Bill’s Targa Floria

Bill’s Targa Floria

Bill Schniedewind did an incredible job in landscaping his Scalextric Sport Digital (SSD) track. The winding 65-foot layout on a 12’x6′ table is inspired by the Targa Florio Road Race (1906-1973). Some of the special elements relating to the old Sicilian Road Race include a single lane mountain road imitating the difficult passing conditions, 20″ of elevations with a couple areas of switchbacks, a trip around an Italian village/piazza, a third lane for pits modeled after the old Targa Florio pits, and the famous long straight along the Sicilian coast line beginning near Palermo.

Race control and timing is done with the SSD 6-car Powerbase upgraded to the Powerbase Pro 1.7 s/h (which is a 3rd party upgrade of the standard SSD Powerbase). The Powerbase gives full race information and allows racing up to 6 “drone” cars. The data can be ported to a computer with the “aux” out, and it utilizes computerized a timing and lap count tower that gives last lap and fastest lap times for up to six cars as well as the race order. Power supply is upgraded with a Pyramid variable (6-15v, 25amp) regulated transformer. There are eight power taps and the track is topped with copper tape, serving to evenly distribute the power around the track.

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