station, because I like the ability to spend money on new cars, while I’m racing. However, I wish he would sort-out his power and lap counting situation.
  • I Still think Vic station is Okay. I know we have problems, but we have always got through… It’s a good track

Vicki’s Gifts big 6 lane Carrera track – no lap counting

  • We should race at Vickies 6 laner. It’s toy cars for Christ’s sake Yes !! (the other rally one it is simply not possible to race one). The rally track is a joke. Not fun.
  • What is the problem with racing at Vickies? Its fast, it works, plenty of power, free parking,close, clean, well maintained, professional staff, refreshments on hand, clean toilets, have I missed anything?
  • I ran at Vickie’s last week and it sucked! I was there last week running on the Carerra 6 lane. They are running it at 22 volts. Nearly ripped my car apart. Also it has many dead spots. They are certainly not maintaining the track.
  • I feel totally pressured in that place, probably the result of their panic to stay open
  • We always talk about it but never go – why is that? I know the rally track is a real screw up, but what of the other track once in a while? Having said all that, I haven’t had a good experience in the place since Jean left.

ITG 4 lane Scalextric Sport track with full timing/lap counting in Culver City/Inglewood

  • Open, I’ve been curious about this.
  • Open
  • As for the ITG club… I don’t mind going down there
  • Yes -Challenge race once in a while with another club could be a laugh!

Nigel Track Plans: 4 Laner Sports Track with timing – For March

Stan Track Plans: If we ever get off the ground with our remodeling project (the city’s spent about 4 months now in the approval cycle), I will also have space for a track and will be more than happy to host…however, that’s not likely to be for another 6-9 months

OTHER Track Responses

  • I would drive to any of the tracks mentioned so far
  • I am open to travel to any race location in the Greater LA Metropolitian area
  • Anywhere (Valencia and Orange are good, VEGAS BABY! is even better


What do you like? What do you want more of, what don’t you like?

  • The long distance races aren’t my cup of tea but I like everything else and the effort you’ve put into maintaining the group and the activities
  • I enjoy the racing regardless of the type. Enduros were fun, less pressure then the short sprints
  • Fast cars on fast tracks! Le Mans, F1, no endurance races, above all have fun !
  • I like the 3 min heat thing, although 5 min sounds good, 10 sounds like too much.
  • I like the formats we’ve had. Team races are a lot of fun
  • I think I enjoy the shorter (time) races over the longer ones but really don’t feel strongly about three minutes as opposed to six or more. The team races are really fun
  • 1. I like the idea of only 4 cars being used for the whole race. Each car assigned to a lane. If all 4 cars are equal then we get to see the skill of the driver. As you know some cars in the same class run better. This gives the driver with that car an edge over the other drivers. 2. I think the races should be run like real races. Meaning when there is a crash. The caution flag goes up and no one can pass another driver until the green flag is out. 3. On my track I can set pit stops, if they are missed you lose a lap.
  • I still would love to concentrate on one car and one class at a meet rather than two or four! It makes we appreciate my favorite car more like a family pet 🙂
  • I tend to prefer the 3 Minute heats, which allows us to race more classes. But I am very flexible on this point because I just like to race. So I will happily follow your dictatorial command on this matter.
  • The season should be split into 4 parts each resulting in a champion – all 4 parts add up to season ending overall champion (like winning the premiership). In each quarterly group have 2 classes in both magnet and non magnet that are run throughout the year (in my case, I would vote – 4WD and F1 70/80’s and Ferrari p40 and GT40 or mini or Fly Classic LM etc. And two additional classes that change quarterly – one in each group. It fact it could change more often than that…These would qualify in each group to the end of season rankings. members could vote on what, in each class/group to race etc, (or you could decide) I do like the odd afternoon where you race something you have never raced before. I feel it is a great equalizer sometimes! It takes people out of their comfort zone ( truck racing any day soon, or motorbikes?). Finals race day is for a cup. The top 6 in season, plus 2 winners from a qualifying race ( eligibility TBD I.e., from the next 8 or who turns up on the day, or minimum of 25% of races, etc) in race off for challenge cup ( like winning the F.A cup). So even if you are out of the running in the league you could still always be in with a chance to win something, therefore keeping interest going. (like the Div 1,2.3 play offs ) Or something like that…


  • 1/3 split of all races would be interesting
  • 2 to 3 hours of racing mayhem, bring your own cars, modify them any way you want, blow them up, who cares, win!
  • I like the variation in classes and types of races. More races means more chances to build points.
  • I love the idea of the 10 minute heat- 1 class per day format. I like this example above, it’s well balanced, why don’t we go with this format? (5 x 3hr, 5 x 10 min and 15 x 2 class 3 min heat days)
  • I think until there is more parity, longer heats will do nothing (generally) except increase the margin by which the better racers win. I don’t think if we had individual 3 hr team races the results would be much different than the championship table at the moment (any best driver statistics on the 3 hr races?)


This year we tried to do 8 classes but ended up effectively running 7 with average 4 to 5 races each. Personally I felt that was far to few races per class. We had it balanced 4 non-magnet and 4 magnet classes. They had been chosen to have a balance of 3 classes of older cars (available off the internet stores/ebay) and 5 available off the local store shelf/internet today. Also factoring in the choice was how well the cars handled so that close, fair racing was possible. The classes were:

2wd SCX non-magnet: Porsche 911, Ferrari F50, GTO, Lancia 037, BMW M1 readily available from internet stores today from $40 and up but no longer in manufacture

4wd SCX non-magnet: in manufacture readily available in local stores and on internet

F1 70/80’s SCX non-magnet: very readily available from internet stores today from $30 and up but no longer in manufacture

Le Mans Ninco NC-1 engine bar magnet: available from internet stores today from $45 and up but no longer in manufacture. More difficult to get but seemingly our most popular class based on comments back to me.

F1 Modern Scalextric/Ninco/(and maybe) SCX Magnet: in manufacture readily available in local stores and on internet

Trans Am Scalextric Magnet: in manufacture readily available in local stores and on internet. We might be able to add new chassis Carrera Trans Am cars to this class

Ford GT 40 Scalextric Magnet: in manufacture readily available in local stores and on internet. Deliberate attempt to test a one make class

Classic Le Mans Fly Magnet: in manufacture readily available in local stores and on internet. Only class where a single model of car (Porsche 908/3) seemed to be the main class winner. What about the Fly Classic Le Mans class with no magnet, and a standard issue better tyre like Indygrip Polymers (our local stores are willing to stock them) as Fly have terrible tyres once you remove the magnet effect, or the same with Trans Am or GT40’s?

So here is the big question: how many classes and which ones? Personally I have liked the balance with some magnet classes this year and would like to have a couple in next year but I do prefer non-magnet. (you can test all these this weekend). Also I presume many of you do want to own your own car per class (but be assured I have no problems with continuing to lend) that you can sort out and tune for your own driving style. So go ahead and tell me what you would like to see.

  • I’ve always liked modifying my cars with aftermarket slicks and extra magnets, and leaving the stock motor, interior, body and chassis intact– but found when I raced with David and crew at Vicki’s (way back then) that to stay competitive doing that every race date required an immense amount of time and experimenting. So I can see the attraction of leaving the cars as they’ve come from the factory.
  • I enjoy the club so I go with the flow but since you asked I think there should be a balls-out class (modified) and inter-racing amongst types (e.g. the Revell Monogram Cobras vs. the GT 40s vs the Grand Sport Corvettes). In other words more like real racing. Tweaking, cheating etc…. FUN !! How can I beat you and Rene without cheating ?? Also I’m not interested in owning many of these cars from this years classes.
  • The classes you have had were great. Possible additions include Scalextric and Carrera Trans Am (Camaros, Mustangs, etc). Vintage roadsters like Cobras, Healeys, Jags, mixed in with Carrera T-Birds, Corvettes or what ever else may be available of this type.
  • Would like us to try some other classes, but having said that, I realize I haven’t even competed in two of the classes this year (GT40 and Trans Am) and yet I am asking for more! Ninco Mini Coopers sound good or some other “fun” car, or carts. (I just ordered 4 Reprotec Fiat 600’s.) I would like us to maybe try the Electric Dreams chassis and polymer tires, and Victor’s vacuum formed bodies as a class, but am not sure we could get people to build them unless we had the chassis, painted bodies, decal sets and accessories ready for purchase at your house
  • The rules and regulations are too stringent…if the car is to remain stock i.e. race with original equipment but the manufacturer designs an alternate magnet position then I should be allowed to re-position it where i think it will provide the most optimum performance and if I think slicks would help or a faster motor can be fitted etc. etc. etc .and if the other guy wants to keep his car stock, that’s his problem, basically it shouldn’t be all just one way!
  • I’m open here, but I do prefer magnets….Lots of magnets.
  • Ninco McLaren GTR F1’s, 4WD, 70/80’S F1’s, Not to sure about GT40’s. I don’t like the cars to be significantly different from each other with one significantly superior within the class. The closer to parity the better
  • I like the magnet classes (surprise, surprise) but have to admit racing non-magnet has improved my limited skills
  • Personally I have liked the balance with some magnet classes this year and would like to have a couple in next year but I do prefer non-magnet. I’d like to see a few more classes where I could run my own cars, i.e., as below (Fly Classic Le Mans/no magnet/aftermarket tires.)

2wd SCX non-magnet: I Like Very Much

4wd SCX non-magnet: I Don’t Like

F1 70/80’s SCX non-magnet: So/So

Le Mans Ninco NC-1 engine bar magnet: I LOVE THESE CARS AND THIS CLASS!

F1 Modern Scalextric/Ninco/(and maybe) I Like Very Much

Trans Am Scalextric Magnet: So/So

Ford GT 40 Scalextric Magnet: So/So

Classic Le Mans Fly Magnet: I LOVE THIS CLASS

  • I Love your idea of FLY Classic LeMans with no magnet + better tires! I wish we’d run these 6 classes for 2004:

* 2wd SCX non-magnet

* Le Mans Ninco NC-1 engine bar magnet

* Le Mans Ninco NC-1 engine non-magnet

* Classic Le Mans Fly stock magnet

* Classic Le Mans Fly non-magnet/good tyres

* F1 Modern Scalextric/Ninco/SCX magnet

  • I think six classes is enough, I would rank them as follows

1. 2wd SCX non-magnet:

2. 4wd SCX non-magnet: Now I need something to compete with your Citroen

3. F1 70/80’s SCX non-magnet: La creme de la creme

4. Le Mans Ninco NC-1 engine bar magnet: This can count as a magnet class

5. Trans Am Scalextric Magnet: These drive much nicer than GT40 because of the longer wheel base and added weight and are just as competitive and destructive as the GT-40’s with a little more selection.

6. F1 Modern Scalextric/Ninco/(and maybe) SCX Magnet: I really don’t like these either but there are so many cool F1/Cart/IRL cars coming out and available now.

Classic Le Mans Fly Magnet: I think these would be more work for most of the club as most of us have 10 thumbs, Remember current Lemans Fly cars?
Ford GT 40 Scalextric Magnet: RIP I will bury mine with all yours.

  • Sacrosanct are 3 classes

1. 4WD class,

2. F1 70/80’s,

3. Ninco McLaren GTR F1’s,

  • I would also vote for the current F1, In fifth, having just bought a Ferrari F40, (2WD SCX) but I would trade it in the draft so to speak… I quite like the GT40’s for what that is worth. It is a very different drive. Magnets… ??? No strong feelings, but I prefer none..
  • I do however feel very strongly that one of the classes should be like this seasons GT40’s class, e.g. a readily available car that everybody drives ( not necessarily magnet). I do not know the new cars that are available like you probably do, but some companies version of the ‘Mini’ might be a good one. I feel one of the great things about the team races is that it is taken a step further and you are using the same cars as your competitors and can get a good comparison in certain ways. I do feel at one meet we should have a ‘bring your fastest out of the box’ car and let Russell have his day! It would be quite interesting. Alvin’s choice alone would be worth the price of admission (probably a P34 six wheeler or a M23!). I feel the club should offer both magnet and none magnet races but the balance should be in the favour of none ( unless the members vote otherwise)
  • I strongly want to see NASCAR’s added to the race schedule. I also think the new mini coopers would be fun and challenging to race. And finally, how about some front engine cars??? Just asking!

Finally tell me what kind of cars do you have now?

  • Fly/GB Track/Scalextric classics (stock and modified), Ninco/Scalextric F1, Revell-Monogram Cobra Daytona
  • I have some about 30 cars and at least one in each of the classes you have noted as well as Trans am and vintage roadsters, carrera pony cars,
  • Fly Classic and Modern Le Mans. Ninco/Scalextric Modern F1. Ninco/Scalextric Modern GT. Ninco modern Mini, Ninco classic Jag XK-120 and Porsche 356.
  • FLY Classic Le Mans, Scalextric Sport Modern LeMans/ALMS, FLY Modern LeMans/ALMS, Scalextric Sport GT-40, Ninco Modern F1.
  • The same ones you have that cost me thousands!
  • I have about 25 now, but 20 of them are of a type or class we don’t normally race. I am keen enough, and luckily fortunate enough, that I should be able to buy a couple of cars to race should we change a few classes next season
  • Fly Classic Le Mans, Fly Modern Le Mans, Scalextric DTM, GT40, Trans Am, Indy Car, F1, Le Mans Mini, SCX F40, 4WD, F1
  • I have about 30 NASCARs, a few slow vipers, a few slow panoz, about 10 modern f1’s, about 10 older very slow porsche, about 10 fly trucks, about 10 scalextric trucks, about 10 scalextric horse & jockey (I am from Kentucky), and about 100 other miscellaneous cars (all slow and unraceable): Spiderman, Batman, Joker, Kitt, Ninja Turtle, James Bond Mercedes, Aston Martin (not James Bond), Banger, U-Steer, etc…


  • if it is a club then there are going to be different points of view, why can’t we have a drivers meeting after the races are held to discuss things?
  • I love most of the regulars at the moment and would only like to see it expanded by a few. Selfishly, I don’t want it too crowded or too much classy opposition.
  • Do we need to raise funds? (I would donate funds for a trophy) Are you covering the cost of refreshments and racing at your place? You don’t want to kill the club with fees but I would hate to see you out of pocket!
  • My only concern is, if the group gets too big, there may be the fear of not being able to get as much track time.

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Despite being run by a benevolent dictator, every year the members of the club are surveyed about what they do and don’t like and are asked to vote for the race classes for the coming year.  We then have an annual meeting where any questions about the classes and any back-to-back testing can take place to make the final decisions.

We find that it usually brings forward new ideas and allows us to discuss any problems.  Below are the surveys and answers from the last few years.

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