SCX F1 1970-80s

Runs as is out of the box, non-magnet class. Approved rear tires from Ortmann #36D or OEM Sclaxtric/SCX tires are required. Ortmann tires are recommended. No weight, no magnets.

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These cars are no longer in production but can be sourced from internet retailers and eBay. Cars can best be seen in my collection as well as in reference books that I have. Cars can be seen at  ,

 SCX F1 cars are:
The table below needs to be fully updated to include Altaya and Planeta cars

Year Intro.CodeCar/LiveryColorMotorMagnet
Tyrrell Ford 002 F-1    
19734048Tyrrell Ford 002 F1#8RedRXNone
19734048Tyrrell Ford 002 F1#17GreenRXNone
19734048Tyrrell Ford 002 F1#11BlueRXNone
19734048Tyrrell Ford 002 F1#1YellowRXNone
20056178Vintage Edition Elf No.17BlueRXNone
 Ferrari 312 B3 F-1    
19754052Ferrari B3 F1#20Red/AluminiumRX  or RX 4None
19754052Ferrari B3 F1#35Green/AluminiumRX  or RX 4None
19754052Ferrari B3 F1#20Blue/AluminiumRX  or RX 4None
19754052Ferrari B3 F1#12Yellow/AluminiumRX  or RX 4None
2005DMT02Niki Lauda No.12Altaya Duelos MiticosRed/AluminiumRX4None
Tyrrell P-34 F-1    
19774054Tyrrell P-34 F-1#7RedRX  or RX 4None
19774054Tyrrell P-34 F-1#8GreenRX  or RX 4None
19774054Tyrrell P-34 F-1#7BlueRX  or RX 4None
19774054Tyrrell P-34 F-1#4YellowRX  or RX 4None
19804054Tyrrell P-34 F-1 Banco Occidental 1,500 Ltd Ed for Bank promoOrange/white/greenRX  or RX 4None
20006059Vintage Edition Elf No.4Blue/whiteRX 41None
2001CMT01Altaya Coches Miticos Elf No.3Blue/YellowRX 41None
 Brabham BT-46 F-1    
19784056Brabham BT-46 F1#1Red/BlueRX  or RX 4None
19784056Brabham BT-46 F1#2Green/BlueRX  or RX 4None
19784056Brabham BT-46 F1#2Yellow/BlueRX  or RX 4None
19784056Brabham BT-46 F1#7Orange/BlueRX  or RX 4None
2005DMT01Parmelat No.2Altaya Duelos MiticosRedRX4None
 Ligier JS-11 F-1    
19814060Ligier JS-11 F1#27Red/WhiteRX  or RX 4None
19814060Ligier JS-11 F1#28Green/WhiteRX  or RX 4None
19814060Ligier JS-11 F1#25Blue/WhiteRX  or RX 4None
19814060Ligier JS-11 F1Very rareDark Blue/WhiteRX  or RX 4None
19814060Ligier JS-11 F1#28Yellow/WhiteRX  or RX 4None
2005DMT03Gitanes No.26Altaya Duelos MiticosBlue/WhiteRX4None
 Lotus Mk IV 79 F-1    
19814059JPS#5Red/GoldRX  or RX 4None
19814059JPS#1Black/GoldRX  or RX 4None
19814059Essex Martini#3White/Blue/RedRX  or RX 4None
19814059Essex Martini#3Green/Blue/RedRX  or RX 4None
19814059Essex Martini#9Yellow/Blue/RedRX  or RX 4None
19908300Reissue of 4059#5Black/GoldRX 4None
19908301Reissue of 4059#9Green/Blue/RedRX 4None
 Williams FW-07 F-1    
19834068Williams FW07 F1#1WhiteRX  or RX 4None
19834068Williams FW07 F1#2BlueRX  or RX 4None
19834068Williams FW07 F1#1YellowRX  or RX 4None
2005DMT04Tag Saudia No.28Altaya Duelos MiticosWhite/GreenRX4None
Ferrari F1 /87    
19894087Ferrari F-1#27 Small Fiat logoRedRX 4None
19894087Ferrari F-1#28 Small Fiat logoGreenRX 4None
19894087Ferrari F-1#28 Small Fiat logoBlueRX 4None
19908318Ferrari F-1 – recode of aboveRedRX 4None
19908319Ferrari F1/87 – Reissue of 4087is this one with white band?BlueRX 4None
19918331Ferrari 3 Color#67Red/Green/BlueRX 4None
19948372-09Ferrari F1#28Red/WhiteRX 4None
19928351M-2000 #30White/PurpleRX 4None
19968398Ferrari F-1 Fiat logo No.27Marlboro panelRedRX 4None
1996C457UK Version of 8398 #28RedMabuchiNone
McLaren MP4/4 F1    
19908326Marlboro – #11/#12 few made#11, #12Red/WhiteRX 4None
1990C462UK Version of 8326 #11/#12#11, #12Red/WhiteMabuchiNone
19908354Indianapolis#16 PennzoilYellowRX 4None
19928354Formula Indy Mobil#2White/blueRX 4None
19918341F-3000#6 ValvolineBlueRX 4None
19978347-09Formula Indy Lola Ford #34Lola FordWhite/redRX 4None
200964270Aryton Senna ltd Ed Vintage#1  Tampo printing not decalsWhite/redRX 4None
 Minardi M-192 F1    
19918334Minardi F1Yellow/White/Black/YellowRX 4None
19938358Minardi M-192 F1Black/White/YellowRX 4None
19948374-09Minardi M-190 F1 Valleverde No.24WhiteRX 4None
19958399-09Minardi F1 Luccini 23WhiteRX 4None
Jordan 192-194 F-1    
19928349Seven UPGreenRX 4None
19938357Sasol/BarclayBarclay on sidepod #32 V1BlueRX 4None
Plain white sidepod #32 V2BlueRX 4None
19958380-09Sasol/YamahaArisco on sidepod #14BlueRX 4None
19978322-09Peugeot #11GoldRX 4None
 Re-Issues By Altaya & Planeta    
2004-2005AL-054WilliamsDuelos Miticos AltayaWhite/greenRX 41 V2None
2004-2005AL-049LigierDuelos Miticos AltayaBlue/WhiteRX 41 V2None
2004-2005AL-042BrabhamDuelos Miticos AltayaRed/BlueRX 41 V2None
2004-2005AL-044Ferrari 312 B3Duelos Miticos AltayaRedRX 41 V2None
2006-2008PL-012Tyrrell P-34 ELF Travellers #4Coches Miticos PlanetaBlue WhiteRX 41 V2None
2006-2008AL-011Tyrrell P-34Coches Miticos AltayaBlue – YellowRX 41 V2None
Ferrari F1/ 87 SCX 83890
Jordan f1 SCX 83220
Minardi SCX 83340
Indy Ford Lola (Mclaren) SCX 83470
Mclaren MP4 SCX
Brabham BT46
Ferrari F1 B3
Ligier F1
Lotus Mk IV 79
Tyrrell Ford F1
Tyrrell P34 F1
Williams FW07 F1
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