Ninco Le Mans GT 1 1994-99


Ninco Le Mans GT 1 1994-99 

What You Need To Know – You need to replace the motor and remove the magnet 

  • Motor: BWA NC-1 only
    • Note: all cars originally come with a Ninco motor but all can be easily converted to BWANC-1  
    • We tend to buy BWA motors from the ebay store of
  • Rear Tires: OEM Ninco.  Ninco issued cars with three rear wheel sizes that use one of two tire sizes, both of which are legal in ribbed or slick, standard or Pro Race guises.  The tires are either:
    • Ninco part number 20x11mm 80508 standard ribbed, 80512 standard slick
    • Ninco part number 20.5×11.5mm 80509 Pro Race ribbed Shore A-26, 80516 Pro Race slick Shore A-26
  • Front Tires: OEM Ninco. Ninco issued cars with three front wheel sizes that use one of two tire sizes, both of which are legal in ribbed or slick, standard or Pro Race guises.
    • Ninco part number 19×10 80505 standard ribbed, 80506 standard slick, 80514 Pro Race ribbed Shore A-26, 80515 Pro Race slick Shore A-26
    • Ninco part number 20×10 80513 standard slick, 80521 Pro Race slick Shore A-26 
  • Wheels: OEM only as appropriate: as the Ninco team have messed around a lot with wheels and tires, see the table below for the complete listing of Ninco wheels and tires and how they combine in our race classes
  • Guide: OEM Ninco either 80104 Standard guide or 80106 Sprung Guide – Prorace guides 80111 and 80112 are illegal
  • Gears/Axles: OEM Ninco. Note: maximum rear tracking width is 64mm (measured from outside of the tire walls).   When viewed from above the tires must not be able to be seen outside the bodywork. 
  • Wires/BraidsOEM Ninco or replace with any brand that works well
  • Bushings: OEM Ninco or use any bushing that works well. No ball-race bearings of any sort are allowed in any class
  • Ballast Weight: Not allowed.
  • Magnet: must be removed and placed on nearest fridge
  • Lights: you are free to add lights but will get an extra half lap per heat if you add them 

Use the tables below to identify what types of Ninco wheels can fit your Ninco GT1 and Ninco Classic 50’s Cars.  The top Wheel/Tires table groups all the available wheels into the key Types on Ninco tires for our classes as well as telling you what wheel part #’s fit what tires.  The Tires table below that gives you the part #’s are for the individual available tires.  Finally the last table gives you the wheels with Part #, Wheel Type and Full Description.

These cars are no longer in production with NC-1 motors but can be sourced from internet retailers and eBay. After you put in a mandatory BWA motor, you may use either the NC-1 or NC-8 that comes with these cars in on of our other classes, the Ninco 50’s/60’s class. New McLaren’s and Mercedes are available at local retailers. 

See pictures of some of the cars eligible in the class below this table. Pictures of most the Ninco car liveries can be seen at  The car’s part number below mostly links directly yto an image of that specific car somewhere online 

The Ninco Le Mans cars are:

Yr IntroCodeCar/LiveryColorMotorMagnet
  Ferrari F50 – 83.8 Grams   
199650123Road Car #50RedNC-1Bar 500 G (Not always fitted)
199650124Shell #37YellowNC-1Bar 500 G (Not always fitted)
199850169Racing R.? #89White/BlueNC-1Bar 500 G
200050217Sponsors #5Red/BlackNC-2Round 1500 G
200750415Kit Road carRedNC-5Round 1500 G
  McLaren F1 GTR – 80.5 Grams   
199650129Ueno Clinic LM ’95 #59Black/SilverNC-1Bar 500 G
199650130Harrods #29Yellow/GreenNC-1Bar 500 G
199750140AGulf No. 33Blue/OrangeNC-1Bar 500 G
199750140BGulf No. 34Blue/OrangeNC-1Bar 500 G
199750142Road carOrangeNC-1Bar 500 G
199750153Art Sports #30White/redNC-1Bar 500 G
199850171Tag HeuerGun MetalNC-1Bar 500 G
199950188A Day Off #8Black/RedNC-1Round 1500 G
200150232Franck Muller #53Orange/BlackNC-5Round 1500 G
200250273Fina #38White/Red/BlueNC-5Round 1500 G
200350324SOK #30YellowNC-5Round 1500 G
200450360Lack #44Silver/RedNC-5Round 1500 G
200550397Jacardi #9Blue/GreyNC-5Round 1500 G
200750435San Muguel Zuhai race 1995 #9Red/WhiteNC-5Round 1500 G
201050568Yacco Artcar – Vintage Ltd Series Livery by French Artist Cesar #42Silver/BlackNC-5Round 1500 G
201150595ItalJet #41Pink-BlackNC-5Round 1500 G
201350638Gulf #25Blue-SilverNC-5Round 1500 G
20135063920th Anniversary Car – Ltd Ed.Black-SilverNC-5Round 1500 G
  Porsche 911 GT1 – 83.8 Grams   
199750148Road CarSilverNC-1Bar 500 G
199750149ALe Mans ’96 No.25White/BlueNC-1Bar 500 G
199750149BLe Mans ’96 No.26White/BlueNC-1Bar 500 G
199750154BMS #22Red/WhiteNC-1Bar 500 G
199850164Rohr #01YellowNC-1Bar 500 G
199950175Blue Coral #20Blue/YellowNC-1Bar 500 G
199950181Schubel #33White/BlueNC-2Round 1500 G
??Porsche 911 GT1 Speed – Set carSilver/BlueNC-2Round 1500 G
  Mercedes CLK GTR – 79.1 Grams   
199850167D2 Warsteiner No10SilverNC-2Round 1500 G
199850168D2 No 11SilverNC-2Round 1500 G
199950174Original #12BlueNC-2Round 1500 G
200050194MilleniumGun MetalNC-2Round 1500 G
200250263Sportswear #12SilverNC-2Round 1500 G
200350312Original – Teile – motor exposed on back #12BlueNC-2Round 1500 G
200450339Prorace (Note: Ballrace bearings will need to be replaced with bushings)  #18SilverNC-5Round 1500 G
201150572Warsteiner/D2  #2 Vintage Ltd SeriesSilverNC-5Round 1500 G
Ferrari F50 Ninco 50169
McLaren F1 GTR Ninco 50140
Mercedes CLK GTR Ninco 50312
Porsche 911 GT1 Ninco 50175
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