SCX 4WD Rally

Runs as is out of the box with magnet removed and rear tires replaced with Ninco 19x10mm tires and no aded weight. 

Need to add detail here

There are photos of one of each of the class cars below the table (NEEDS TO BE UPDATED). Other liveries of the cars can be seen at ,  All weights shown are without magnet and with Ninco class legal tires. The table below needs to be updated to include 2015/2017 cars.

Yr IntroCodeOfficial NameColorMotorMagnet
Citroen DS3 87.8 grams
2012A10066S300LoebRed/Blue/YellowRK-91Screw-in bar
2013REF.10120S300…..CITROËN DS3 WRC “QATAR”   
2014REF.A10158S300…..CITROËN DS3 WRC “ABU DHABI” 364329.3053312
  Ford Fiesta WRC   
2011A10029S300Rally Sweden 2011White/Green/RedRK-91Screw-in bar
  Lancia Delta S4 Group B – 85 grams   
20096378TabatonBlack/GoldRX 91Screw-in bar
2009CDR?Rally RAC 1985White/Red/BlueRX 91BScrew-in bar
  Seat Ibiza Bimotor Classic – yet to be weighed   
20086307Rallye de TierraRed/GreyRX 91BScrew-in bar
2008ASS?Rallye Avila ’87BlueRX 91BScrew-in bar
  Skoda Fabia WRC – 83 grams   
20086327Ponce Ltd EdPearlescent White/Green/RedRX 91BScrew-in bar
20086345Red BullBlue/Red/YellowRX 91BScrew-in bar
20086349Dirt Effect – NSCC Limited EditionBlue/Red/YellowRX 91BScrew-in bar
200863280SainzWhite/Green/RedRX 91BScrew-in bar
20096408Not yet Released – 10 December 2009 RX 91BScrew-in bar
20106459DuvalBlue/red/green /whiteRX 91BScrew-in bar
  Citroen C4 WRC – 83 grams  
200762560LoebRed/White RoofRX 81BScrew-in bar
200863040SordoRed/White RoofRX 81BScrew-in bar
2009NoneCitroën C4 WRC “Loeb” Set
(Circuito C2 Especial Citroën #8117)
Red/Blue/Yellow?Screw-in bar
2009NoneCitroën C4 WRC “Sordo” Set
(Circuito C2 Especial Citroën #8117)
Red/Blue/Yellow?Screw-in bar
200963920Not yet Released – 10 December 2009TBDRX 81BScrew-in bar
200964370Decals – plain red car with white roofRed/White RoofRX 81BScrew-in bar
2009CDR?Argentina ’08Red/Blue/YellowRX 81BScrew-in bar
201164820Rally Japan Driver: Peter SolbergYellow/Red/BlackRX 81BScrew-in bar
2013REF.10117S300…..CITROËN C4 HYMOTION 4 “LOEB”   
 Ford Escort RS Cosworth Gr.A – 88 grams   
200762580 White/BlueRX 81BScrew-in bar
2007ACS?Rally Corsica 1988White/Blue/Red/OrangeRX 81Screw-in Bar
20096376MichelinYellow/BlueRX 81BScrew-in bar
2009CDR?Monte Carlo ’96Blue/Green/YellowRX 81BScrew-in bar
  Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII – 84 grams   
200662070 Red/Silver/BlackRX 81Screw-in bar
20086360SolaWhite/OrangeRX 81 
20086361BasolsRed/White/YellowRX 81Screw-in bar
2009CDR? Red/Silver/BlackRX 81BScrew-in bar
 Ford Focus 2004 WRC (New Body) – 89 grams   
20046147Monte CarloWhite/yellow/blueRX 81Screw-in bar
200561880MexicoWhite/Green/BlueRX 81Screw-in bar
2006ARE?Altaya Duelos Miticos (Sola) #4 TelefonicaWhite/Blue/YellowRX 81Screw-in Bar
?6156Not yet Released – 10 December 2009  Screw-in bar
  Peugeot 307 WRC – 90 grams   
20046161 RedRX 81Screw-in bar
201064510TotalRed – SilverRX 81BScrew-in bar
  Lancia Delta IntegraleGr. A – 88 grams   
20046157 White/Blue/OrangeRX 91Screw-in bar
2005ARE?Rallye Osona ’92White/GreenRX 91Screw-in Bar
2006PDCS?Rally Acropolis ’93White/Blue/OrangeRX 91Screw-in Bar
2006PDRM?RACC 1992WhiteRX 91Screw-in Bar
2008CDR?Rally Portugal ’92White/Red/BlueRX 91BScrew-in Bar
20106454AuriolWhite / Blue / RedRX 91BScrew-in Bar
  Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VII WRC – 87 Grams   
20026089Monte Carlo ’02Red/White/BlackRX 81Screw-in bar
20026090Costa Brava ’02Red/White/BlackRX 81Screw-in bar
2002NoneAs 6089 – Dirt Effect – 2002 Rally Australia Set Car OnlyRed/White/BlackRX 81Screw-in bar
20036121MikaRed/SilverRX 81Screw-in bar
2003NoneAs 6121 – Dirt Effect – 2003 Rally Australia Set Car OnlyRed/SilverRX 81Screw-in bar
20046160Scalextric BrandingRed/yellow/blackRX 81Screw-in bar
2004NoneAs 6160 – SCX branding – Rally Extreme Set Car OnlyRed/yellow/blackRX 81Screw-in bar
20056185 YellowRX 81Screw-in bar
2005DMT013Rally Portugal ’01Red/White/Silver/BlackRX 81Screw-in Bar
2006PDRM?Rally Aviles ’05Red/Yellow/SilverRX 81Screw-in Bar
  Hyundai Accent WRC – 87 grams   
20026084Monte Carlo ’02 (Schwarz) No.17Silver/Red/GreenRX 81Screw-in bar
20036120Dirt EffectSilver/RedRX 81Screw-in bar
2004ARP?Monte Carlo ’03 – As 6120 without dirt effectSilver/RedRX 81Screw-in Bar
  Skoda Octavia WRC – 90 grams   
20016049AirtelWhite/GreenRX 81Screw-in Bar
20016066Monte Carlo ’01White/GreenRX 81Screw-in Bar
20036124ErikssonWhite/GreenRX 81Screw-in Bar
2004ARP?As 6124White/GreenRX 81Screw-in Bar
  Citroen Xsara WRC – 85 Grams  
200160742001Red/ White RoofRX 81Screw-in bar
20016077Costa Brava ’01 – V1- Bonnet Rally Plate gap to emergency labelsRed/ White RoofRX 81Screw-in bar
20016077Costa Brava ’02 – V2- Bonnet Rally Plate no gap to emergency labelsRed/ White RoofRX 81Screw-in bar
20026104Rain EffectRed/White RoofRX 81Screw-in bar
200360970TotalRedRX 81Screw-in bar
20036122Monte Carlo ’03Red/White Roof/BlueRX 81Screw-in bar
2003RP01Monte Carlo ’03 – Snow EffectRed/White Roof/BlueRX 81Screw-in Bar
200461510SwedenRed/White Roof/BlueRX 81Screw-in bar
2004NoneSnow Effect – 1000 Lakes Set Car OnlyRed/White Roof/BlueRX 81Screw-in bar
200561710World ChampionRed/White Roof/BlueRX 81Screw-in bar
200662310LoebBlueRX 81Screw-in bar
2006ACS?Bonus car for subscription completion: same design as first Pro car #5025Red/White/YellowRX 81Screw-in Bar
2007ACS10Argentina ’04Red/White Roof/BlueRX 81Screw-in Bar
2009ACDRSordo Total #26White / RedRX 81BScrew-in bar
  Subaru Impreza WRC – 90 to 93 grams   
20016079Costa Brava ’01 – V1 Round headlightsBlue/YellowRX 81Screw-in Bar
20016080Acropolis ’01 – V1 Round headlightsBlue/Yellow/White roofRX 81Screw-in Bar
20026111Snow Effect – V1 Round headlightsBlue/YellowRX 81Screw-in Bar
2002NoneDirt Effect – As 6111 – 2002 Rally Australia Set Car OnlyBlue/YellowRX 81Screw-in Bar
20036099Costa Brava ’02 – V1 Round headlightsBlue/YellowRX 81Screw-in Bar
20036123SWRT – V2 Rectangular headlightsBlue/Yellow/White roofRX 81Screw-in Bar
2003NoneDirt Effect – As 6123 – 2003 Rally Australia Set Car OnlyBlue/YellowRX 81Screw-in Bar
20046149World Champion – Snow Effect – V3 Rectangular headlights, Divided WingBlue/YellowRX 81Screw-in Bar
2004ARP?Monte Carlo ’03 – V2 Rectangular headlightsBlue/YellowRX 81Screw-in Bar
2004NoneAs 6149 – Snow Effect – 1000 Lakes Set Car OnlyBlue/YellowRX 81Screw-in Bar
20056181Solberg – V3 Rectangular headlights, Divided WingBlue/YellowRX 81Screw-in Bar
20076223Solberg – V4 Trapezoid headlights, Divided WingBlue/Yellow/White roofRX 81BScrew-in Bar
20086300Rossi – V3 Square headlights, Divided WingBlack/White roofRX 81BScrew-in Bar
2011A10050Mcrae – V4 Trapezoid headlights, Divided WingGoldRX 81BScrew-in Bar
  Seat Cordoba E2 WRC – 90 to 93 Grams   
20006045Costa Brava 2000 – No Spotlights in lower fenderYellow/Blue/Silver/Orange/RedRX 81Screw-in bar
20006046Monte Carlo 2000 – No Spotlights in lower fenderYellow/Blue/Silver/Orange/RedRX 81Screw-in bar
20006052RACCYellowRX 81Screw-in bar
20016061Club 2001 – Scalextric Spain Collector’s Club CarTurquoise/YellowRX 81Screw-in Bar
20016063RAC 2000 – Yellow rear wingYellow/Blue/Silver/Orange/RedRX 81Screw-in bar
20016072MovistarBlue/YellowRX 81Screw-in bar
20016075Repsol YPFBlack/Orange/Red/WhiteRX 81Screw-in bar
20016903 ARepsol YPF – Dirt EffectBlack/Orange/Red/WhiteRX 81Screw-in bar
20016903 BWhite Kit car for paintingWhiteRX 81Screw-in bar
2001CAE?As 6063 – White rear wingYellow/Blue/Silver/Orange/RedRX 81Screw-in Bar
2001CAP?As 6063 – White rear wingYellow/Blue/Silver/Orange/RedRX 81Screw-in Bar
20026083RocaBlackRX 81Screw-in bar
2002NoneMovistar – Rally Acropolis Set Car OnlyBlue/YellowRX 81Screw-in bar
20046168Auriol – As 6063 – Yellow rear wingYellow/Blue/Silver/Orange/RedRX 81Screw-in bar
20066176 Orange/GreenRX 81Screw-in bar
20076249Alex CrivilleWhite/Black/OrangeRX 81Screw-in bar
2007ASS? White/OrangeRX 81BScrew-in bar
  Ford Focus WRC (Older Body) – 89 to 91 grams   
19996026Monte Carlo 99 – V1 3-Part Rear WingWhite/Red/BlueRX 81Screw-in bar
19996027Valvoline – V1 3-Part Rear WingBlue/SilverRX 81Screw-in bar
19996901 BMuddy Flash Set as 6026 (w/Corolla) – V1 3-part Rear Wing – Dirt EffectWhite/Red/BlueRX 81Screw-in bar
20006050Costa Brava 2000 – V2 Flat Rear WingWhite/Red/BlueRX 81Screw-in bar
20006058Monte Carlo 2000 – V2 Flat Rear WingWhite/Red/BlueRX 81Screw-in bar
20016062Snow Effect – V2 Flat Rear WingBlackRX 81Screw-in bar
20016062 BNO snow effect – V2 Flat Rear WingBlackRX 81Screw-in bar
20016067Monte Carlo 2001 – V2 Flat Rear WingWhite/Red/BlueRX 81Screw-in bar
20016078Costa Brava 2001 – V2 Flat Rear WingWhite/Red/BlueRX 81Screw-in bar
2001CAE?As 6026 but Sainz/7/RACC – V1 3-Part Rear WingWhite/Red/BlueRX 81Screw-in bar
2001CAE?As 6058 but Sainz/6/RACC – V2 Flat Rear WingWhite/Red/BlueRX 81Screw-in bar
2001CAP?V2 Flat Rear WingWhite/Red/BlueRX 81Screw-in bar
20026086V2 Flat Rear WingRed/White/BlueRX 81Screw-in bar
20026106Dirt Effect – V2 Flat Rear WingWhite/Red/BlueRX 81Screw-in bar
200260920V2 Flat Rear WingRed/WhiteRX 81Screw-in Bar
20036094Sainz-Marti  – V2 Flat Rear WingWhite/Red/BlueRX 81Screw-in bar
2003RP03V2 Flat Rear WingWhiteRX 81Screw-in Bar
2004DRM?V2 Flat Rear WingBlue/RedRX 81Screw-in Bar
2006PDCS?With Commerative Signed Metal Plaque V2 Flat Rear Wing – might be missing the rally lightsFlourescent Red/White/BlueRX 81Screw-in Bar
  Peugeot 206 WRC – 84 grams   
19996024Esso V-Rally (Delacour) No.14White/blueRX 81Screw-in bar
19996025Official team Car “Silver” No.99SilverRX 81Screw-in bar
20006048Monte Carlo ’00SilverRX 81Screw-in bar
20006051Dirt EffectWhite/Blue/RedRX 81Screw-in bar
20016064World Champ ’00SilverRX 81Screw-in bar
20016068Monte Carlo ’01Silver/Red/YellowRX 81Screw-in bar
2001NoneAs 6064 – Dirt Effect – Peugeot Cup Set Car onlySilverRX 81Screw-in bar
20026109Sweden ’02Silver/Red/BlueRX 81Screw-in bar
20036125Twice World ChampionSilver/Red/BlueRX 81Screw-in bar
20036136RossiBlue/Yellow/RedRX 81Screw-in bar
20046132GronholmRed/WhiteRX 81Screw-in bar
2004ARP?Monte Carlo ’03Silver/Red/BlueRX 81Screw-in Bar
20056172CriteriumWhite/GreenRX 81Screw-in bar
20076278PYRYellow/RedRX 81Screw-in Bar
  Seat Cordoba WRC – 90 to 93 Grams   
19996022Repsol – V1 Spotlights in lower fender are flat, No Seat on grilleYellow/BlueRX 81Screw-in bar
19996022 BRepsol – V2 Protruding Spotlights in Lower fender, Seat printed on grille. Complex airvents in bonnetYellow/BlueRX 81Screw-in bar
19996023Monte Carlo ’99 – V2 Body as 6022BYellow/BlueRX 81Screw-in bar
  Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IV WRC – 91-92 Grams   
19986000Costa Brava ’97 (Makinen) No.1White/RedRX 81None
19986001AncapWhite/BlueRX 81None
19986002Australia ’97RedRX 81None
19996033World Champ ’98White/Red/BlackRX 81None
20006056Australia ’99Red/WhiteRX 81None
20016065NokiaWhite/BlueRX 81None
  Toyota Corolla WRC – 91 grams   
19986007Movistar 98 (Sainz) No.3 RACCWhite/Red/Green/BlueRX 81None
19986008Castrol MarlboroWhite/RedRX 81None
19986014GalpWhite/Blue/OrangeRX 81None
19996034Tein SportWhiteRX 81None
19996042Costa Brava ’99White/Red/Green/BlueRX 81None
19996901AMuddy Flash Set as 6042 (w/Focus) – Dirt EffectWhite/Red/Green/BlueRX 81None
2005ADM? White/Red/Green/BlueRX 81None
2007ACS?With Bull Bar and SnorkelWhite/Red/Green/BlueRX 81None
  Toyota Celica GT-Four – 90 Grams   
19958382CastrolWhite/Red/GreenRX 8None
19958385EssoWhite/Red/BlueRX 8None
199683567-UPWhite/Green/BlueRX 8None
19968393Castrol ’96White/Red/GreenRX 8None
2003ARM?Rally Corsica 1995White/Red/GreenRX 8None
  Subaru Impreza – 91 Grams   
19948376RepsolWhite/Orange/BlueRX 8None
19948377 BlueRX 8None
19968358IgolWhiteRX 8None
19968395 BlueRX 8None
2003ARM? BlueRX 8None
2006PDCS? BlueRX 8None
2006V2RM? White/Red/YellowRX 8None
2007V2RM? BlueRX 8None
  Toyota Celica – 88 grams   
19918332RepsolWhite/RedRX 8None
19918332Repsol V2 drivers info closer to windscreenWhite/RedRX 8None
19928344IMSAWhiteRX 8None
19938361FujitsuBlueRX 8None
19938367PalauSliverRX 8None
19938368PalauBrownRX 8None
19948373CastrolWhite/Red/GreenRX 8None
2003ARM?Repsol – Dirt EffectWhite/RedRX 81None
2004PDM?Planeta Maletin/Box SetWhite/Blue/RedRX 81None
2006RM21 White/RedRX 81None
2007ACS? White/RedRX 81None
  Porsche 959 – 85 grams   
19884083With working lightsWhiteRX 5None
19884083With working lightsRedRX 5None
19884084No lightsBlackRX 5None
19908314Reissue of 4084 – with working lightsWhiteRX 5None
19908315Reissue of 4083 – no lightsBlackRX 5None
19908330Silver – Numbered Limited Edition of 5,000SilverRX 5None
19938366BP – with working lightsGreen/YellowRX 5None
19958366CClub Scalextric 95Orange/GreenRX 5None
2000C449Spanish import to UK of 4083 Red – Mabuchi motor – RWD onlyRedMabuchiNone
2004PDRM?Racing PorscheWhite/Blue/Gold/RedRX 5None
2005ADM?Porsche 961 – Reissue of 4083 White printed not stickersWhiteRX 5None
  Citroen 2CV – yet to be weighed   
2012A10068S300Citroen 2CV Sahara “Original 657”Grey?Screw-in Bar
20126488Citroen 2CV Sahara “Club Graz”Purple / Grey?Screw-in Bar
  Citroen Xsara WRC pro – yet to be weighed   
200750250Citroen Xsara WRCRed/white / YellowPro Double Rally (50290)?
200850600Citroen Xsara WRCWhite / yellowPro Double Rally (50290) 
  Audi Quattro – rubber band 4WD   
19844070 White/Red/Grey/BlackRX 4None
19844070 Red/WhiteRX 4None
19844070 Yellow/Red/Grey/BlackRX 4None
19908303Reissue of 4070White/Red/Grey/BlackRX 4None
19908304Reissue of 4070Red/WhiteRX 4None
19918336FinaWhite/Blue/RedRX 4None
19928350AudiWhite/Blue/YellowRX 4None
1995C348Shell Oils – Spanish import to UK – Mabuchi motorWhiteMabuchiNone
1995C349Audi – Spanish import to UK – Mabuchi motorWhite/Red/Grey/Black/YellowMabuchiNone
1992C458Audi/BBS – Spanish import of 8350 – Mabuchi MotorWhite/Blue/YellowRX 4None
2003ARM?World Champion 1984 – Snow EffectWhite/Beige/Brown/YellowRX 4None
2004PDRM? White/Blue/YellowRX 4None
20066233Special EditionWhite/Red/Grey/BlackRX 4None
20089062Snow EffectBlack/Red/GreyRX 4None
2008ACDR? White/Blue/YellowRX 4None
  Ford RS 200 – rubber band 4WD   
19874077Ford/Shell, no lightsWhite/BlueRX 4None
19874078Marlboro, no lightsWhite/RedRX 4None
19874079Ford/Shell, with working front and rear lightsWhite/BlueRX 4None
19874080Marlboro, with working front and rear lightsWhite/RedRX 4None
19894088PurolatorWhite/BlueRX 4None
19894089V1 Purolator/Camel with working front and rear lightsYellow/BlueRX 4None
19894089V2 Purolator no Camel with working front and rear lightsYellow/BlueRX 4None
19908308Reissue of 4078White/RedRX 4None
19908309Reissue of 4079White/BlueRX 4None
19908310Reissue of 4080White/BlueRX 4None
19908320Reissue of 4088White/BlueRX 4None
19908321Reissue of 4089Yellow/BlueRX 4None
19918342Metal 5 – with lightsBlue/YellowRX 4None
1992834633 Export – with lightsRed/YellowRX 4None
1999C429Radiopaging – with lightsYellowMabuchiNone
1999C432Shell – with lightsWhite/BlueMabuchiNone
2003ARM?Swedish Rally 1986 – Dirt EffectWhite/BlueRX 4None
2004PDRM? White/Red roofRX 4None
2007ACS?Rally Race Madrid 1987White/BlueRX 4None
Citroen Xsara SCX 60770
Ford Focus WRC 2004 SCX 61470
Ford Focus SCX 60670
Hyundai Accent WRC SCX 60840
Lancia Delta Integrale SCX
Mitsubushi Evolution VII SCX 61210
Mitsubushi Evolution IV SCX 60650
Peugeot 207 SCX 61250
Peugeot 307 SCX 61610
Seat E2 Cordoba SCX 60720
Skoda Octavia SCX 60660
Subaru Impreza WRC V2 SCX 61490
Subaru Impreza 4×4 SCX 83770
Toyota Celica GT4 SCX 83820
Toyota Celica SCX 83610
Toyota Corolla SCX 60420
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