2023 Race Results – November 11, 2023 – Electric Dreams Raceway

Race Results from November 11, 2023 – Slot.it DTM/Group A 1980’s class followed by the Sideways Gr.5 1970’s class at Electric Dreams Raceway…

Thanks again for the Electric Dreams team hosting and feeding the Farrout Slot Car Club yesterday and Tim Herrera for helping to make the races run, albeit it he and I introduced a little hiccup for about 25 mins in the middle.  Thanks also to all for good naturedly putting up with the club mascots Wuffa and Keeva, present outside the Farrout Raceway for the first time at race.

We raced the 6 lane Cunningham Wood track with assigned ED supplied controllers and raced the Slot.it DTM/Group A 1980’s class followed by the Sideways Gr.5 1970’s class.

Nov 11, 2023 – Slot.it DTM/Group A 1980’s at Electric Dreams Raceway:

Walter took a solid victory by 2.4 laps over the returning Eddie Shorer in second, Kevin down 0.9 laps in third, Tom in fourth and Tim F in 5th.  Note as is the case in nearly all classes the top and bottom results are +/- 10% from the average, we race very closely overall. 

Nov 11, 2023 – Sideways Gr.5 1970’s at Electric Dreams Raceway:

Eddie Shorer streeted the field by 3.6 laps over Mike in second (his first ever podium in non-team Farrout Race!). Chris was 1.5 laps behind in third, Walter in fourth by just 2/10ths and Tom in 5th by just 1/10th of a lap. 

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